New Zealand – 100,000 lambs lost to cold and rain

Farmers have suffered “devastating” lamb losses in eastern and central North Island over the last two weeks with an estimated toll of about 100,000.

AgriHQ analyst Mel Croad described the North Island losses as a devastating blow for farmer morale.

“It’s been a cruel start to the spring for many sheep farmers, the first week delivered cold weather and heavy rain which is a pretty tough environment for new born lambs and couldn’t come at a worse time for sheep farmers.”

Patoka Station, Hawke’s Bay owner Ben Crosse said about 750 of his lambs had died, one of the biggest death tolls in his 35 years of farming. He runs 4000 ewes.

Some sheep farmers he knew had lost 20-30 per cent of their lambs, and dairy farmers had also had their share of calf losses.

At current prices of $144 per mature lamb, the economic hit could be $14.4 million.

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6 thoughts on “New Zealand – 100,000 lambs lost to cold and rain”

  1. a few dry days and day temps over 16 had me hoping it was really spring
    not quite yet..
    not a day over 20ish and nights from 2 to 7c forecast for the next week.
    slooooow start for seeds again.
    and as an aside
    what the hell is it with the abuse of English?
    i keep seeing FORECASTED
    there is NO ed on the end
    it is a fore- cast!
    some idiot on msm misuses a word and everyone does the sheeple thing?

  2. to Laurel especially: Yes, I see it continually, people want to make their cute transformed English and soon everyone uses the word! I keep my speech and writing pretty clear of it! Sheeple thing is right! I keep a list of expressive words which I don’t hear anymore, and it reminds me to use them. More to the point of our subject, a young woman held a sign “liar liar climate denier’! I don’t know of anyone who denies climate nor its ability to change, we disagree on WHICH WAY it’s changing! I am in far northeast Calif (and SF is not northern California) Cheers!

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