New York Times Twists Trump’s Climate Comments

“Media lies again,” says reader Hugo De Oliveira.

Last night I posted an article asking if Trump was reneging on his climate-change promises.

Luckily, I included the words “If his words are being reported correctly,” because it turns out they were not.

“Media falsely spins Trump’s NYT climate comments,” reads the headline today on Climate Depot.

The Climate Depot article includes a transcript of the interview so you can see for yourself whether Trump has flip-flopped or not. He has not

I think one of my readers, Steve Tyler, sums it up best.

“Based on this analysis it doesn’t look like Trump is going back on his stance. Rather the left media are just continuing to do what they do, twist the words of people they don’t like.

“I’m staying in Trumps corner as he continues to fight the left wing, progressive, socialist.”

Thanks to Matt West, Hugo De Oliveira and Steve Tyler for this link

15 thoughts on “New York Times Twists Trump’s Climate Comments

  1. Thank you Robert! I was really worried for Trump changing his mind on the Global Warming Hoax. Looks its another Mainstream Media Hoax.

  2. Hi Robert I found this bog entry on the Whatsup site today.
    Climate and Popular Revolution
    Guest Blogger / 22 hours ago
    Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball
    This discusses climate and food supply failures.
    It doesn’t mention that the period discussed was the Dalton Grand Solar Minimum.
    In the comments, is this entry from Moderately Cross of East Anglia
    November 22, 2016 at 4:13 pm
    The historical aspects of climate change have always seemed to me to form the most compelling evidence against the current CO2 hysteria, but as someone who took a history degree that particular interest is not surprising.
    Nevertheless, I recommend to readers a particular book which catalogues in great detail just how natural swings in weather and climate have caused enormous harm to humanity. In particular it examines in detail the violent effects in the nineteenth century of a succession on El Ninos which caused millions of deaths, monsoon failures, worldwide droughts and general abject misery.
    The book in question “Late Victorian Holocausts – El Niño famines and the making of the third world” by Mike Davis is a remarkable work and anyone foolish enough to claim we are experiencing extreme climate conditions today should read it and learn.
    After reading this book I really find myself wondering how reliable the modern earmarking of the 1998 El Niño as the most severe on record really is, especially given that the 1876 to 1897 event killed perhaps 50 million people (aided by some crass colonial policies). Unless I missed something, we haven’t had a two/three year drought throughout the tropical/mid latitudes felt worldwide in the last fifty years. Nor indeed the several other extreme events detailed in this terrific work which fully justify the title Victorian holocausts.
    If you haven’t come across this book I urge anyone interested in the current climate debate to get a copy, it is magisterial.
    This issue of how severe weather events, or climate fluctuation, was prior to our allegedly “unique” present seems to me to cut to the heart of the claims of the alarmist lobby – they would probably wish they could make the past disappear entirely if only they could.
    On an entirely local level, I live in a small Essex coastal town with a medieval church on the hill as you come into what was a fishing community. In the nineteenth century the fishing community took to putting small ceramic tiles recording the loss of fishing and other boats and the names of the people from the town drowned in the church. The tiles now run around virtually all of the church nave forming a remarkable record. What particularly strikes me is the succession of severe gales in the late nineteenth leading to the losses of life recorded. It seems to me to indicate that far from seeing more extreme weather events in modern times, our recent “climate” really is much more benign, exactly the opposite of what is being claimed. I hasten to add I make no scientific claim in my reading of the church tiles.
    But run to your bookstall to order a copy of “Late Victorian Holocausts”……
    • goldminor
    November 22, 2016 at 4:54 pm
    • Geronimo
    November 22, 2016 at 5:39 pm
    Firstly “late victorian holocausts” is truly an eye opening book and I would strongly recommend it. However
    the main message is how the British made matters so much worse by their misguided polices. For example
    India was still forced to export crops to Britain while Indians were dying of famine. And the British “work camps” set up for relief forced the Indians to work while feeding them fewer calories than the Nazis gave the
    Jews in the concentration camps. The Holocausts were caused by British policies which is all laid out in the books. And the worse thing is as usual the biggest disasters were caused by misguided polices that were meant to help.
    Quote “1876 to 1897 event killed perhaps 50 million people”
    This period covers SC11, SC12 and part of SC13 the Dalton Grand Solar Minimum.
    Not only are Minimums associated with Mini Ice Ages but far more have been killed by the Tropical region droughts, famines and plagues including the South West of the US.
    Quote “What particularly strikes me is the succession of severe gales in the late nineteenth leading to the losses of life recorded”
    Again further reference to the colder, wetter, far windier weather associated with previous Solar Minimums, which this one will be no different to the series stretching back to the LALIA minimum of AD600.

  3. While the NYT may have spun some of his comments, Trump said I have an open mind on this in answer to a lot of questions that were designed to trap him into an AGW answer. The NYT becomes more despicable every day, but we also see Trump hemming and hawing a lot, backing away from statements he made in his campaign. This is not a surprise to me. If he is smart he will avoid the press altogether.

  4. Trump is a smart man and infinitely in the right direction compared to the delusion that has tried to sell us down the river. But as a president, he needs to be the president of everyone. So he’s building a cabinet that reflects the full spectrum. He’s choosing his words and trying to unite our fractured society. That wisdom will go a long way to promoting integrity. Climate change propaganda is fueled by the socialist movement. We want our country to work and that entails waking the population to respecting a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It pays to be conciliatory with opponents as much as integrously possible in order that truth and reason can prevail. I say we give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

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  6. I believe you are in for a huge disappointment if you expect Trump to dismantle the climate change gravy train and do the things he said during his campaign rallies.

    The biggest “battle cry” of his campaign rallies – “Lock her up” – has already been unceremoniously thrown overboard.

    Expect some terrorism related distraction during the first days of the presidency to cause the public to look away temporarily while climate change promises are also quietly jettisoned.

    Expect to see previously unrecognized benefits- international trade? – to the Paris accord discovered and the necessity of maintaining America’s place in the world cited as reasons for more comprehensive analysis rather than the promised direct action.

    I’ll believe it when I see it !

    And when the investigations into Hilary he promised were jettisoned I believe he will just as easily walk away from all campaign commitments.

    • Many of you should ‘cool it’ ,he ain’t the man with the pen yet, he is a director now not a court,lawyer or judge and has to be nice to the eyes of the pubic. If you pay closer attn. to the people he surrounds himself with and check their voting history you will know more about what will start to happen in a couple months. The MSM has made me feel like puking for yrs, I don’t patronize them at all and I don’t like their lies to be on here. And if you had plans to fight a well established global enemy, would you come out screaming, telling them what your gonna do before the troops are even ready. Come on people, F the MSM don’t stop now it’s just begun. And expecting one person to repair all of this is BS. In other words, get off the bith’n mode here and do something at a local level.

  7. We share similar mainstream media like here in the Phils. They loved to twist statements of our President… Good to know, we have the social media where we can get the true story…

  8. Time for Trump to tell the NYT that they will not be welcome at press conferences (locked out) & exclude them from all media/government contact.

  9. Why would anyone trust the Clinton media? They will now be doing their utmost to discredit Donald in preaching to their converted while nobody else takes any notice.

  10. 24/11/16
    Here is what I wrote about this very topic recently, on my website:-
    I think all of your comments have some very valid points. Here in the UK, I just wish that we could be certain, that the actual BREXIT will happen, as the politicians here are trying to worm their way out of the BREXIT, one way or another. Its a pity that HONESTY and INTEGRITY no longer count as good qualities. I do think that we should give Donald Trump a chance to change the USA. Maybe it will give hope to the rest of the world, and perhaps HONESTY & TRUTH will finally prevail.
    TRUMP versus EVIL:-

  11. I do think the media is twisting words, but not selectively of “people they don’t like.” Instead, we want to recall the famous words of William Randolph Hearst to Frederic Remington, “you furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.” Ever since Hearst, journalism – “the media” – has leaned heavily toward the sensational, and if a story can be cast to be sensational, it is a story. Anything as boring as reality, science actually doing scientific work – no story. So, pitting Trump against some of his supporters is less about “the media” not liking the man and more about making a story, just the way AGW was “made” to begin with. The current function of the media is not to inform, but to sell – advertising, political agendas, fiction.

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