No farm, no food, no future!”: Farmers clog traffic in Hamburg with 4,000 tractors, reject ‘green’ economy

See video! German farmers flooded city’s streets with thousands of tractors in protest against new environment regulations.,

They are accusing the government of bullying them as it conducts its fight for a ‘green’ economy.

Around 4,000 tractors arrived in Hamburg on Thursday, where a meeting of regional environment ministers was being held. The kilometer-long (miles-long) convoys, stretching across the city’s busy streets, caused “considerable traffic disruption” downtown, police said.

Placards displayed on the tractors included slogans such as ‘No farm, no food, no future’ and ‘Just say ‘Thank you,’  which conveys many farmers’ desire for the government to appreciate what those in agriculture do for the economy, instead of engaging in what they see as bullying and scapegoating in the name of pursuing green goals.

“The rules, which are coming from the German government, are so hard for us that we can’t work on our farms.” Klaus-Peter Lucht, Vice President of the regional Farmers Association, told RT. “We can’t make good crops. We can’t have good fodder for the dairy [cows].” m=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

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6 thoughts on “No farm, no food, no future!”: Farmers clog traffic in Hamburg with 4,000 tractors, reject ‘green’ economy”

  1. Around here, San Francisco area, “locally produced, and locally sourced” are catch phrases and slogans to show how “woke” an establishment is.
    When you ask a Marxist if locally produced, and locally sourced is a good thing they always say “Oh yes. Gotta support the local businesses”.
    When you ask them why shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas to countries that don’t give a shizer about the environment or labor and then shipping the products they make back here is a good thing, they draw a blank.

    Its not about the environment. Its about power.
    The German Marxist in the 20’s and 30’s vilified the Jewish community.
    The Green Marxists of the present day vilify CO2 and Farmers.

    • The modern Green Marxists – UK Labour vilify the same Jewish Community. Their colleague Socialist Liberals reject the democratic choice of the majority of electors in the UK to leave a protectionist Trade Block called the EU with pretentions of becoming an Oligarch Republic in its own right, ending the 27+1 leaving states nationhood, converting them in powerless regions. The other large Socialist party is confined to Scotland. It is Nationalist first, hates the rest of the UK, wants to leave the UK but not the EU trade block but not take its share of the national debt with it, and remain in the EU and piggy banked by the UK state, much as Ireland has been since 2008.
      All three expose the Green socialist mantra, and wish to end manufacturing, which might produce profit, certainly no Co2, and subscribe to the UN open borders.
      They still don’t get it that CO2 taxes are an intragovernmental cash cow to enslave the rest of humanity just prior to the Glaciation tipping point. In their view there are 6.95 billion too many humans who need to go in order to provide living space for the 200M or so approved master race.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with farmers where ever it be as these so called GREEN parties are leading politics and rival political parties with the carrot and stick. I hate politics as it is. However, I’ve noticed that as these GREEN parties vying for voters by manipulating the media to indoctrinate the public, rival parties are trying to either win back or maintain their electorate by introducing sweeping draconian green measures to their political manifesto.

    By a farmer simply ploughing a field he is still killing thousands of small animals so that these GREENS can have their Tofu. Unscrupulous companies in Brazil are burning down large swaths of the rain forest (the globes’ lungs) so that these GREENS have enough cobalt to run their electric cars. This LUNACY has to stop and stop NOW.

    Cities in developing countries are shrouded in thick choking smog….. Why? Not because they’re doing anything wrong. No, it’s because whilst we had our industrial revolution our Colonism held them back so they are having their industrial revolution now.

    These GREENS and their followers should stop vilifying the working man in the street and work with everyone to reduce unnecessary and unwarranted pollution of our environment.

    Furthermore, policies as well as money supporting the AGW ethos over the past four decades would have been better spent on research into long term food and grain storage. In addition to this research should’ve been undertaken into producing food in an harsher climate whether that be warmer or colder as climate does fluctuate.

  3. from what I read on this last night
    their biggest gripe was the banning on Neonicotinoid and other chemicals..

    unlike the seriously antifarming EUmandates they tried to impose on swedens farmers

    their farms are so small in area if they cant farm without toxic chem then theres something wrong
    especially if its just plain pasture grasses FFS!

    the planet has the idiots in the USDA and the dupont bayer monmongrels syngenta etc to thank for toxic chem industrial scale abuse of land soil and animals via feedlotting and grain feeding animals that are designed to eat GRASS not grains
    even wild chickens dont eat much grain they eat grass and bugs and use soil biota to stay healthy without daily doses of antibiotics etc

    for those who might be less aware of better ways
    see gifted and proving by doing farmers Like Joel Salatin
    get some library copies of the works of the ALBRECHT Papers

  4. You look at the weather, you look at the crops you can’t get off the field, you look at the bills you can’t pay…..

    Wisconsin leads the nation in farm bankruptcies this year, and dairy farmers are carrying the brunt of the burden.

    It all goes back to the global warming nonsense. Cows bad, because they are too flatulent. Yep, what comes next? Cows fitted with filters? You know, at some point stupid becomes downright dangerous.

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