NOAA – The most deceitful “scientific” organization on the planet

“Those clowns are claiming that October 2014 was the warmest on record,” says Indy. The level of corruption and dishonesty at NOAA boggles the mind. 

NOAA – Climate Change Lies – October 2014 Fraud

By Indy
20 Nov 2014

NOAA has proven once again that they are the most deceitful “scientific” organization on the planet. I knew when November was turning out as brutal as it was that we could expect some dishonest piece of news to be released by NOAA. I did not expect them to lie on such a massive scale. In a story published by (no shock they ran with this garbage), NOAA stated that October 2014 was the warmest on record. I am telling you flat out that it is a huge lie. They are either compulsive liars or just completely inept when it comes to science. In either case, the organization should be stripped of all funding.

See entire article:

“I am shocked at the level of deceit coming from that organization,” says Indy. “They aren’t even in the ballpark of being right.”

“October was so mild that it only ranked 8th in the last 13 or 14 years. So in fact it was one of the cooler Octobers in recent time. Certainly not the warmest on record. NOAA was off by a mile.

“What a shady and corrupt organization.”


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  1. I heard this on the radio news this morning while driving to a job site. Needless to say when I heard it was this bunch claiming it then I dismissed it as garbage news. But unfortunately people might believe this crap reporting. I hvae been studying or working in science for the past 37 years. I could never adjust numbers like they do and have any credibility.

  2. I think they are simply burning their credibility with this nonsense.

    Even if they were right about October the massive change to November (extreme cold that everyone can obviously see)certainly destroys any myth of “heat trapping” – locally, globally or elsewhere you care to name.

    Junk science slowly being exposed by nature over 16 years and counting.

    Every bit of information recorded by satellites over their almost 4 decades of data collection says the “heat trapping” theory is not real because as the temperatures have warmed the radiation to space has increased – if they were right radiation to space should go down NOT up.

  3. MY Question – WHERE ARE THE TEMPERATURE MEASURING SITES, could it be influenced by where it is.
    Heat seems to be the problem, according to NOAA.
    Here is the statement from, it states most sites are at airports.

    My idea of airports, are lots of big planes, with big engines pumping out lots of hot exhaust, black tarmac, miles of it. Air conditioned buildings pumping out lots of hot air, go stand next to the air conditioner vent of a big shopping complex. DHHHHHHH, of course their temps are rising, my temp rises just thinking about how dumb some university educated, degree qualified, can be. GRRRRR. Remember NOAA/BOM is Tax payer funded.

    • Lyn, you’re correct in that measuring sites are mostly located within significant heat sources. This is partly due to the fact that decades ago when most of today’s sites where originally located within rural or open environments, and measurement site continuity was desired. This was a noble ambition that no longer applies in today’s now overheated sites.

      But as Hillary Clinton once remarked defiantly “What difference does it make”, any FACTS are not relevant under the religion of CAGW. So local site heating to elitist followers is just more scientific proof of Man-Made Warming.

      Real Polar bears be damned. Only pictures of “drowning” bears are FACTS. Live with it!

    • The historical record for my city is from Parkland bordering the CBD but at the start of the Global Warming scare in the 1980’s the official Temp station suddenly became the Airport about 3 miles away.
      I have checked week in week out for the last two years and it is a constant 2C hotter at the Airport.

      This is the exact amount agreed to by Obama and co some years back as representing CO2 warming….co incidence?

      My city has been described as “Ground Zero for Global warming”.

    • The difference is in bricks, mortar and concrete, these building materials absorbs heat readily from the Sun and from the environment, and release it slowly during the night. The day time temperatures is sheltered areas can be as much as 6C higher than an equivalent location in a rural setting. South facing wall are brilliant for warming a patio in the evening. Most of NOAA tempreture stations are in these locations.

  4. NOAA is not the only liar. WWF just published this new bogus article: “With less sea ice every year, polar bears and many other ice-dependent creatures are at risk. Today’s study, published in Ecological Applications, analyzed data on polar bears in northeast Alaska and the Northwest Territories and documented a 40 percent population loss between 2001-2010 from 1,500 to 900 bears. An urgent need to address climate change. Climate change is the main threat facing polar bears. But we also know the effects are being seen around the world. Now is the time we must speak up and demand global action.”
    Just as the USA is in a deep freeze and Arctic sea ice has risen more than 50% in two years time, these clowns demand global action to combat climate change.

    • The 2012 low in Arctic ice will be the Warmist benchmark for many years and any increase will be ignored as an anomaly.

      Sad that the opposite is true.

      Warmist use Temp graphs that end in 2005 for the same reason.

      • The Indian Government has termed so called Greens, Green Peace and WWF as Green terorists, because of the various pressure groups intentions of keeping the Third world in the wood burning age, of keeping them poor as subsitence farmers and at risk premature death.Life expectancy in the affluent west is 40% higher than in Asia and much higher than in Africa.

  5. This is reminiscent of the very cool October of 2007, soon followed by an announcement by James Hansen of NASA (Gore’s right-hand man), around the beginning of that December, that October, 2007 was the warmest October on record. Fortunately, a few skeptical scientists checked his data and noticed that all the data points seemed to look familiar — they were all found to be September temperatures, which of course were several degrees warmer than actual October temperatures.

    Hansen then apologized for the “honest mistake,” but of course the major media only carried his “hottest ever” press release, not the retraction — the usual modus operandi of these criminals.

    I wonder if we have a repeat situation here?

  6. What do you expect from obamas civil servants ?
    Disobedience ? A critical voice ? Honesty ?
    Straightforwardness ? A conscience ? An independent mindset ? Through their behaviour they are admitting that they are slaves following the party-line of the great leader ….., who thinks he is capable to change mother nature . Did not he talk about his facts recently ? The crazyness is abhorring and please , please Americans do something about it .

  7. Facts/raw data will be adjusted to fit the Agenda. The Agenda is to confirm non existent global warming. The scam will continue until further notice.

  8. First October was one of the snowiest in Siberia ever…Northern Hemispherc snow cover was the third largest…which is it? NOAA picked the wrong time to lie

  9. NOAA is a Government Agency whose funding (and existence) relies on supporting the stated National Policy. The science they do (and report on) is to back up whatever policy a politician has decided upon. Until their mandate is changed to provide factual data to help formulate a policy, they will always be shills for whoever is in power.

  10. will be putting on my shorts and lighting the barbecue on christmas day.all this worst winter on record is a lot of humbug.come to the u.k and enjoy an hawian christmas.

    • It’s only humbug, due to a stationary low pressure system, parked to the south of Iceland and to the West of Ireland.
      The jet stream is being powered around the southern edge of this system pushing warm wet weather over the UK. This airstream is “normal” for the UK before Christmas and most times leads to a green Christmas period. I will lay any odds that you will prefer the current humbug to the cold turkey which will follow after the New Year.
      This stationary Low is also the reason for the “Break” in the flow of the Gulf Stream reported in another thread. It’s also the reason for the great surf in Western Europe during this early winter period.

  11. Do we really need NOAA anymore. I use the Weather Underground for my weather reports. They’re far more accurate for my area. I think I’ll call my Congressman and let him know where he can save the tax payers some money. I mean paying people to lie to us is kind of stupid.

    • Unfortunately Weather Underground is now owned by a warmist tabloid. Who is that tabloid? The Weather Channel. The propaganda machine for the warmist movement.

  12. Remembering as a kid reading the commentaries in the K.C. Star. Had the propaganda pictorial of a Russian news casting team with sweat running down the brows and the goonies behind the curtains pointing weapons at the broadcasters.
    Would be interesting to see if Russia might have the same pictorial only using U.S. broadcasters.
    Wonder if some of the gentlemen and ladies working at NOAA read material posted, or are they to busy learning how to master their gov. issued side arms and rifles?

  13. Any wonder why we can’t believe ANYTHING our government tells us. NOAA’s motto: “The truth is dead, long live our liars”

  14. What bothers me the most is dishonest people are being rewarded, get all the respect by the media and politicians, and honest forecasters that get things right most of the time and tell the truth get pushed to the side.

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