New York Yankees opener called off to due to snow 

New York City woke up  to several inches of snow on Monday morning (2 Apr).

With Yankee Stadium, the worlds’ largest baseball field blanketed in white, the game against the Tampa Bay Rays – due to start at 1pm – was called off..

The Yankees’ cross-city rivals, the New York Mets, were also forced to call off their evening game against the Phillies.

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Here’s a great photo of a very white Yankee Stadium

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5 thoughts on “New York Yankees opener called off to due to snow ”

  1. A more serious comment:

    If this is just the beginning, or worse to come, these sports teams may have to start scheduling ALL games in the South that involve Spring and Fall games.

    I can see New England becoming uninhabitable very soon. Forget about any outdoor Football, especially any Super Bowl game in an open stadium. Has the NFL looked at that problem for future games?

    A good way to see how these Multi-Billion dollar businesses think of Global Warming is in how they are scheduling future games. This delay of the NY game is costly and is costing the “business” millions. Huge problems with scheduling, hotels, catering, TV broadcasts, vendors, etc. Huge logistics. Think they wan’t this problem next year?

    If anybody here has connections to major Sports, let us know.

  2. In the UK, the lower level football clubs – that’s the sport played with a round ball – are struggling with waterlogged pitches. Every time we get close to being able to play it rains again. 4 days into April and we have played at home twice! 3 home games have been played on plastic pitches elsewhere. It is also cold here as my magnolias have still yet to flower. Last year at this time the leaves were coming out and then got devastated by 3 nights of frost later in the month.

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