NOAA-NASA -Never one word about why their previous predictions failed completely

Not a word about the fact that a few years ago NASA did not predict that solar cycle 24 would be very weak.

NOAA-NASA -Never one word about why their previous predictions failed completely

Argiris Diamantis

Piers Corbyn is an outstanding good and wise man. He predicts a new Maunder minimum. NOAA and NASA don’t agree. Time will tell who is right.

“The panel has high confidence that Solar Cycle 25 will break the trend of weakening solar activity seen over the past four cycles. “We predict the decline in solar cycle amplitude, seen from cycles 21 through 24, has come to an end,” said Lisa Upton, Ph.D., panel co-chair and solar physicist with Space Systems Research Corp. “There is no indication we are approaching a Maunder-type minimum in solar activity.”

NOAA and NASA do not bother to even mention that both professor Valentina Zharkova and Piers Corbyn predicted a new Maunder-type minimum, a significant decrease in solar activity.
Not a word about the fact that a few years ago NASA did not predict that solar cycle 24 would be very weak. These NOAA-NASA predictions are similar to the Al Gore prediction of an ice-free Arctic Ocean and the David Viner prediction that snowfalls would be a thing of the past. Each time new predictions and afterwards never one word about why these predictions failed completely.

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  1. Scientists can’t even agree on the sunspot count. Two solar websites I track have two different numbers for 2020 blank days. The idea that “the science is settled” is a joke.

  2. NASA has already said that solar cycle 25 has ‘officially’ started, I’m not so sure.
    I will laugh my socks off if Solar Cycle 24 comes storming back with a bunch of NASA confounding, bursts of minor sunspots, after which it utterly dies away. Say, between now and December. That might publicly cause some in NASA/NOAA to temper their hubris for a while (a day or two).

    Nature is far more surprising than the short term human experience can allow.

  3. Comon sense men from the past ..will tell you ..mother nature doesn’t care ..if man walks on this earth dead or’s merciless nature ..warmists,tree hugger suckers who defend cormorants but not mankind.These extreme liers or misguided godless dregs.. are the same politics .blinded by their greed and ulterior motives.the history books full of data from the past will show these so called (FAKE SMART IDIOTS)..Let’s say los angeles from the 1859.july..temps sky rocketed from the same day..birds dropped dead from their perch.people were lucky to survive the devils breath of real heat!!I GUESS what!!.Hardly any people or industry was around at the time..low population worldwide..but the sun was was there flexing a little muscle..only one bicepThe entity in control (atheists/warmists) is..wait for it .,GOD.No better explanation!!!!Further away from God these people go(godless warmists) ..who support some(fake money driven agw agenda) man made warming episode..shows their heartlessness.,they want us. dead….warmists are truly sick misinformed pagans ..good thing is.they are mortals as well.,cheers!!

  4. With a supine and incompetent legacy media nobody is going to ask the awkward questions about their failed predictions.

  5. Global warming and climate change (caused by humans) are the biggest lies right now. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer because of these lies.
    The nagging about useless and harmful windmills, solar panels and other ‘climate measures’ makes me sick.

    “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,” (Niels Bohr, 1885-1962)

    • Which means there contradicting what they are saying to further there Aginda adminting they were wrong isnt in there Aginda plan book.

  6. “Biden is leading” is simply a repeat of the ridiculous “Hillary can’t lose” MSM mantra of 2016.

    The Silent Majority will again determine who takes the White House 47 days from now.

    Presidential elections are won or lost based on the Electoral College count. Currently there are 191 “toss up” votes, including many votes from Republican-loving GA and TX.
    Toss Up FLA is another Electoral College heavyweight.

    It is also significant that the polling data right now is from the same “experts” who predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide victory.

    The only numbers you can really believe are the numbers that we get on November 3.


  7. Some recent sunspots have had the polarity change suggesting the start of SC 25.
    On the eleven-year count the timing is in the ballpark.
    But the latest run of consecutive spotless days is now out to 29.
    A weak start.

  8. Seriously, NASA predicted twice what cycle 24 was. THEY also said it would make no difference. In temperatures. Man made global warming will off set it. Seriously, look at the temperature trends. WE are about to have a winter to remember. I live in New Orleans, IT is chilly down here, unusually so. WE had five fronts in august, two in September. I am 59 years old and have never Sean such occurrences. Our forecasters locally have said more than once “what is going on”? You decide, things are going to be interesting soon.

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