Northern hemisphere crop losses staggering – Video

Covering Europe, North American and Asia.

In several European countries – such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen.

Eighty percent of Cherries, 60% of Apricots, 6% of Wheat, 13% of Austrian wine production.

North America sits in the 50% losses for fruit. Australian wheat is down.

Thanks to Adoni for this video

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  1. err Aus wheat is only JUST in the ground a few weeks so its probably less Losses than late planting due to drought till just recent rains.
    or some growers choosing alt crops this yr
    theres talk of some aphid issues with a new arrived bug
    and lentils are the hot new crop this yr big prices on offer.

    • ah
      LAST YEAR and not that bad really..;-)

      6th November, 2015 – Grain Industry Association of Western Australia Proxy Highlight

      6 Nov 2015 … The GIWA November forecast for total grain production in Western Australia for the 2015-2016 harvest, … November 2015 WA Crop Production Estimates ( tonnes) … Frost damage in crops is apparent in most districts of the Midlands and …. Storms and hail were severe south east Newdegate to Dunn Rock, …

    • I asked myself the same thing—if you can’t sell the fruit directly to consumers because they’re damaged by frost or split from swelling due to rain, turn them into distilled spirits. At least you can salvage something out of the crop, right?

      • Yes, theoretically possible if you are setup to do it but the key word is “something” salvaged. The frost and the splitting leads to a large loss in moisture content and the fruit was not ripe to begin with.

    • As fruits tend to have a limited shelf life anyway and fruit damaged by the cold is often blemished and not as sale able I suspect not.

  2. Who ever made this video needs to SLOW DOWN. Talk calmly. His hyper-monotone-yet panic, tone is extremely annoying….and I speak English. Relax, give us a moment to LOOK at the slide and then hear what you say and take it all in. What is the point in making a video that makes this person look like a fool and doesn’t help the viewer? What a waste.

    • Centriun you are the one that needs to relax! Unfortunately there are still many people that have there brains stuck in the fake world of man made global warming! What he is trying to do is wake them up before this whole climate change things explodes in our face and it’s too late as history tells us! that is the whole point of him talking like this!

  3. Video at 2:47 states “80% loss on all fruit crops in Austria hasn’t occurred in the last 50 years”. Well, let’s jump ahead to video at 14:09. Fifty years ago was 1966—near the beginning of the last low SSN period and the start of what many believed would be the next Little Ice Age. That period might have been colder because of higher levels of sulfates in the atmosphere, but where do most sulfates come from? Right—volcanoes. And there are a ton of volcanoes erupting right now, in addition to plenty of other anthropogenic sources like cars and coal-fired electricity.

    Interesting times ahead, that’s for sure.

    • Yes SC20 was an AMP event affected single solar cycle slow down.
      However, it output of energy is significantly higher than this first cycle Sc24 of the Modern Grand Minimum.
      if you look at the graphic Geoff Sharp produced, SC20 contained a single grand minimum producing event, this minimum was preceded by a shallow event during SC23, hence the so called pause, and this significant event during SC24, and a possible another during SC25, NASSA and Russian Astronomers are predicting an even lower cycle for SC25 than this one.
      SC24 has another 4 years to run before the next cycle starts, it also possible it may run on the bottom for several years after that before starting a weak rise to Max in SC25. What is interesting in Geoff graphic, is the prediction for SC26 and SC27 to be no higher in output than SC20, hence the prediction that very little warming will take place, or a return to more normal solar outputs in EUV until after 2056.
      At present the solar establishment claims that SC20 is the same as SC14, the first cycle after Gleissberg. Based on the LSC plot, SC24 is way below that and below SC5 the first full cycle of Dalton.
      No, I think we will see depths and durations of winter weather not seen for 170 years and not just 90 odd, the worst is yet to come.

    • Indeed so! Believe it or not there is something called global dimming that is sort of similar to the process of global cooling from volcanoes. Since China is polluting so much they created a thick blanket of smog that is blocking a lot of the UV radiation from entering the earths atmosphere there like wise making it cooler. This is bad news for china!

  4. “Whoever made this video needs to SLOW DOWN.”

    David Dubyne is not an academic-he’s an agricultural trader. His style is pretty hyper, but maybe that’s part of being on the cutting edge of the business world.

    He seems to have a good grasp on world trends, in this case, mainly crop losses due to the encroaching ice age. It helps to keep one finger on the pause button while listening to his videos.

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