Nightmare marathon: 21 dead after extreme cold upends 100-km cross-country race in China

The original headline said “extreme weather” without mentioning the cold. I have change that headline for honesty’s sake. Global warming fraud, anyone? (The BBC and Yahoo also labeled it “severe weather” instead of severe cold.) Cover-up, anyone?

Here are excerpts from the article:

Nightmare marathon: 21 dead after extreme weather upends 100-km cross-country race in China
23 May 2021

A marathon in northwestern China’s Gansu Province turned into a fight for survival after hail, freezing rain, and strong winds lashed a high-altitude stage of the race, leaving 21 people dead.

The race kicked off Saturday morning in Jingtai Yellow River Stone Forest, a popular tourist attraction and park covering around 50 square kilometers, located southeast of Jingtai County in Gansu Province.

Around 1pm on Saturday, things started going awry in the 100-km (62-mile) cross-country ultramarathon, Xinhua reported. Participants who reached the stage 20 to 31 kilometers out were subjected to freezing rain, hail, and extremely strong gusts of wind. The sudden change in the weather reportedly resulted in hypothermia for several participants of the 172-person marathon. The event was ultimately suspended after the organizers lost contact with several members of the race.

Over 1,200 rescuers have been involved in the search for missing people. Heavy machinery and multiple vehicles were spotted at the scene.

The effort has been hindered by the rocky terrain and the weather. Making matters worse, a landslide hit the area shortly after the drop in temperature, further complicating the search.

Over 1,200 rescuers have been involved in the search for missing people. Heavy machinery and multiple vehicles were spotted at the scene.

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12 thoughts on “Nightmare marathon: 21 dead after extreme cold upends 100-km cross-country race in China”

  1. …. unless it’s just like that scene in day after tomorrow… Globalist/Chinese theatre events with exactly 21, 33, 666, Wuhan/Covid type diversions etc.
    let’s (lol) just go over some of the facts: 12,000 rescuers dispatched, drones, radar equipment, plus landslides and demolition equipment… looks like another well pre-rehearsed Wuhan style staged (like the perfect dozen stranded Thailand cave boys) event at another major tourist attraction to me.

    Scores of runners die in extreme weather during Chinese ultramarathon [exactly 3 score of super athlete type victims in 2021 … surprised that Biden and his kid weren’t listed as some of the deceased race participants]

  2. Using the term “severe” wouldn’t possibly fit the new narrative of climate crisis, would it? Nah!!!

  3. Are humans a natural specie I ask outloud?

    No fur = death on a cold night.

    So how did we evolve out of fur during a frickin’ ice age?

  4. today a report 6 of the runners were saved by a shepherd who found them and got them into a cave for shelter. they were the lucky ones

    • … saved by a shepherd… next it will be that some of them were saved by some lost wondering high altitude Sherpa(s) who took a wrong turn on Everest at 30,000 feet (not 3,000 feet) and wound up in China at 3,000 feet (only half a mile above sea level) wooo that is high altitude. Hang in there Robert… a mega loading dose of D3 (750,000-1,000,000 IU) with some butter and/or fish oil, K2 and Mg (chocolate) might put you on your wheels faster than the angels of you know what. Good luck Amigo. No injections.

  5. Teo Blašković does his job too

    Multiple Earth-directed CMEs produced over the weekend.

    Solar activity has increased from low to moderate levels on Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23, 2021, with a series of C- and M-class solar flares produced by Active Region 2824. Multiple CMEs were produced during this period, with several having Earth-directed components. Consolidated WSA-ENLIL run shows arrival times beginning late Tuesday, May 25. A G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storm watch is in effect.

    Meanwhile, Robert, owner of Ice Age Now, who first alerted me to the truth back in the days when Mt St Helen’s erupted, goes into a whine about politics.

    We are not politicians Robert. We are not those who lie every time their lips move. We are earth scientists and we tell it like it is. Now get a grip and get back on the job.

    • No politics, aye? What do you think will happen to your honest profession when these guys get through with you? They are playing for keeps. Your studies will be banned — even burned. Mark my words.

    • Any conversation to do with weather, climate or climate change or warming (or lack therefore) nowadays has become political, whether we like it or not. With the leftist being the instigators of the political part many years ago, not any of us in the middle or on the right. So I would disagree. A fake climate summit in Venezuela years back drew the conclusion that “capitalism” was the culprit that was causing climate change. And of course this inferring that socialism was the savior. If that’s not political, I don’t know what is!! It’s fake science to them, and really totally political.

  6. And Robert, consider this.

    Had those runners consulted Ice Age Now, befoe the maraphon, they would have stayed at hme, chatting and eating arund a warm fire.

    Whose fault is it that they weren;t informed? You did your best just like I did my best, until my site got hacked dwn by Yankey Christians?

    Life’s a bitch and then you die, didn’t you know that?

    Now get a grip and get back to the upcomimg ice age.

  7. Hopefully the families can cope it. In the Netherlands the question hereby was broadcasted why government did not forbid that race with the underlying assumption that it is the government who decides what is at risk or not in all fields of life. A communistic/socialistic view of life. It isn’t and as life is, it can’t be decided who has the authority. Usually, being in the mountains, a priori, one must have in mind that the weather can suddenly change into severe weather, so that precautions must be taken by the organisation. There is the responsibility. Using a government as a mean to rule out risks is a wrong idea, watch the corona vaccination.

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