No more soup

“Am I paranoid? Am I crazy? Something in the air is really bothering me.”
– Centurion


No more soup


The following is a true event. It began about 2 weeks ago, and it is a “man on the street” account of possible food shortages starting even now.

I am a member of 3 “Big Box” Membership Stores: Sam’s, BJ’s, and Costco….One of them ran a “coupon” for a particular soup. It was $2.25 off each 4-pack…It is a soup my family and I love and eat all the time since it is really wholesome with no additives…No wheat, no soy, etc.

So, I used one coupon but bought 2 “boxes”. While being a smart-ass at the check-out, I asked the person if I can by 2 boxes with one coupon? “NO”, was the answer…….So, I asked, “If I have a separate coupon for each 4-pack I can buy them?”….”Yes,” was the answer.

Here is the point. I took a whole bunch of their “Coupon Book” home with me and cut our the coupons. 2 days later (to avoid the same clerk), I went back and bought 10 boxes, each with a coupon and it worked.

BUT, I noticed pallet upon which these 4-pack rested was getting depleted. I look all around and could not see a back up (Yes, I know they can put the pallets anywhere in the building)….The next day I bought 10 more……….pallet getting empty.

Yesterday, they had only 8 boxes left and they were placed at the END OF THE AISLE ,and where the “soup” used to be had extra Ravioli Cans….They never had 3 Stacks of anything…but they had no more soup……I have NEVER seen this before in any of the 3 chains…They never skip a beat…When something gets low, they have the new pallet down…NEVER has this happened…….

For some reason, this company can not get any more of this common, well known, soup. The soup manufacturer has NOT gone out of business………was it just a run on this sale item?, or did others realize this was a great product to prep and store with?… eating SPAM for 6 months…………..

Is it beginning? And here is the problem. Every employee of these companies will learn about this a week BEFORE the stupid customer. The employees, family and friends of the employee will talk to each other and buy up everything withing hours…if this has begun………

Am I paranoid? Am I crazy? Something in the air is really bothering me. ….I feel like a German Jew in Berlin in 1934.

Something is wrong…………….

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  1. Hello Centurion. I’m in Central NY and several of us have gardens that with all our efforts have produced very little…all experienced gardeners. Maybe 25% yield at best. Many plants seem frozen in time…all are definitely stunted. Lucky to get anything at all. The trees look sick and dying….maybe the cold nights, maybe will be super early Fall. The weather channel is not reporting the actual colder than norm nights. It can get pretty hot during the day and still be cold at night like the atmosphere just can’t hold the heat. Several of us had jackets on during day upper 60’s to low 70’s…not normal for early August. Sweet corn is hard to find and price has gone up bakers dozen for $5.50…that’s steep around here. Hardly any wild mushrooms. Our big black berry patch is at maybe 10%…way less bushes and berry’s much less and smaller. Seems most the song birds left a long time ago, and hardly any bugs…except those friggin nasty deer flies. Saw flock of wild geeses and only one pair had goslings; see many wild female turkeys and deer lacking young. I’m thinking there is just not enough nutrition in the wild plants they depend on. My ducks and geese roam free during the day to forage and they seem stressed while foraging….many acres for 4 ducks and 4 geese should be more than adequate and of course they get corn at night, but it was part of my “plan” that they also self sustain on what should have been immense forage abundance we normally have…no it is not you….for anyone who is an observer of their environment, it is quite bizarre. Good Luck 🙂

    • It’s not only about soup.
      America has entered the times of food shortages, and the beginning stage of famine – without most people even understanding or realizing it…
      Food shortages are not coming….they are here. Yet many of G-d’s people are still blind and cannot see what is already here.
      2019 has certainly been a year of changing and unusual weather patterns. Areas throughout the US have had record rain, hail, flooding, heat, earthquakes, etc. Multiple states were devastated this past spring with deadly flooding.
      In early 2019 in grief we watched on TV the news reports showing drowned herds of cattle lying in Nebraska fields. News reported that in Nebraska alone over 1 million cattle were estimated to have drown in the spring of 2019 from flooding…
      During 2019’s summer, America has entered the times of food shortages, and the beginning stage of famine – without most people even understanding or realizing it…
      The next years are going to be rough and tough for everyone.

  2. I shop a a couple of different big box and grocer chains. they have all had glitches in stocking of different items.
    Ya can not run just in time transport systems with low iQ high time preference third world wonders

    • I think yours is the most likely explanation at this point. Incompetence can always explain such things, and is the most likely answer. Prices will jump on the low yields this season in the northern states and Canada though. Lots of corn/soybeans wasn’t up, hadn’t been planted, or looked stunted when I was in NY recently. Similar issues out west I hear.

  3. I hope that you and your family enjoy the soup. You bought 120 cans over 4 days and the pallet was then depleted. You were shopping at a place where the average person buys in bulk – i.e., more than they will use in a week. So, I am sorry, I do not get it. I shop in these types of stores, and I will always buy extra on good deals. So many shoppers probably agreed with you.
    I look forward to a future post, say more than 2 weeks from now, and tell us that they never got any more soup. Then check to see if the soup company was discontinuing the type of soup, or changing the label, or changing the can size etc., and were not just trying to clear out an obsolete item.

  4. Hahahaha. Shock, despair, agony on me. They run out of things that they have coupons for. Three weeks ago it was Scott toilet paper at dollar general. Couponers are a dangerous breed, never approach from the back they protect their territory with their lives.

  5. I used to work for Costco.
    Some products are limited run, or seasonal. Some just don’t get bought again. Some take time to restock.
    The only thing this is a sign of is the end of that shipment of soup.

  6. Centurion, I think you are fine. The buyers, advertising staff and accountants at the big box store, not so much.
    I am not too worried about supply fluctuations of a heavily promoted item that is very popular. I am more concerned about the information in David DuBynes’s new book (Climate Revolution – The Grand Solar Minimum) featured by Robert in a post here last month.

  7. Sounds more like a case of “just-in-time” inventory management practices, of which Costco is a master. The day when the shelves are empty may be coming, but I doubt, with U.S. farmers unable to find markets for their grain, thanks to the trade war with China, that there is any shortage of staples like grain right now in the U.S.

  8. As with most catastrophic events that impact humans life, hindsight is often 20:20.

    The majority of the western world have bugger all as a contingency against a cold event happening. IMO this is a BIG mistake, for it is just as likely (if not more so) to cool in the future* as it is to bring any more BENEFICIAL warming.
    Consider for instance, how in our electric powered world we are to survive with say the weather dropping to Dalton era temperatures in about 50 years or less* — windmills and solar panels will just be so much useless junk.
    Would the water, communication, or medical systems be able to cope? Our current limited local warehousing ensures trade and industry relies on a ‘just-in-time-ordering’ system. A system that requires both reliable transportation and reliable communication networks, networks that may well not survive sever cold. With trillions of dollars and billion of lives at stake, shouldn’t every government be prepared for what will probably happen in the next 50 years (maybe sooner*)? Or is it all about make a quick profit by any means for yourself (and love-ones) today and hope to survive tomorrow in some well stocked tropical land?

    Today’s MSM is little more than old-time circus barkers shouting loudly about every warm day and staying quiet about cooling weather trends*. The MSM, along with the current manipulations to temperature records by so many staff at government agencies, appear as distractions away from the truth of the current slight but growing cooling trend*.
    These distractors ensure the perception of probable futures are distorted, allowing the view that cooling is so very unlikely and therefore proper assessments are not made, contingencies meetings for a cooling event do not happen, are not planned, leaving everyone ill prepared should (when) it happens. I’m not saying that it will happen tomorrow but as it is a real and likely probability* within today’s children’s lifetimes. I’m asking are there any contingency plans for such an cold event and have they been tested?

    Insurance always looks good after an catastrophe.
    [* see for the vast number of scientific papers showing prediction with a high probability for imminent global cooling. Add to them Prof. Don Easterbrook, Jan 2018 report at

    Also there is evidence that has been building at this very site due to Robert W. Felix timely reports, assisted by his posse of voluntary helpers. — Well done all! ]

  9. 🙂 yeah buying 22 boxes sorta makes a dent in a pallet.
    Id assume they only got a certain amount of the special offer 4packs

  10. im not sure how costco usa goes but a g/friend took me to costco in Aus
    not ONE thing there was any cheaper at all than same product or similar available elsewhere.
    only cheap thing was their in store icecream cones
    most items were more per kilo , I figure people just dont do the sums and thats how they give such “discounts” on their petrol. stations right outside the store too so they g’tee sales.

    • They may not be cheaper, but the quality is so much better than your local grocery store for the same price. The meats, fruits and vegetables especially.

  11. Yes, let’s not give into the temptation to read more into circumstances than exists.

    If you buy into the paradigm that society is going to collapse and shortages will be the norm (which I have for the last 40 years), it is very easy to see localized events as harbingers of doom. Which I have also done for 40 years! LOL!

    Try to maintain your perspective, but also be PREPARED!

  12. Costco is couponless. You don’t need to show the coupon to get the discount price. Though you might have to go through line several times if it is a “limit two.”

    I doubt there was a lack of soup. This guy bought half a pallet and wonders why the stock seemed low. It might just be that BJ’s the weakest of the wholesale chains is having financial difficulties as well.

    • When I bought my first 2 boxes, it was well stocked and full.

      I went back just a few days later to by more and right then and there is was depleted, like NEVER before, and I have been buying this product for about 15 years, at this same store in the same Aisle, and they have discounted this very item many times.

      My thinking, as dumb as it sounds, is that enough people in my are are beginning to prep and “buy extra” and this one item would make a perfect prep food. Who tans 100 cans of sardines or tuna or macaroni and cheese? One should go for the best value of “nutrition to costs” and this one item it as the top of the list…IF you are thinking this way…..

      Now many new prepers in a new area does it take to cause shortages? My fear is when a critical mass of people start preping, the shortages will be obvious and that will drive in the panic buyers and once word get’s out to the real cause, then it’s game over for all of us……………A week of totally depleted food, for any reason today, will freak out the people so bad they will never be the same……which means no more calm, stocked stores as we have known for about 100 years…Once it snaps it’s over.

      Also, this bothers me since I have never noticed this, ever, and it just does not feel right or anything like previous “sold” out items. One more comment, I have never seen a display of products that didn’t have another pallet right behind it or above…It even felt weird, and I am not spiritual.

  13. This happened in 2008 with the so-called “rice shortage” it’s funny how we live close to the brink at all times. In ’08, Basmati rice was in short supply, and Costco ran out. A lot of people of Indian decent use this rice in cooking, on a daily basis. The next best rice according to my Indian friend is Calrose rice. Both are short grained and “sticky” types of rice. That started to run short also. The news picked it up and WOW! You couldn’t find rice hardly anywhere. The prices doubled. People were going to grocery stores and buying 10, 2 lb. bags at a clip, and stores started putting a limit on how much rice you could buy. I live in an area that has a large Hispanic, Asian and Indian population, so rice is a major staple in many households. After about a month, there was rice everywhere, prices fell back, and people probably had months worth of rice at home. It took one breathless news story to completely throw this commodity into chaos.

  14. Right now, I see at the Grocery Outlet chain, a super discount end of run or over run outlet, too much food. local food banks who are supplied by big chains like Safeway and Kroger, cant give it all they have away. …now that is. But who starts noticing the retail end of these crop failures first? I guess the lowest bidders. Prices are rising, but in Wa. we know why.

  15. I’ve seen less inventory of red rice recently at 3 separate stores for the past 2 weeks now. They had none. Oddly I have not seen this before. Only Publix had some but not as much on the shelves as previously.

  16. Big box stores like to discontinue stuff unfortunately. Including specific soups. They can’t even seem to restock ANY type of socks here at all.

  17. I used to by 50 lb sacks of Roger Coarse Whole Wheat at Cosco, and did so for years, but they havent had it now for about a year, though they do have others. Some things are higher price, and some lower, however I think this is the year we will see shortages, and shocking price hikes.

  18. Other thing is, they always tell me they are short stsffed and so can’t restock anything. You might want to try the same store/ or stores the next town over and find a better stock.

  19. I wish to recant my original comments that created this post.

    It is true, Coupons are the fault….The fact today, when I went to this “Big Box Store” the product that they have carried for 15+ years, with YEARS of discounts, is not there, has NOTHING to do with this BS of “Global Cooling” and food shortages……So many hysterical web sites lie about “food shortages”, it is INVENTORY CONTROL that is causing any , and all, “shortages”……………………There are NO shortages….The idea that there are “no” canned peas at Wal-Mart is from hysterical liars like ME………………Any increase in prices or shortages that MAY happen in the future is NOT caused by Global Cooling or Global Warming, but from simple inventory control…………..I am so sorry I brought this up………There will never be any problem with “food” supplies and any, and I mean ANY web site that talks about “food shortages” is lying to you as I have……………Relax. Move on. Nothing to look at………….There is nothing wrong….We will always have plentiful food…………….There will never be shortages and if there are, blame it on “coupons” and “inventory control”………..I am so sorry.

  20. I buy chicken patties and we couldn’t get to Costco for them for a while and it turns out they are WAY more expensive especially this year at the stores and shrink their bags way more.

    At the stores you get a tiny pack of maybe 10 for 11$ and they are baby sized. At Costco they are more like 7$ for a pack of 30 and they are HUGE! Made mainly for Restaurants ordering.

    Restaurants often buy from Costco in bulk using an executive membership.

    If you play your game correctly you can save up to 40$ off using Costco and save the little stores for in between moments for a few items that Costco doesn’t have. It really does impact your budget but you have to plan it not just go in blindly.

    Soups everywhere are in short supply. Most of the year since winter there has been half empty shelves of soups all except Chicken Dumplings for some strange reason.

    • Absolutely.

      I am seeing a highly recommended MD from Harvard and I told him of this very “story”…….fewer soup cans and Global Cooling.

      He looked at me, like I am crazy, and said:

      “The world is on run-away Global Man Made Heating. Here is an Rx for Prozac, Xanax, Welbutrin, Zoloft and Ambien.”

      “Stop reading the total crapp about Global Cooling and food shortages since those sites are lying to you, “

  21. Here is a thought.

    With the increase in “prep” blogs, blogs discussing Farm problems, there MIGHT be a few people, each day, becoming preppers…………….So, what do you think a newbie would buy?……………….What would YOU buy if you had a hunch you would have to eat it for 6 months?….Tuna? some….Corn Flakes (no milk but you can use water)……, or all the different varieties of Soups?………Every family member of mine is prepping to have at least 3 months of food per individual…………….90% of what they buy is Soup…..Stews, Cans of Chile with Beans…………..Maybe 1 can of SPAM since in the 1950’s that is what grand-dad had for when the Soviet Nukes hit………………………I personally believe that “Soups” will be the canary in the coal mine (your neighborhood grocery store) so when you see them going “a bit too fast”?…………Another item I would watch out for is Bulk band-aides, any shortages of the more common ammo….9mm, 223, and .38 revolver caliber……But since most people are more aware about Grocery shopping than ammo sales, look at the SOUP aisles….Thank you and this is only one man’s opinion who has noticed something “odd” with SOUP inventory are stores I have shopped at for years upon years….IF all this news we all read on the Internet is reaching more people, then it only makes sense THEY do what we have been doing for, what, 10 Years? They will buy something………….So, imagine 1,000 people per day are added to our “group”? How many people, in you shopping area, does it take to “deplete” the soup stock? If 100 people, per day, add 2 cans per day, above normal for them, you are out 200 can’s per day or 1,400 a week…………Any of you who WORK in, or for, a Big Box Store? Your last 2-3 years inventory records would show the # cans, per person, per transaction, sold……Is there an increase in that number?

  22. I don’t store canned soup because it can’t be allowed to freeze. One big power outage in winter might take out your whole stockpile.

    I stock rice, noodle and potato sides. If you add some fresh greens, which you can grow inside, and some meat, fish, or beans, you have a filling nutritious meal cooked up in a few minutes.

    So now you’d better keep an eye on those rice sides packets.

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