No lines – No chaos – No problems

Citizen journalists have been visiting hospitals and test sites to find out if they really are crowded. Amusing video.

Thanks to Penelope for this video

One comment below the video from by Asia Grabowska, said “Checked two hospitals myself , one in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan. Same thing – very quiet. One patient was inside testing tent.”

Question: What do hospital conditions look like in your area?

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  1. Since we are all being told to ‘stay at home’, only to leave the house for very restricted reasons and not to drive to get to an exercise area, in fact, not to drive beyond our area — the only way we can find out what is happening in the big, wide world is to believe what the media are saying. Should we believe them?

    Are we sure thousands of people are dying from CV, are we sure thousands are being tested. How do we know for sure?

    Where is everyone, what’s going on?

  2. Here in Green Valley AZ (about 25 miles south of Tucson) we have just a very small private hospital, which currently is being threatened with closure due to financial problems… but they have been begging the governor for help.

    This community is mostly over 65, but at this stage only a very few patients tested positive (as of this AM there were 2 positive cases & 5 out for test results) and no deaths. I drive by the hospital this morning around 1030AM and at that time the parking lot was very busy… for the parking for the hospital itself. However, there is an adjacent building with doctor’s offices, they were not very full.

    I went for a follow up appointment last week and at the time my doctor was offering to meet people outdoors at their cars if they preferred. That worked for me (mostly because I have chronic allergies with resulting post-nasal drip and sometimes I cough… which I figured might make people nervous). The nurse who checked me in told me they haven’t been very busy.

    Mind you, it’s been great weather here recently (high of about 80 F, with slight breeze in the afternoon and the usual drop in temps down to about 50F at night). We have had peak wildflower season out and it’s very pleasant to look at those.

    We are technically on lock down but our governor recommended people go do there groceries once a week still and also allowed and encouraged outdoor exercise (walks and biking mostly but they are still allowing golf courses to stay open).

    Restaurants are open for delivery or take out or curbside service only…. but they allow also take-out on booze (tho bars are closed).

    I recently read about a young woman in Pennsylvania who got ticketed for just riding around in her car. Here the other day after I bought some take out for lunch I ate my meal parked in a small park facing the mountains looking a wildflowers and birds… and there were 2 policemen sitting at a picnic table eating their lunch too. I talked with them for a short while (me in the car, them outside getting ready to leave) and they were very pleasant to me and also gave me a bag with bottled water … which is considered normal polite behavior here in the desert.

    • I had postnasal drip for over 10 years but it finally went away when I started doing neck exercises using a towel and working on my posture. FYI

  3. Far’s I know there’s s’posed to be 2 reasons why they’re doing this fakery:
    -To enable something called ID2020
    -For more outright theft by the Fed and its pet corporations or to those that owe the bankers money, so they can repay.

    If you’re interested, it’s all covered by a Pepe Escobar article & especially its links. (Surprising as he always seems superficial & breezy to me). Anyway this article is quite significant. Ground Control to Planet Lockdown; This Is Only a Test.

  4. I still have not met anyone with covid-19. I have met many businesses that are treating their customers like they had the plague or were kindergarten babies. One hears reports from the media and government making it out that we have a pandemic as dangerous as the plague. The government, media , the debt and their globalist owners are the plague. They got to go.

  5. Two days ago I did the same thing. I went for a drive and I checked the emergency room at North East Medical Center (in Atlanta,GA area). QUIET! Four ambulances parked next to the entrance and three more in the overflow parking area.

    My wife is RN/BSN and she works in a state prison with a population of about 1000, plus security personnel and medical staff. They do have protective equipment. They have three inmates that tested positive for COVID 19. Two of them have no symptoms and the third one had to be hospitalised. He also has:
    -cancer stage four
    -long history of cocaine abuse
    -high blood pressure
    -and who knows what else.
    Now, this person is probably going to die because of his many illnesses but I’m sure that he will be classified as a coronavirus casualty.

    • That is a small percentage of the prison population. The drill is isolate the patients and treat them.

  6. #checkyourhospital has a number of videos on youtube with the same results empty Hospitals all over America and in various major cities in Europe. Somethings going on but I don’t think it’s the Pandemic they say it is.

  7. After watching this video last Friday morning, I visited my local (major) hospital here in central NJ. Virtual ghost town, as I looked into the window of the ER waiting room. And a guy told me to leave, that this was private property as he was on his walkie talkie summoning the police. A friend in Maine visited three hospitals, one in Portland, same thing. A friend of his visited two other major hospitals in central NJ. Again, virtual ghost towns. Much more evidence in other places.

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