Newfoundland 24-hr Time Lapse Video of Blizzard

Only 30 seconds long, but what a story it tells.

Time lapse, 24 hrs, Snow. Blizzard St. John’s, Nest Camera, Newfoundland. January 18, 2020

Thanks to Don Wikening for this video

24 thoughts on “Newfoundland 24-hr Time Lapse Video of Blizzard”

    • I believe St John’s averages about 11 feet of snow every winter but it can get to over 20 feet. You have to be tough to winter in Newfoundland.

  1. almost looks like the snowstorm that never quits! Remember the wholly mammoths got buried by 9 stories of snow per day?

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  3. Isn’t that the same area that researchers say is where ice ages begin and how they traced previous ice ages back to the area of canada.

  4. This reminds me of my house during The Great Blizzard of 1978 in Ohio in about January.

    I opened the sliding glass patio doors and it was solid wall of snow 10 feet high to the eaves with no drafts coming into the house. It was drifted solid.

    I guess it was a polar vortex cyclone bomb jet stream boomba AGW.

    We called it a blizzard or severe weather in 1978. The newspaper headlines in 1970 were of a coming ice age, but the ice age was canceled after the EPA was created.

    1978. Serious below freezing weather temps continuously from Dec 14th to the end of January and nothing more than that. The doomsday coming ice age snow piles all melted by May and never happened again in over forty years.

    Homonids, Neanderthals, and modern man survived with less than we had in 1978.


    • I was a teen living in a lakefront suburb of Rochester NY during the blizzard of ’66.

      “The Blizzard of ’66 featured a great deal of lake-effect snow, with reports of 100-inches snowfalls and 30-foot drifts at locations near the east end of Lake Ontario.”

      My second floor bedroom window (eastern exposure) had a drift piled right up to it. (15 to 20 ft?) Food supplies for the area were running out, based on news reports near the end of the storm. We had to tunnel out to get to the corner grocery.

  5. thatd be a bit of a shock to wake up to!
    and this is just the beginning of winter?
    bet theyre getting worried and will be stocking up as soon as they can dig out to do so.

  6. Not unprecendented as I was sent pictures from a fellow (retired) workmate who went back home and sent pictures of snow much higher than that. Good video though and makes me worry more about cold temperaturs vs “global warming.”

  7. Actually 5 years ago that is exactly like the amount of snow we got in 24 hours, 2 metres.
    Took a bit of shifting that did.

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