New Zealand potato crops devastated – The Guardian blames ‘climate change’

A year of heavy rains has devastated New Zealand’s potatoes, destroying one-third of the crop in some areas, The Guardian. reports. I blame the sunspot cycle.

The Guardian begins its story by making light of the crisis, calling it a ‘chipocalypse’, a ‘potatogeddon.’

But with rainfall having wiped out up to a third of New Zealand’s annual potato crop in some areas, this could be more serious than anyone realizes.

Last year’s crops either rotted in the ground due to the heavy rains or remained unharvested because of the torrential downpours caused by “climate change,” says The Guardian.

Now next year’s crop is also at risk, because the ground is too wet for planting.

“Potato farmers have been severely impacted,” said Chris Claridge, chief executive of Potatoes New Zealand.  “If they can’t harvest and process, they are not getting their income so there is that monetary impact. It is also quite distressing to be digging up rotting potatoes.”

Was this crisis caused by “climate change” as The Guardian asserts?

Not if “climate change” means it was caused by humans.

Instead, I think we’re headed into a little ice age, triggered by the sunspot cycle.

Right now, we are going through a period of low sunspot activity similar to the Dalton Minimum.

The Dalton Minimum, a period of low solar activity named after English meteorologist John Dalton, lasted from about 1790 to 1830. It, too, was a time of devastating crop failures.

Remember the Irish Potato Famine? That’s when potato blight, which is most common in wet weather, destroyed at least one-third of the potato crop across Ireland. The potatoes turned into inedible soggy, foul-smelling masses.

During the ensuing famine, about one million people died of starvation and a million more emigrated from Ireland. (My great grandparents on my mother’s side were two of the lucky ones: They emigrated to Canada.)

The worst of the “Great Famine” took place from about 1845 to 1852. However, what is often not noted is that conditions for famine had been in the making for years and were exacerbated during the Dalton Minimum.

According to Wikipedia, the potato crop failed in two Irish counties in 1821 and 1822, then in three other counties in 1830 and 1831. Dry rot and curl caused serious losses in 1832, 1833, 1834, and 1836, and in 1835 the potato crop failed in Ulster. Widespread crop failures throughout Ireland occurred in 1836, 1837, 1839, 1841, and 1844. 

Let’s hope upon hope that we never face such a crisis again. Let’s hope that my fears of fighting in the streets for food never come to pass.

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19 thoughts on “New Zealand potato crops devastated – The Guardian blames ‘climate change’”

  1. “Climate Change”. No sh*t. Really? These guys call themselves Scientist?

    Climate is always changing. Always.

    Why does it changes? There is not a person alive who is smart enough to answer that. It changes because there are in INFINITE number of variables, all acting at all times, on Climate. It will ALWAYS change. It gets hotter. It gets colder. It rains. It doesn’t. DUH.

    This is getting sickening. The world is going mad, and we few sane ones left are dragged down into the sewer with these losers.

  2. Let’s hope that my fears of fighting in the streets for food never come to pass.

    Why? It will take a crisis like that before the climate high priests can be properly exposed for the charlatans that they are. Otherwise, every little nuance in normal weather will be forever hyped as being evidential for climate change.

    Plus, as there are too many humans on the planet, getting rid of a few would serve the most good for those who say that we’re using too much of the planet’s resources. Right? Right?

    • “Otherwise, every little nuance in normal weather will be forever hyped as being evidential for climate change.”

      This is exactly why glo-bull warming was carefully morphed into the much more nebulous and invidious “climate change”. The more vague and vacuous the label, the more wiggle room the libcultists have to deceive and misdirect.

      The libcult/left has been doing this kind of thing for a very long time. Progressivism magically morphed into “liberalism” (An outright theft if ever there was one), Communism morphed into socialism and recently free speech has morphed into hate speech.

      Whatever narrative serves the cult best at any given moment is instantly portrayed by Big Media as righteous, heroic and beyond question, even if those instantiated new narratives directly contradict preceding narratives..

  3. Have no fear people, we will be saved by that large group of unelected, unaccountable, unmonitored nobodies……….

    THE UN!

    Their grand plan for a one world socialist government is already in progress! The only thing is though, they will wait in hiding until the population has been devastated by hunger and disease and will then appear out of their hiding place as the saviours of humanity!

    think of all of the dystopian books you may have read, 1984, farenheit 451, the handmaids tale, the road, station 11, a clockwork orange. All of these will be nothing compared to the reality of what these people have in mind!

  4. New Zealand’s South Island this Saturday: snow to 1,200 metres (4,000 ft) with gale-force winds; Sunday snow to 1,100 metres with gale-force winds; Monday – more of the same.

    All that excessive sea ice in Antarctica harming the Adélie penguins – our fault apparently; rapidly refreezing and expanding Arctic sea ice – our fault; ongoing snowfalls in South Africa and South America – the eggspurts say that’s CCCrap too. At least here in NZ, old-timers like myself know it snows EVERY Labour Day Weekend (a long public holiday at the end of October) so there’s no change going on there. Gee, wonder what it could be?

  5. recent drytimes also have encouraged planting crops on and that would never have been used for those crops prior, ie my area was swampland for majority, dry decades and new buyers move in and plant crops that wont survive a more revert to normal rainafll yr or two
    the ENSO swung from near 0.5 la nina to neutral for some weeks
    huge swing all the way back to .5 about 3 days ago
    and Qld and NSW are getting soaked;-)
    SA n Vic and WA are getting rain too;-)
    storms on the way tonight

  6. ‘Climate change’ is defined by the UNFCCC as being caused by humans and so therefore when asked I have to say that I don’t believe it exists. I do, however, point out that we live in a changing climate.

  7. Ireland has been affected by unusually heavy rains this autumn which followed a very cloudy, indifferent summer. Heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow plus another very wet stormy spell due this weekend. Farmers are unable to empty their slurry tanks because of the very wet ground conditions.

  8. A train of rain extending from China to Pacific Northwest will begin arriving tonight, expected to drop tremendous amount of rain and snow for the region. Round 1?

    Hope those on the mountains have had ample warning!

  9. Standing water allows bacterias always present in soil to multiply to the point where they can rot away roots.

  10. If you look back through history, the Environmentalist should be jumping for joy at today’s Climate. Rains equating back to the 1800’s, last time 4 major hurricanes hit the US 1800’s. The Climate is reverting to around the start of the Industrial Age. Isn’t this what the Environmentalist have been pushing for??

  11. What is required for more rain? 1) More water vapor due to increased ocean volcanism. 2) Colder air due to increased cloud cover. (In this case it appears clouds have been caused by lower solar activity not blocking cosmic rays).

    Are these related? Possibly. There may be solar cycles, not just Milankhovic cycles, but real long term increasing and decreasing solar magnetic field cycles that may be what actually cause ice ages, When the sun’s magnetic field changes it affects earth’s internal magnetic fields. They become less stable, that causes seismic activity and volcanoes erupt on land and under the sea.

    As pointed out in your book, these phenomena cause an ice age. The land volcanoes produce an ash cover that lowers temperatures and the ocean volcanoes evaporate the required water. It rains and snows until equilibrium is reached.

    These New Zealand rains are relatively light. But they occur in a seismic zone and the higher rate of evaporation is being downed by a relatively benign cause. But it appears to be an obvious effect of increased volcanism.

    The Maunder Minimum was a short minor event caused by small changes in solar radiation, but increased volcanism caused by changes in the sun’s magnetic field may be the precursor of the next major ice age cycle.

    The little ups and downs may be over.

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