New Zealand coldest in more than a century

South Island temperatures set to smash record that has stood for more than one hundred years.

Temperatures are forecast to plunge to minus 15C (5°F) across the South Island tonight, and drop even lower on Saturday night.

Niwa forecaster Ben Noll said Queenstown could reach one of the coldest temperatures since record keeping began 145 years ago.

“The coldest temperature for August is -7.8C and I can tell you they will be in the neighbourhood of that number,” he said.

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21 thoughts on “New Zealand coldest in more than a century”

    • I like the big stupid grins on the forecasters/reporters’ faces. Don’t they realise the significance of this ‘cold snap’? Probably not. 🙁

      • An intense jet-stream blasted up from the Antarctic right over the middle of the North Island. Both the Arctic and Antarctic jet streams are going nuts at the moment – Huge N/S swings as mid-latitude heat pushes towards the poles, forcing powerful bursts of cold air into temperate areas. This gives the impression that the world is not heating up in areas that receive these cold outbursts, but this is an illusion – because with each outburst of cold polar air there is an equal blast of heated air into the poles. Once the Ice has melted away in the Arctic, The increased albedo from the exposed ocean will heat the planet even more than all the CO2 generated by civilization…

    • this year the overnights apart from a couple havent been that harsh BUT the daytimes have been damned cool and miserable, no savage frosts, just really low temp with wind n rain mostly
      but thats just my small area..others have had worse.
      La ninas ramping up:-)
      meters moved to .5 so Aus is highly likely to have cool n wet summer this yr

  1. That’s funny, almost no mention in the MSM of these cold records everywhere in the last year. Only more ‘hottest year ever’ repetitious chanting. It’s almost as if they have an agenda and enjoy lying to push it. (/sarcasm)

    It will be interesting to see if we get snow in Sydney next winter. Would not surprise me at all. But that will be ‘the hottest year ever’ too.

    I hope you all realize that having most people convinced the world is warming, while it’s actually heading into at least a hundred years of mini-iceage with massive shifts of livable zones, presents one of the greatest real estate profit opportunities in all history? I wonder if the Warmists are aware of that, and it’s part of their motivation to keep the scam going?

    • of course! the scare and refusal to insure supposed flood or searise land has forced many to sell cheaply’
      and the councils and developers are having a field day!
      curious how its NOT ok for a small owner to have a home where suddenly the council( Massive rate rise profits) and a rich corp/person..can get approval for mansions n highrise apartments etc??

    • I think you are endowing the Warmists with an intelligence that they do not possess.

      I believe that while many people still believe in global warming because educated scientists say so but then in real life notice that it doesn’t appear so where they live.

      • Of course by ‘warmists’ I wasn’t referring to the useful idiots who just go along with something they’ve been told (but never bothered to research or think through for themselves.) I meant the core conspirators – M. Mann, Al Gore etc. After all we know Gore was smart enough to set himself up as an operator of the carbon credits trading body. Thus demonstrating he certainly does look for personal profit opportunities in the AGW scam.

        Then there are the even higher level conspirators, who planned the entire campaign of lies from the beginning. These guys:

        Please don’t attempt to tell me the real money powers of the world (Rothschilds etc) are not originating forces of the AGW scam, and not aware of the profit potentials.

        Btw, speaking of government-run real estate rorts, here’s my story:
        And probably not coincidentally, this one too:

      • “educated scientist”: As a registered scientist I object to the application of the term “scientist” to climatologists. It’s like calling a painter a “color engineer”.

        • Deon , the best one I’ve heard is :

          ” Putting climate in front of scientist is akin to putting witch in front of doctor “

  2. All of us New Zealand snowboarders – and skiers – are frothing with joy: after last year’s epic ‘record-breaking’ snowfalls, looks like Nature’s out to better herself yet again! Places on the North Island’s east coast, which rarely get snow, are now digging themselves out of 1+ metre snowdrifts. And just when the media™ were talking-up summer’s arrival . . . d’oh!

  3. hello from southern new Zealand. This year has been unusual with temperatures being above normal from March to June. In June (Dec NH) average temps have been 3-4 C above normal with a peak of 6C-this has happened because the warm sea around NZ. The coldest weather normally is before the middle of July-this year it has arrived three weeks later.

    • that’s correct, Peter, it has been mild in June and July, but we also got a cold snap at the end of May with good snow down south, but it didn’t stay cold and the snow melted.

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