Ninety out of 144 Covid-19 tests were wrong

“Ninety out of 144. That is a failure rate of of 68.75%. We cannot trust ANY of the data.”
– Benjamin Napier

Ninety people who received positive COVID-19 results did not have the virus, according to the Connecticut state Department of Public Health.

The department said the state public health laboratory uncovered a flaw in one of the testing systems it uses to test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and 90 of 144 people tested between June 15 and July 17 received a false positive COVID test report. Many are nursing home residents.

According to the state Department of Health, the errant testing results were “from a widely-used laboratory testing platform that the state laboratory started using on June 15.”

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12 thoughts on “Ninety out of 144 Covid-19 tests were wrong”

  1. I am shocked — shocked — that government cannot manage to conduct simple medical testing without failing.

  2. Is testing really conducted at a laboratory, or are the numbers randomly generated by computer? This may explain anomalies like testing positive, then negative a few days later (Novak Djokovic and his wife). Or testing positive with no symptoms. Or samples from animal or plant sources slipping unnoticed past the lab. operators (Tanzania) and testing positive.

  3. not sure whats worse false+ or false Neg
    Aus has had people with very obvious Covid and theyve tested as neg.
    positives a bummer if wrong but no ones at harm by someone isolating
    however a dud test and a carrier walking round spreading from a false neg is a far nastier result

    in aus prsently half the spread is due to utter idiots with symptoms who got tested but then>
    did NOT stay home/iso until resuts were given
    merrily infection everyone they contacted.
    out my way some highschool kids were positives
    did they, their parents, the teachers OR the authorities DO anything useful?
    well NO
    as one of th kids worked at a Maccas and yes is now a + as well…
    risked all his mates at work and thousands of customers per day the stupid idiot worked!!

    • And what’s the “death rate” in Aus? I don’t care how many people catch the flu, or get a cold, or COVID-19, I care about how serious the disease is and the number of people that die from it. I’m betting the death rate and number of deaths aren’t all that high, and as your comment suggests, far more people are actually exposed and blow off the virus than your lock down was worth. That “stupid idiot” probably has done more good to getting you out of lock down than your running around with masks on and sheltering in place ever will.

    • Those “idiots” are treating the “pandemic” with the contempt it deserves. I’m convinced “Covid19” does not deserve pandemic status any more than last year’s flu.

  4. It isn’t about medical science or statistics. It is about the following being introduced and forced upon the public.
    They just need to scare and intimidate people into getting the mark of the beast which will damn them to an eternity in Hell.

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  5. Medical errors are 3d leading cause of death in the US. Nevertheless, NY Gov. Cuomo issued full criminal and civil immunity to health care workers regarding Covid.

    The immunity rule was reportedly issued after the Greater New York Hospital Association donated more than $1 million to the New York State Democratic Committee. Two New York legislators have since introduced a bill that would repeal Cuomo’s blanket immunity.

    After his executive order which forbade NY nursing homes to turn away those positive for Covid– or even to ask whether they were positive– he issued an order granting immunity to nursing home executives.

    Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois and Connecticut have also issued immunity laws, and Iowa lawmakers introduced a bill to grant broad protections to health care providers, hospitals, nursing homes and a variety of other businesses in early June.

    The reason being given is that some doctors are working outside their area of expertise during the covid outbreak. However, except for a brief period in a few locations there was no increase in patients. On the contrary widespread reports indicate hospitals to be in financial difficulty because they are nearly empty!

  6. Do not get the test whatever you do. Fake positives are notorious and get one of them and it could impact your life in unseen ways. Job prospects, insurance premiums, (forthcoming) social credit etc. Test centres in the UK do not even test. They just label everyone as positive. Even the people who got better and therefore didn’t feel the need to return the test kits got a diagnosis in the post of positive.
    This is serious and what I call a fraud.
    I believe some Virus Industrial Complex needs to keep inflating the numbers in the same way a cop plants drugs on you just to show us all the seriousness of the drug problem. Dishonesty is at work and I hate it.

  7. Last week at the dentist:

    I was asked more questions about Covid than about my teeth.
    I was asked things like:

    • Have you ever taken a test for Covid?
    • Have you ever tested positive for Covid?
    • Have you ever had Coronavirus symptoms?
    • Have you ever been told to isolate because of the virus?

    The questions were repeated because they were asked about:

    • Family members
    • Other members if you live in a shared house
    • Close friends

    This causes me GRAVE concern because the test alone looks like it can impact your life in unseen ways. I can think of insurance premiums, job prospects (or lack of), travel and how easy or hard it is to get visa’s, Social Credit score where an evil Regime could put yours down to zero just like that because they find you some sort of risk, however tiny that risk may be in real life.

    I am infinitely more worried about the New Normal than any bat virus from China.

    • yes, Whiskeydrinker. They are now issuing US passports only in “life & death circumstances.” Equivalent to building a wall to keep us in. I find this truly ominous. They say it’s to keep US passport workers and passport seekers safe from the virus, but this makes no sense: One applies for a passport through the mail, by sending documents– or at least that’s how it used to be done. Even if it were in person isn’t mask-wearing & distancing enough?

      I suppose later they’ll make it permanent for those who don’t take the vaccine so we have no way to get out.

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