No more updates on the coronavirus

I do not wish to contribute to the panic. I think the medical dangers of coronavirus are being hyped far beyond reality and will therefore not be posting any more coronavirus updates.

Yes, it is a shame that so many people are contracting coronavirus, and yes, it is a shame that so many people are dying. I certainly mean no disrespect to those who have lost loved ones.

However, when all the panic subsides, I think we’ll eventually learn that most of the deaths were among people whose health was already sorely compromised and that even without the coronavirus, they would have soon died of the underlying health issue.

I’m guessing that as the coronavirus death rate rises, we will start seeing fewer deaths from the ‘regular’ flu, from lung and other cancers, from COPD, from cardiovascular diseases, from diabetes, and from other compromising health issues.

Also see: “The panic the press is creating is unconscionable” – Dr Drew

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    • All sources of data should be considered. Is it a coincidence that that the steepest rise in reported infections and death come from a country in Europe? Italy. Best reporting? Is it a coincidence that the drop in reported cases of critically ill and the cases of reported death are inverse? Either our science is bad or our social norms contribute to an acceleration of infection. Obviously socio-demographic norms are not being followed. Elite members of society are being infected. Perhaps this is not a Black Swan event. Maybe a Black Rhino. We expect this to conform to seasonal patterns as influenza does. On the other hand, we keep seeing occurrences in countries in summer in the Southern Hemisphere as well as occurrences in tropical locales. We will adapt. We will move forward as a society but the personal or individual cost may be be expensive. On the other hand, it may be a blip on the horizon. Cheers.

  1. Robert, thanks for the link to the site on the virus. I have enjoyed having your updates and quick access to the website for the breakdowns. I for one would like to see you continue. Thanks!

  2. Well done, and I agree, both with your decision NOT to play into the hands of the Leftist main-stream media, and also to start pointing out that the panic (caused entirely by the Left) is making things a lot worse.

  3. Thank-you Robert.
    There is currently enough reporting on this virus and too much of it appears to be alarmist in nature.

    This COVID-19 virus will infect all sooner or later, and the vast majority will have only minor symptoms, however there will be fatalities from this virus especially among the old and those with known medical conditions.
    The key element now is to ensure that infections do not gather such a pace that the medical facilities are overrun, and that there is enough time to prepare. Slowing the progress of infection with quarantine is paramount lest the medical resources are overwhelmed.

    From now and probably for at least 6-12 months after the peak of infections has passed, normal life and business will not be possible. During this time is is vital that panic should not happen and that society pays attention to the best medical advice, and help each other overcome this difficult period of our lives.

    May you all survive this virus.
    I pray that the mortality rate keeps low and that medical researchers will soon find some safe and effective treatments.


  4. Good! Doesn’t take much to panic the sheeple. The stats prove the common flu is more widespread and we should be more worried about that instead of the coronavirus. But, alas, the media is always hyping something up to insure we all live in a state of perpetual fear.

    • Robert, The common “Flu” is more widespread, but the Coronavirus
      is a new “Flu” strain and which no one has immunity to, so is therefor deadly.
      The last Flu pandemic in 1969 [Hong Kong Flu] killed 30000 people in the U.K and between two and four million world wide.
      Before that in 1957 there was Asian Flu, killed thousands in the U.K and one to two million worldwide.
      No panic during those two pandemics though, people just got on with life

  5. I have never seen the media stampede the public quite so brazenly or so intensely.

    My guess is the powers that be are trying to crash the markets to defeat Trump in November. I wonder why they bother.

    • I reply to myself.

      I just came from the grocery store. As the song goes “Yes! (They have) no bananas!” and the meat cooler is half empty.

      Bananas come here to BC from Central America, not a hotbed of the Wuhan flu. And our beef comes from within the province or from Alberta.

      So supply chain disruptions brought about by the disease do not explain food shortages on Vancouver Island.

      Iceeagefarmer has a better explanation: cold weather crop losses.

      Supply chain disruptions due to the Wuhan flu may be just an excuse to go on taxing us to ‘fight’ (non)existent global warming.

      The media hysteria about the disease buttresses the supply chain disruption excuse for empty shelves, with, from the media’s point of view, the added benefit of crashing the stock market and hurting Trump.

  6. No-one has complained about you Robert have they? I think it is way more likely you will get obsessive fans of Greta accusing you of being an ignorant Trump supporter.
    One of my worst fears was that Greta would find a way to blame coronavirus on Global Warming. Hasn’t happened.
    What has happened is a serious military lockdown in Italy when the one thing we have established is that the Lombardy area is one giant retirement home, super popular with every retiree in the EU.
    Italy is super popular with holidaymakers of all categories so let me end by agreeing with Robert on this one. I’d like to visit Venice and see for myself a town with canals instead of roads.
    Italian wine has some rave reviews as well.

  7. no probs plenty of updates elsewhere anyway.
    its a rolling event so everyones becoming aware in their own nations albeit a tad slow in some.
    Im in at risk group age n med issues so its careful and wait n see for me.

  8. What the News Medea is doing is like going into a packed Movie theater and Screaming Fire! What a Bunch of A- (fill in the blank)!

  9. Odds way in your favor. If you use the category “deaths from respiratory viruses”, there won’t even be a nudge to make this year different than any other.
    Same for “all cause mortality”.

    • Yes! Make sure top look me up. (For others who may not understand what you’re referring to, I’m scheduled to be one of the speakers at the Observing the Frontier convention.

  10. 99% of the Americans (with underlying health problems) who have died from the coronavirus have an average age of 80.

    Why shut down America over a relatively very few, sick, elderly folk that the coronavirus kills when there are so many other things that are killing in much, much larger numbers? Let’s look at the stastics per the CDC.

    Heart disease: 647,457
    Cancer: 599,108
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
    Diabetes: 83,564
    Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
    Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

    Coronavirus? 50

    How does that compare to the 22,000 Americans, young and old, who have died from the flu so far this flu season? It’ll probably be about 40,000 by the time the flu season is over.

    Why aren’t the government and media getting the public into an apocalyptic panic and hysteria over that?

    The government and media say that the case fatality rate in America is 3.4% without extensive testing of the population. How did they come to that number?
    The South Koreans found their case fatality rate is about 0.67% with extensive testing.

    This panic and hysteria about the coronavirus is doing more harm to America than the virus itself. How long will we suffer the fools in government and media who brazenly lie to us to keep us in fear and try to keep us divided?

  11. The news media will always sensationalise things like covid19. However don’t underestimate the effect it will have. Flu kills 30k – 60k a year in the US. Covid19 is at least as dangerous as this. What puzzles me are the numbers coming out of China. The infection rates and deaths are too low if you compare to Italy. The rest of Europe is now ramping up too so watch for a massive increase in the next few weeks. This is real people, wake up and take care.

  12. 300,000 people are dying of something or other every day! What are we going to do about it? !!! .. join them soon.
    (divide world population by mean age of death in days)

  13. The panic in America has gone crazy! — Panic buying. – Afraid of each other. — And worried sick! —
    Yes! — They have quarantined — People – cities – even entire countries —
    They are stopping overseas travel. — They have stopped — sports events, company meetings, political rallies, speech events, and many government and businesses have closed for weeks, maybe months. — —
    Yet, people gather in close contact at — Grocery stores, gas stations, and other stores or businesses. —
    Looks to me that “WE” will get the virus anyway!

    So, why all the fuss? —
    Remember that our immune systems fight “Germs” every day! — However, it does take time for our bodies to learn how to kill any virus. —

    I am in close contact with others and their property at work! —– At my age, I have a higher chance of being sickened by this virus —– Obviously, I need to take action! —
    ——– Here is a list of what I am doing to beat this virus ——-
    a) Take vitamins every day. —- High in vitamin D3 if possible —-
    B) Wear gloves — Non-medical will work fine —
    C) Wash gloves and hands often. — A spray bottle filled with 1 or 2 caps of bleach and water applied to gloves — then wash with soap. — Bleach not needed for hands. — Dry gloves and get new pair to wear. — Reuse dried gloves if not torn! —
    D) Stop touching my face! —- Eyes, nose, and mouth are easy entry points of the virus! —
    E) Avoid close contact with others. —- 5 feet or more if possible.

    —– The latest world stats show we have a 50/50 chance of survival. —- I believe just doing the above will give me a 90% chance of not getting sick. Remember our immune systems fight germs every day, so a small quantity will allow your immune system to learn how to defeat the germ! —- But if your system is overwhelmed with the germ, then you will get sick!
    “WE” can beat this! —

  14. I emailed you some information but decided not to post it. There was no way I could verify it and I did not want to add to what may be a lot of misinformation. The way the news media has managed to spread this intense panic is quite puzzling. I cannot help but think there is something going on behind the scenes.

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