New Zealand Glaciers Advancing

Scientists are desperately trying to explain it. Turns out (no surprise) that it’s “consistent with human-induced climate change.” 
New research shows that at least 58 New Zealand glaciers advanced between 1983 and 2008.

Franz Josef Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in New Zealand, advanced nearly continuously during those years. (See love story involving Franz Josef Glacier below.)

New Zealand Glaciers Expanding – Credit Victoria University

The research, conducted by scientists from Victoria University of Wellington and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, was published yesterday (Feb 15) in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

The scientists are desperately trying to explain the glaciers’ growth.

“Glaciers advancing is very unusual—especially in this period when the vast majority of glaciers worldwide shrank in size as a result of our warming world,” says lead-author Associate Professor Andrew Mackintosh from Victoria’s Antarctic Research Centre.

Why did the glaciers advance? Lower temperatures!

“We found that lower temperature caused the glaciers to advance, rather than increased precipitation as previously thought,” said Mackintosh. “These periods of reduced temperature affected the entire New Zealand region, and they were significant enough for the glaciers to re-advance in spite of human-induced climate change.”

“It may seem unusual—this regional cooling during a period of overall global warming—but it’s still consistent with human-induced climate change,” Mackintosh adds.

So there you have it. Looks like humans cause glacial retreat, and humans cause glacial advances. How convenient.

See entire article, entitled “Explaining New Zealand’s unusual growing glaciers”:

Thanks to Jay Hope for this info

A love story

There’s a love story involving Franz Josef glacier.

The Māori name for the glacier is Kā Roimata o Hinehukatere.

The local Māori tribe tell the story of Hinehukatere, a Māori maiden, who was climbing in the mountains with her true love when an avalanche swept him to his death.

Hinehukatere was heart-broken and her grief caused her to cry rivers of tears, which flowed down the mountain and were frozen by the gods.  Her frozen tears stay as a reminder of her grief and give the glacier its name – Kā Roimata o Hinehukatere – The Frozen Tears of Hinehukatere.

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  1. Maori names are lovely. The longest place name in the world is a place in New Zealand called…….Taumatawhakatangihangakoau auoteamatapokaiwhenuakitanuhill. Or so I am told. This apparently translates as ” he came down the mountain playing plaintive wailings on his flute to his beloved”. I like to think the au au are the plaintive wailings. Nothing to do with climate change but a lovely piece of trivia.

    • That’s right. Antarctica is so huge– 2x the size of US– that the ice upon it (not to be confused w the seasonal sea ice surrounding it) comprises 90% of global ice.

      So all the rest of the glaciers only need to account for 9% more.

      An interesting fact: The process of freezing water into ice also DISTILLS it, so that all ice is freshwater. It may be coated with salt or splashed with it from the sea, but the ice itself is freshwater.

  2. Let me understand this; we have “human-induced climate change” (i.e. global warming under another name) and are in a period of overall global warming, but not just this glacier, but a large number of glaciers around the world are growing. Cold records and snow levels are being set around the world, but scientists are desperately trying to explain the glaciers’ growth. Have they been outside lately up north? They are desperate to try to explain why their lies are not holding water and Al Gore baby looks like a fool. Wonder when the global warming money under President Trump is cut off if they will still hold on to their global warming religion?

    • Yes, a number of glaciers around the world are growing, and there’s signs of it happening on Ben Nevis. Can’t manage to get the link to the BBC news website but if you google ‘astonishing snow depth on north face of Ben Nevis’ you’ll find it. It’s probably already on this site somewhere. The stupid environmentalists probably call them global warming glaciers. 🙂

    • The average temperature of the planet has been and is still rising though. And here in Estonia, we are having our 4th consecutive warm winter (which is nothing out of the ordinary though in terms of stats). Those cold records are not being set in most of the world & are not big enough to lower the average temps of tha planet enough. For example very warm arctic can cause very cold temperatures in Europe & Asia.

  3. The point that these the AGW Ologists will not state is that during a solar down turn worldwide temperatures decrease rapidly over a ten year period that decrease, occurs at High latitudes and High Altitudes, it just so happens that the majority of temperature sensors are situated in populated temperate zones. The second point is that the Southern Hemisphere meridional jets streams mix far more cold Antarctic air into mid latitudes than during a “normal” Solar warm period
    This report is funded by Government grant which is biased toward AGW in order to support the Carbon Credit and energy taxes tax take, by the New Zealand government. If the report doesn’t have the usual Warmist platitudes supporting AGW it isn’t funded or published.
    The glass half full approach indicates that Glaciers are expanding in the Southern Hemispheres; at the same time CO2 is still rising at is normal rate. The next indicators are that the Northern Hemisphere Glaciers are expanding and Sea level has started to decrease.

  4. FFS when will these assholes give up, they are so blinded by the ” I am right” syndrome they dont realise how deceptive they look.

    Pack up your computer, your grant applications and get the fuck out

  5. The article is brilliant – in a nutshell it says keep being afraid because we KNOW that there will be more warming.

    This is the dystopian world of 1984 created by George Orwell – but it’s more subtle than that. The glaciers advanced because it was warm and will retreat because it will be….er…. warm. But they have mathematical models to prove it!

    Crikey – with sufficient incentive I would happily create models to prove anything you want. But it’s not just a modern thing to make outrageous predictions – see The Dangers of Extrapolation by Mark Twain

    Keep smiling, because we know that TPTB (The Powers That Be) want you to be miserable.

  6. of course failing to mention just HOW MANY YEARS of cooler temps its taken to enable the glaciers to grow is entirely UNmentioned..
    of course.

    • Franz Josef ( like most west coast glaciers ) is short and steep so it flows fast and responds to snowfall and snout melt changes quite fast by glacial standards. e.g. a snowflake falling at the top of Franz Josef might travel 1.3m/day down-slope to the snout so have a life of 25 years (1983 to 2008) so, if there is high cloud cover for a decade there will be more snowfall and less sublimation of glacier ice to water vapour (coz you need sunlight to drive sublimation) and the snout may well have fewer melt days. Subtle changes lead to visible lengthening or shortening and since 2008 this glacier has retreated again.

  7. “…but it’s still consistent with human-induced climate change.”

    But, as usual, no global warming scientist predicted this would happen (like with so many other occurrences). They just make excuses after the fact.

  8. Could it possibly be its due to cold temperatures and the buildup of snow pack that over time turns into ice. Or is it they cannot comprehend this basic fact?

  9. It took a study to figure out lower temps cause glaciers to grow rather than precipitation? LOL seriously! Why is this kind of junk science even funded anymore?

    • To be fair the authors probably spent a fair while gathering solid data but then they made a mistake by pandering to some political narrative. I’d have had far more respect for them if they’d simply reported the facts.

      • I agree many of the published research papers over the last 20 years do have solid research and hard work to collate the information. However, to get published and peer reviewed, they have to pass the hurdle of biased tenured Ologists who hold the scientific gateway closed to those who don’t agree with AGW and that climate change is solely caused by humans and the burning of carbon to produce energy.
        Within a few short years i expect a considerable number of papers to be reviewed and rewritten to accommodate the solar induced cyclic nature of the earth’s climate. Who knows, we might just get a better understanding of when the Holocene will end and the next 140,000 year glaciation period starts.

  10. The article failed to point out that Glaciers have been retreating for the last 20,000 years with a few periods of anomaly when they grew at a low rate. The Glacier Melt that started 20,000 years ago coincides with the rapid spreading of man. So you see AGW has been caused by man for the last 20,000 years with short periods when the Earth tried to recover from man’s intervention. LOL

  11. In 1760s when Cook sailed around NZ the Franz and the Fox glaciers were over the coast and flowing into the ocean! They were seen from sea. Now it is impossible. That melt (since then 200+ years ago) all natural was due to post little iceage melting of course. All glaciers advance and retreat due to precipitation. NZ has had more snow in the upper alps causing feed from above. Therefore advancing. the klimate nazis will stop at nothing to explain their faileirs

  12. I guess glacial till is not considered in factoring in why glaciers move. Nor is weight or growth. Funny how vast mountain ranges have uplifted when the ice is gone. It just is amazing that the climate experts focus like a horse in blinders. Nor do they seem inclined to put all natures forces into the formula. Maybe they should go back to Natural Science 102 and re-learn how the earth is the complicated old girl (or man) she/he is.

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