New Zealander thought winter was over

But heavy snow down to the valleys brings down trees.

In fact, some roads around Glenorchy remain closed due to the large amount of tree debris across them.

12)ct 2016 – The dump of snow around Queenstown caused power outages and prompted warnings for drivers, with at least one crash involving three cars.
Thanks to Greg Salmond for this link

“Having blasted Australia’s mountains with snow and sub-zero temperatures the past few days, this ‘man-made global warming’ (?) storm moved eastwards onto the South Island of New Zealand overnight,” says Greg.

“And – surprise surprise! – a dump of snow around Queenstown.

“The MetService did call this storm, however, their models showed snow just on the tops of the mountains, down to 2,500 ft (800 metres), whereas it fell all the way down to the valley and lake level, 1,200 ft (400 m).

“And they’re calling for MORE snow for the next 3 days…
“Hooray, it must be ™the hottest EVAH™ springtime snowfall on record.”

2 thoughts on “New Zealander thought winter was over”

  1. was pretty cool on mainland Aus , last few days also also,
    frost n fog warnings last 2 nights and I kept waking up chilled last night, which means it was probably the target 4c and 2c tonight;-(
    darn glad i live lowlands;-)

  2. Meanwhile on the North Island of New Zealand, Mt Ruapehu (9,000 ft), an active volcano with 3 ski areas on it, has received so much snow in the past few weeks the Turoa Skifield has EXTENDED its season for another month until November 6th. Calling Dr. David Viner… hello… are you there Doctor?

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