Non-stop earthquake activity at Vatnajökull glacier

Non-stop earthquake activity at Vatnajökull glacier

Nonstop seismic activity taking place at both locations (both Bárðarbunga and Askja), says reader Byron Dawes.


Thanks to Byron Dawes for this link

8 thoughts on “Non-stop earthquake activity at Vatnajökull glacier

  1. Melt/push the whole thing into the Atlantic, disrupt the ‘Atlantic conveyor’ with freshwater that won’t hold heat….voila, instant ice age winter for Europe.

    • err mate, instant ice age for ALL nth hemisphere..and grief for the sth later too if so,
      be careful what you wish for…:-)

  2. if it blows good style.i think europe and the uk can say goodbye to next years we would still be recovering from a bitterly cold winter.but if it doesnt blow i think we could be in for a mild winter like last year.

    • I assume your in Western Europe, think again.
      Current forecast suggests that both NA and WE will be on the cold side of the Polar Jet stream. Eastern Europe will be on the cold wet side and have a warmer winter than last year. The following 5 to 10 winters will be even worse. And that just due to the Solar Minimum, regardless of what Icelandic volcanos add to the party.

  3. will have to get a thicker coat then.last winter was very mild in the uk.plenty of wind and rain .no frosts or snow.except for the mountains of did save on heating bills though.hate to think the cost of heating in the u.s with the winter you just had. think i will put an extra shovel of coal on the sun.

  4. Since we’re on the topic of melting glaciers potentially mucking up our oceanic currents, do you think a mini-ice age would lessen the severity of current European & Middle Eastern conflicts, or exacerbate it?

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