North Atlantic surface waters cooling – Headed for a Maunder Minimum?

The temperature of North Atlantic surface water is the main control on Europe’s climate, says David Archibald.

Unfortunately, that temperature has been dropping.

North Atlantic cooling trend

And how has Europe’s climate responded to the drop?

“This summer is not only behaving like fall, but even like winter,” says meteorologist Domink Jung.

Here’s a sampling:

• Snow down to 2,000 meters in August in Germany this year.
• Snow down to 1500 meters in July in Germany.
• Record cold in Norway.
Record cold in The Netherlands.

This appears to be the result of the rapid decline in solar activity, says Archibald.

“If this trend continues, we may see the Sun heading towards a “Maunder” type of solar activity minimum – an extensive period of reduced levels of solar activity.”

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41 thoughts on “North Atlantic surface waters cooling – Headed for a Maunder Minimum?”

    • We have millions of them in the States as well.
      Have been flying them in almost non stop since the ’76 Olympics!
      Media started doing some specials on the event but were hushed rather quickly and quietly.
      They are in high posts at DHS, Senate Security, Congress, CIA, FBI, Federal Judges, all the way into the White House.
      What a world wide mess these folks have created.

  1. You guys are as bad as the warmists with the doom and gloom,coldists only see cold,warmists only see warm,meet in the middle ok guys.It will be either normal/warmer/colder than avg,it will vary year to year,that goes for the entire world,not just Europe.We are going through a heatwave right now,in fact most of Europe has been getting some kind of heatwave at some point this summer,and we have had below normal days.Maritime climates,where i’m living “with” or in,always have warmer or colder seasons,hot days,cool,dry,sunny,rainy,cloudy.And that depends on lots of factors,not by just looking at the temps of ocean water.Sometimes a single change in wind direction can bring heat,or cold..All i hear lately is “Europe will get colder”,”Frozen Thames”,Europe this Europe that.Nope if anyone will get the real cold,it will be places like Canada,And the usual parts of the USA who get harsh winters.Unless there is a strong El Nino like this past winter.Stop living in the past and try to predict the future.Just live.

    • Not so. The scientists, and other folks who predict a cooling, are basing this on observational evidence. The AGW idiots are only using computer models. And of course lies.

  2. 93F recorded near London today. Summer temperatures this year for GB and Ireland have been above average.

    • No they have not, John. And 93F recorded near London means nothing. Cities are ALWAYS warmer than country areas. It’s called The Urban Heat Island Effect. Very convenient for the AGW believers to cite high temps in cities. But even if that were OK, one hot day does not mean anything in the great scheme of things, even if the media are calling it a ‘heatwave’!

      • The UHI muddeys things unfortunately because most have temperature readings in the city’s and not the subars or country’s where it gets hype into part of the AGW aginda and the real causes get lost or ingored in faver of the aginda at hand.

  3. The signs are all there, but the AGW believers won’t listen. They only see what they are told to see by the media. It’s a bit like the Emperor’s New Clothes!

  4. Well, maybe so but climate is also wind driven as we are experiencing right now in Western Europe, with S.E. winds producing tropical heat with temperatures going up to even 35 Celsius in The Netherlands and remaining in the thirties till beginning of next week. All due to a high pressure system over Mainland Europe ! Temperature extremes are becoming common place as we’ve noticed in this last decade !

    • Fascinating then, how the layers of the atmosphere and their mixing, may play into things … and if the planet, per chance starts to warm from the inside out … i.e., if energy in via the poles, from coronal hole streams, perhaps drives such … the planet should warm first at the equator and the tropic regions, just due to angular momentum alone; if that heat, wind driven from there North and South due to greater atmospheric mixing, takes place … then the weather may result, as seen there?

      That in spite, perhaps, cooler surface water temperatures as noted; at least at the moment?

      In fact, if greater energy were to be taken in via the poles … over time, shouldn’t one also expect greater angular momentum, resulting in an increasing spin speed, to the planet .. and, indeed, were that to be the case … axis tilt shifting over time to be more in line with the solar plane or solar equator ?

      Hmm … if water temperatures near the equator were to warm as well … what would the effect be, one wonders, for Northern Atlantic surface temperatures?

      As/if equator water warms, does it expand … and thus push cooler Northern waters … north?

      No idea there, however; just typing out loud.

      • Actually energy is introduced at one pole and then returned to the source (sun) via the opposite pole.
        With the sun in quiet mode one is to hopefully accept that the energy (plasma) directed to us via the sun would be in smaller amounts i.e. less viable energy for the earth’s core.
        With the core of the earth cooling, magnetic poles moving, the reorientation of the solar system in the planetary relationships to the sun (moon included) etc., a lot of variables occuring never recorded in modern history. We will see as inside any dynamo that the magnetic flux will become smaller (recorded), a notable stretching of the plates (expansion from the core due to less bonding from flux structures) ((recorded)), which puts expansion pressure on the global fault lines of the plates creating more quakes, volcanoes, extreme weather (cold, heat, snow, rain) ((recorded)) due to ocean current shifts, physical and temperature variants.

        We should see the equator shrinking somewhat while the rest of the globe expands. If the dynamo has less energy the heat from molten iron around the equator will be cooler giving less bulge. With the poles cooling at current levels and if poles continue a downward trend of temperature this should push warmth more toward center mass of the earth in respect to the axial rotation of the earth, one would reason that the annual average means of the equator would see a lowering of temperature.

        However ..+ +..
        With all the different variables being played out now never recorded, um, um, um as (Obamaman stutters) we will probably have to wait to see which theory will be evident of worthy note after the next deluge, or possibly an event to happen not pondered often or very little written of.

        Science eh, wait, see, record, ponder!!

        • Re: “With the sun in quiet mode one is to hopefully accept that the energy (plasma) directed to us via the sun would be in smaller amounts i.e. less viable energy for the earth’s core.” – Guy Wilson

          Keep wondering, Guy, if energy coming in to the planet from coronal hole streams may not be tied to sun spot decrease … not sure if there’s any historical record of coronal hole stream activity levels … like there seems to be for sun spot activity …

          Will have to wait and see, it seems … which direction that variable may go … do you think?

          • The energy initiates at one pole on the sun, transfers the energy to closest pole on earth, exits at opposite pole on earth back to opposite initiator pole at sun creating a loop transfer system, liken to a direct current loop.

            Coronal ejection events are more prominent at initial cooling of the sun. The black in the coronal is the interior viewing of the sun. Where Albert coined the term “black hole”, i.e. the sun is void of mass at interior with gravity strong enough to draw and bend light from other distant systems.
            That brought up the discussion of how can the sun bend and draw light while at the same time emitting
            light? Now we know that the electrical (light) energy follows the plasma trails laid throughout the universe, with plasma movement binding the solar systems together with the core of their respective galaxies.

            For some reason the sun when cooling acts as a capacitor, stores energy in larger amounts then releases the energy with the collected particles absorbed from space that has been atomized (meteors, comet debris, etc.) as high energy x-ray light harmonic waves.
            I believe the birkland pinch is located at the nebula inside Orion’s Belt system. A lot of historians believe that the ancients had developed plasma weapons based on interpretations of hieroglyphs etc.. What they fail to understand is that ancients had knowledge of universal plasma currents. Others believe that what we today call the tenth planet from the hieroglyphs is indeed the birkland pinch at Orion that controls the events here on earth. The ancients knew the cycles and prepared for them as much as they possibly could.

            From what I have seen current day and pieced together from ancient writings and prophesies; the biggest threat we face on earth will be from within the earth itself, deluges occur at regular intervals.
            How do we prepare for a world wide deluge?
            One day at a time.

    • What you describe is what we know as ‘weather’ which is things that happen for a short period of days. This is not the same as ‘climate’ which is the long term pattern of ‘weather’ over decades.

      As for temperature extremes – the last decade has seen more fiddling of the records than any previous one as the desperation to end the near 20 year lack of global warming.

      • Prevailing winds do add to a particular climate, as they are the dominating wind direction in any given geological area throughout the year.

  5. At the height of the AGW the BBC used to display maps of sea surface temperatures around the UK as well as the coastline of mainland Europe. I’m sure they displayed global sea surface temperatures also.

    Anyway, these sea surface temperature maps were quite accurate in relation to the general temperature and although I had a keen interest in them checking almost regularly bases they were inexplicably dropped from their weather website.

    Now I don’t know about you but why withdraw this information from the public domain unless it was to keep the AGW rhetoric going whilst simultaneously misleading the public as to what is actually happening?

  6. Well, the Pacific Ocean went from mostly warmer than average to about half and half in the blink of an eye seemingly (half warmer, half cooler, trending cooler). This is the entire PACIFIC OCEAN! Sort of makes me think maybe it wasn’t as warm as all the hysteria possibly?

    Also, this is the second storm in a week where it’s snowed in Eastern Yellowstone, granted, the Beartooth Plateau is the highest in the state. However, there are also snow reports from Pikes Peak too. Lots of rain around Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta too.

  7. Is mainly due to weak meridional jet stream currents bring hot dusty Humid African air northwards, called in the UK Spanish Plumes.
    This same Air stream then rotates over the eastern Baltic and then heads South over the Balkans, hence the much cooler summer experienced over Greece.
    These is meridional jet stream, are driven by the amount of EUV being absorbed by the atmosphere. Reduced values of EUV mean much more meridional steams of air, high levels of EUV, as during the Solar Warm period which ended in 2008 much more lateral Jet Stream from West to East.
    So rather than “Global Warming” with extra heat, this is a redistribution of an existing heat store in a different direction.
    Normally this heat would be directed towards Central America over the Atlantic, and help heating the westerly ocean current SST to above 26C to spawn hurricanes of the coast of Africa, instead, this heat over the last four years has moved Northwards into Europe, protecting Europe from the worst of the Winter weather over the recent period since the solar cycle commenced its decline from Solar Max.
    This modern minimum began in 2008 as Cycle 24 commenced and the Sun began its single Trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre, due to the lag in heat dynamics of the world oceans, it takes around 10 years for the abrupt – in geological world terms, for the climate change to switch from Warm to Wet and Cold, its already much wetter in Europe, the cold is about to start.

  8. ‘Warmest year ever’? 8 inches of snow for Alaska, record cold temperatures around Europe and ‘astonishing’ snowpack remains on Scottish mountain
    Unusual to say the least with all the news articles saying its the warmest year ever and now 8 Inches of August Snow for Alaska, Record Cold Europe, Snow pack Remains Scotland & UK up to 20 meters/60 feet deep.

  9. Here, in Ireland, there are signs that an early Autumn is on the cards! Some trees are already changing colour and shedding leaves and it’s only August!

    • I’m in Ireland. I’ve noticed trees shedding leaves for the past 10 days even when there is little wind. Birds are feeding on the berries of my Rowan tree like there was no tomorrow.

  10. Kinda thought that myself for a few years now, seems to be a definite 200 yr. cycle but a 400 yr. cycle that takes a bit more noticeable plunge in temps. I first started looking at Don EasterBrooks natural GW chart when I was trying to find out what killed off so many different peoples throughout the current interglacial . Looking at all the bottom points in temps back to the 8200 yr. cooling, I counted 2 before the LIA and one flat spot and come up w/20 counting 8200 drop. 8200 divided by 20 is 410, Hmm, just thought that’s too close for coincedence. On other temp. charts you will find that the temps. started to fall rapidly from a warm spike right before 1610. 406 yr cycle right on schedual?

  11. You’ve put the cart before the horse, Roger. The Sun is responsible for changes in the wind, as the solar wind has an effect on the jet streams. Therefore it’s the Sun that is driving the climate.

    • True, the Sun is the main driver of all climate, together with oceans and landmasses, but within a limited period as in summer, when the Sun dictates the average temperature, the prevailing wind e.g. in western Europe would be southwesterly, coming from the Atlantic Ocean and that certainly helps determine long term weather conditions in western Europe then, if you see what I mean.

  12. Hi Kurt,
    Cold weather isn’t doom and gloom, and neither is Warmish weather. It just cyclic weather and an ever changing climate, dependent on how much energy the Sun is emitting and the current status of the earth’s orbit and tilt.
    This site is about reminding readers that the world climate remains in the current 2 million year old Ice Age and that this period, this Interglacial, is just a brief respite from the cold which will return.
    There are very few sites, or sources of information that are opposed to the Government taxation sponsored false doctrine of AGW and that a single minor, green-house gas CO2 ,is the prime cause of climate warming since the 1830s when Humans began to use geologically stored carbon as an energy source.
    When in fact the source of the warming is a documented 172 year solar cycle made up of a 140 solar warm period, abruptly followed by a thirty two year cold period, which returns the world average temperature to a lower point than the previous warm period, every Solar Warm period headline temperature since the last Holocene Warm period, some 7,000 years ago has been trending down wards a degree at a time towards the glaciation tipping point 700 to 1000 years from now.
    Climate History repeats its self in sync with the Suns energy output, the documented effects of that climate history are there for all to see, we are opposed to the ologist fraud that has been perpetrated by frankly, Green Anarchists on the western world, they are leading our civilisation into a difficult energy period that will end very badly for the majority of modern humans.
    Civilisations do fall during Solar Minimums; they also create the space for new civilisations to rise. The wests fall will be self-inflicted by Green nutters intent reducing the human population by 97%.
    I assume you are reading this from a Warmist perspective happy with the propaganda you have been fed to now, in consuming this site you have found a very sour taste, unfortunately the truth can be very sour taste indeed.

  13. Yes, it’s that brief period of a few weeks in July when the Snow starts to melt on the south coast of the British Isles ice cap, and the Polar Bears commence hunting seal pups.
    AI Star date 3017 AH, (After Humans).

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