New York City shatters 112-year-old snowfall record

Killer storm dumps six times more snowfall on Central Park than previous record.

16 Nov 2018 – The 6.4 inches (16.3 cm) of snow that fell on New York City (Central Park) yesterday eviscerated the previous record of one inch set on Nov 15, 1906.

To put this in perspective, keep in mind that average snowfall in Central Park for the entire month of December is only 4.8 inches. Also keep in mind that we’re still only halfway through November.

Other notable snowfall amounts:

  • Newton, PA –       12.3″ (30 cm+)
  • Worcester, MA –   8.2″ (22 cm +)
  • Nashua, NH –       6.8″  (15 cm +)
  • Mt Hope, NH –   18.3″  (45 cm +)

In addition to being responsible for at least 11 deaths and leaving hundreds of thousands without power, the snow caused chaos in several states including New Jersey, where students were forced to stay in school overnight, in Pennsylvania, where motorists were trapped in their cars for more than 12 hours

Shows previous record from 1906

Good video here:

Another good video says
“Blizzard warnings are in effect for New York City”:

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10 thoughts on “New York City shatters 112-year-old snowfall record”

  1. There is an increasing chance of us waking up, or nor waking up, under 9 stories of snow! Most of us will not be able to climb out of this unimaginable amount of snow. You’ll shutter every time you see a snowflake!

  2. Blasio..complaining..he needs better weather forecasters..either that ..or he is complicit in crimes of the bad weather day..

  3. and also taking into account the UHI effect from many millions more buildings generating heat, people ,cars, buses etc in that place now, from early 1900s so the volume falling as snow and the cold to produce it was fairly hefty indeed…
    maybe just maybe more people will wake up n spit out the koolaid gore gave em?

  4. Not sure we should be looking at records in a daily context here. A monthly context would be better. Regarding the storm, 4 to 6 inches of snow should not have brought the total chaos that it did in NYS, NYC and NJ. The lack of planning is mind boggling. Cars were being abandoned on highways and bridges. This can’t be allowed to happen. There were 11 reported deaths from the snowstorm. But my guess is that there were a lot more. How many people died because they couldn’t get to a hospital or because medical personnel couldn’t get to a hospital? How many people died or were injured on the roads? Let’s do the same type of study that was done after the Puerto Rican hurricane. (Six inches of snow should not produce CAT 4 chaos though.)

    • We are not 1958 America.

      We are 2018 Third World America

      Our tax dollars do not go to infrastructure, paying people to maintain streets, sewer systems, snow clearing equipment, planning……..Out tax dollars go to feeding, clothing, housing, attempting to educate, millions upon millions of people here illegally that don’t produce a damn thing and hate your guts……………..And people wonder why 6 inches of snow causes a city to freeze, pun intended.

      You can not separate the 2

      Why is California burning? California spends BILLIONS on illegals and houses MILLIONS of them. So, when the Demographic, that is paying all the taxes gets burned out, there is no fire trucks, etc. to help and then no money or housing for them……In my obnoxious, arrogant, rude opinion, some of those who got burned-out got what they deserved. You can not separate the 2.

      I think of those pages from ATLAS SHRUGGED when the Author, Ayn Rand, so cleverly shows that those “innocent” families suffocating and dying on the train, going through Taggart Tunnel, were NOT innocent, but had signed their own torture and death warrant (ironic that they are killed by fire and smoke) when they lived lives of such “good”, “kind”, fools who “helped the poor”, etc…….just like the fools in California.

      Sorry to be so snotty……….sorry to be so honest……..As God himself said: “Don’t caste Pearls among Swine”.

      • CA also has a lot of Greenie regulations where they do not allow prescribed burns to control forests and they do not allow residents or businesses to clear brush.

        Gee, with naturally oily (potentially explosive) chaparral plants and pine trees have been killed off by beetles – both type of vegetation that are dry to the bone (both because of drought and being in a desert)… and steep canyons with very high winds… why even wonder why they have fires?

        Trump is right about their poor fire management! And there was some guy in San Diego county a few years back that had his house taken away because he refused to pay the County fines they imposed for clearing brush around his house,.

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