New York Man Rescued After 10 Hours In Snow-Buried Car

Tioga County man’s car was buried in 4 feet (1.3 m) of snow for 10 hours.

Photo credit: New York State Police

New York State Police say 58-year-old Kevin Kresen of Candor had made several 911 calls after his car ran off the road on Route 17 near Campville.

However, even though he had made the 911 calls, no one could find him.

On Thursday, when State Police Sergeant Jason Cawley learned that no one had been able to locate Kresen’s vehicle, he joined the search on Route 17.

When Cawley saw what looked like a row of mailboxes covered in snow, he started pushing the snow away in order to find the addresses for a location. Instead, he hit a windshield of a car. Kresen was inside.

Kresen told police that he went off the road and then a plow went by, covering the car with 4 feet of snow. He was in the car with no heat for 10 hours.

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  1. Meanwhile, after running a segment on record snow in the NW, the Weather Channel immediately followed with a segment on record global warmth …

  2. OK. Let me give the benefit of the doubt………BUT…………… do you get stuck in your car? For 10 hours? When the snow is up to the window sills, and IF YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE G D RADIO, would you not do something? Anything.

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