Is NOAA trying to hide the cooling? – Video

Even though temperatures in Finland ran  2.7 to 4.5 degrees F (1.5 to 2.5°C) below average this June, NOAA magically made that cooling disappear.



Colder than average temperatures were recorded across the entire country, and yet, for some unknown reason NOAA’s maps do not reflect that cooling.

Warmists try to scare us with temperature rises measured in tiny fractions of a degree, but these are full degrees plus.

Is NOAA manipulating the numbers?

Similar whitewashing took place in other places too, says this video from SuspiciousObservers.

Thanks to Jay Hope for this video

9 thoughts on “Is NOAA trying to hide the cooling? – Video

  1. The only way they are going to keep the warmest year evah stunt going is manipulation now that all the El Nino heat has gone. A post on WUWT showed that ocean temps had dropped and the northern hemisphere July peak was lower than previous years. Does this help explain our cold August where at times there is a normal westerly air flow but over a colder ocean we see colder days. Our recent hot weather was the result of a Spanish plume. Just a weather event – not climate change.

  2. This video must be really scary because the alarmists in Finland remove this from forums if you put a link to this video in there.

  3. On that note of Cooling, during the Eclipse news on TV, one of the cities experiencing Total Eclipse, reported a drop in temperature of 8 Degrees (F). .. In areas of partial eclipse, a temperature drop was also noted. .. It just goes to show how easily and quickly the temperature can drop via whatever reason whenever the Solar Radiation is blocked – even partially.

  4. NOAA has zero integrity! They always lie with their standard deviation charts, which paint areas that are below normal as “normal” and areas that are normal as “above normal.” Don’t get fooled by their garbage.

  5. I’d say 1,5-2,5 degrees C must be based on falsified data. June was most definitely colder than that here in Finland. You could say there was no summer this year, at all. Currently we are again experiencing temperatures well below average for the season. They are already forecasting first snow for northern parts of Finland. Nothing too unusual about that, per se, but, in tandem with the fact that it was still snowing up north during mid-summer festivities… it does not leave much room for “summer” in between.

    I’m hoping for some “warming”, because up here we can’t afford much cooling.

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