Nobel Laureate – Temperature of the earth has not gone up – Video

Nobel Laureate – Temperature of the earth has not gone up – Video

“New measurements show that temperatures are going up because they now include ocean temperatures,” says Nobel Laureate  Ivar Giaever. “But for a hundred years the ocean has not been included.”

“The temperature of the earth has been constant almost 19 years,” says Giaever.  “It hasn’t gone up.”


Nobel Laureate Smashes Global-Warming Hoax


“There was a big peak in 1998. That’s very recognizable.”

“Satellite records show that temperature has not increased.”


“But new measurements show that it’s going up, because they now include ocean temperatures. But for a hundred years the ocean has not been included.

“Why do you think they include the ocean? Because it’s more accurate? Or because they can fiddle with the data? That’s what NASA does.

“Obama said last year that 2014 was the hottest year ever,” says Giaever. “That is not true. It is not the hottest year.”

“I think the temperature has been amazingly stable.”

If you haven’t yet watched the above video, I think you’ll find it very worthwhile.

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  1. Makes the same point I have argued with CAGW-alarmists for years – Do we live on the ocean, or do we live on land? If we live on land alone, what difference does the ocean’s temperature make especially if “reconstructed” data is a guess at best? Most data shows that NH land temperatures have remained stable or even decreased since 1979. Land-based temperature records are the only ones that count for two reasons: (a) we don’t live on water, and (b) sampling size and infill bias for determining ocean temperature records is pathetically inaccurate.

    • Expanding on your point, have you seen the distribution of land temperature stations? Hardly global coverage. Most are in developed countries as you would probably expect but they are few in Africa and on the continent of Antarctica there are 8!! It is the size of Europe so fancy your European weather being provided from just 8 points?
      Excellent work with this site in picking up what biased media don’t want us to know. Enjoy your birthday.

    • (c) Ocean currents move. and you can have substantial differences between say the Gulf Stream and the water nearby.

      Benjamin Franklin knew this but the ClimAstrologists don’t.

      “In 1775, on his way to England, Franklin lowered a thermometer into the Atlantic and found the Gulf Stream to be 6° F warmer than the surrounding sea….”

  2. even more annoying now they are claiming the really cold water down deep is whats coming up and making the uk etc so cold
    hng on?
    wasnt the real deep waters all over supposed to be warm..from all the vanished/we cant find it? heat
    now its super cold and going to keep melting the NON melting greenland ice and slowing the conveyor currents up top?
    soooo many idiotic tales recently its hard to know whats the winner of “most stupid” for the week let alone the year to date.

    • And on the wonderful BBC news site, they’re telling us that the liars at the Met Office are saying the ‘next two years will be the hottest’.

  3. But do NASA’s ocean temperatures include the buoys? The recent paper showing a rising ocean temperature deliberately excluded the buoys in order to get the increasing temperature the authors wanted. The buoys are the most accurate and show no temperature increase.

  4. Interesting piece on how an abrupt and sustained Nov ’14 freeze and subsequent late spring cold snap killed off thousands of trees in metro Denver area. Colorado’s weather is known for being mercurial … if this is any indication of what more pronounced variability will do .. especially to commercial crops … reminds of the decimated herds of cattle in the Dakotas several years back that got drenched then frozen before their winter coats were in place.

  5. What’s wrong with you people? You can’t make money selling carbon credits, building bird choppers, er, wind mills, and wonderful things like Ivanpah which probably not only burns birds, but a million gallons of water a day, unless you BELIEVE! It doesn’t matter if millions of people will freeze or starve because of ethanol or carbon dioxide reduction since we’ve been killing them off in wars anyway. It’s just another way to reduce population so live – or die – with it! It doesn’t matter if the average quality of life is diminished to stone age level, those dealing with carbon credits will live handsomely on the billions they will make, but only if you BELIEVE! So get with the program and become a believer!

    Enough sarcasm, the man may not talk as fast as his mind works, but he made all the correct points.

    And finally, to you, Robert, happy gaining another year of experience. We don’t have to age unless we want to grow old. Just keep gaining experience and let others grow older.

  6. Happy birthday Robert and thanks for taking the trouble to collect all this information and helping people keep a grip on reality.

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  8. Firstly you cannot use measurements taken by ships – Joule established the relationship between mechanical energy and temperature using an experiment where he increased the temperature in water using a “stirrer” driven by a falling weight.

    In honour for this ground breaking scientific advance the unit of energy is named after him – the joule.

    Measuring temperature where it is being “stirred” by propulsion devices such as propellers is not accurate.

    Besides 70 % of the Earth’s surface is ocean – how many measuring devices do you think there really are over this vast area ?

    If you need convincing alarmists will make any claim I just saw an article entitled “Climate change drives El-Nino, pointing to a hot summer ahead”.

    What bullshit – they have absolutely no evidence – NONE AT ALL – to establish “climate change” drives EL-Nino or even has any effect on it at all !!!

    I always find it interesting the phenomenon named El-Nino commences with ocean warming off the west coast of the Americas and spreads to the central pacific.

    It commences on the Ring of Fire but of course it couldn’t possibly be due to volcanic activity “spewing” lava and hot CO2 and other gases between 700 and >1000 degrees C into the ocean depths could it ?

    It just has to be “greenhouse gases” at minus 18 degrees C causing all this heating !

  9. Would rather repeat listen to this video ANY day than that of “only know 10 words”, Carlin.

    Happy B-Day sir,
    and many more eh.


  10. Did not know it was your B-day Robert-although I should have known-I have both your books.Happy Birthday and thank you for putting out accurate information on Globaloney. So how much of this ocean warming is due to underwater volcanic activity? I suspect A LOT! I also suspect the CAGW control freaks know they are wrong but like lemmings will continue their plunge off the cliff hoping their bulbleep will cause the sheople to join them. Great video by an old school great man.Thanks Robert!

  11. Would any one believe that on September 17 2015 there was a “229 degree” difference in temperature here on Earth!
    Today’s Weather Events
    Thursday, September 17, 2015 /Copyright © 2015 The Weather Channel, LLC / Weather Underground

    World Highest Temperature
    for September 17
    The world’s highest temperature for September 17 was 115 degrees and occurred at Basrah Int. Airport, Iraq
    World Lowest Temperature
    for September 17
    The world’s lowest temperature for September 17 was -114 degrees and occurred at Dome A, Antarctica

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