New Zealand bridge breaks apart after unprecedented rainfall – Video

Some areas were expecting half-a-meter (19 inches) of rain.

“Intense flooding.”

“The Waiho River Bridge, south of the Franz Josef township on New Zealand’s South Island, was swept away during the unprecedented rainfall, breaking apart piece by piece before being swept away downstream. Another bridge was also damaged during the downpour,” says rt news.

Local authorities declared a state of emergency.

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8 thoughts on “New Zealand bridge breaks apart after unprecedented rainfall – Video”

  1. This terrible news is going to become more and more frequent over the next few years.
    It’s not just snowfall but precipitation generally that threatens our future.

  2. This is a river that cannot be tamed.
    So a Bailey Bridge has been the most cost effective structure, reasonably easier to replace as opposed to permanent structure. We new it was to happen sometime as it is lifted every two or three years.
    Great footage though, spectacular washout.

  3. The phenomenon is similar to what we saw in N.Hemisphere in autumn-2018 (Tunisia, Italy, Cuba): SUPER-powerful COLD front with devastating action.

  4. and soon…no one will be able to Livestream anything..
    so important clips like this will be delayed screening and people will be at risk

  5. I would like to correct myself: the cold front hit Havana at the end of January 2019. The media presented it as a TROPICAL STORM extremely rare for the season,…..certainly that happened due to global warming!

  6. I know that bridge, that was some flow! South Westland in the foothills gets average of 10m precipitation / year. One of the highest in the world. on coast around 350 inch/ year! Those bridges are usually strong suspect the foundations had a problem.

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