There is NO war on coal? Really? – Videos

This is in response to a top EPA official telling us that “There is no war on coal.” These videos show otherwise.

Hillary Clinton: “We Are Going To Put A Lot Of Coal Miners & Coal Companies Out Of Business”
. . .


Obama: If you want to build a coal power plant, I’ll bankrupt you
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Shorter version

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these videos

I posted about the “No war on coal” assertion here:

I posted the Obama video back in 2011, but the videos somehow magically disappeared from YouTube. I’m glad to see they’re back.

4 thoughts on “There is NO war on coal? Really? – Videos”

  1. OMG it looks like Dumbo with his big ears is reading those simplistic answers from a script.. …his eyes keep looking down and to the left. He’s so dumb he can’t even remember a couple of simple sentences or form his own thoughts. What a loser !

  2. a LOT of things are/have been “vanished BY google who now own youtube
    if you can upload n save clips i suggest you do as many as you can.
    see WUWT yesterdays post (7/aug usa time)on the big 4 media controlling content

  3. I have a perception that environmentalists are liars. Is it possible to pass this information on to the media, to expose this person? Let the whole USA know that “Her word is not good”, a phrase encountered in wild west movies and novels.

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