Northwest Passage Closed Indefinitely By Ice

Laughably, many reports have said the Northwest Passage will be ice free by 2015.

Oops. That’s now, isn’t it?

A new article states that the Northwest Passage will not be navigable due to increased sea ice up to 10 feet (3.2 meters) thick.

This report shows the facts along with the incorrect predictions of sea ice, sea level rises and polar bear declines.

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7 thoughts on “Northwest Passage Closed Indefinitely By Ice”

  1. Yes, facts are facts and these are the correct facts. Great article! Obviously , TRUTH or FACTS are never understood by liberals.

  2. Also of interest, another failed prediction:

    Haas C, et al. 2008, “Reduced ice thickness in Arctic transpolar drift favors rapid ice retreat.” Geophys Res Lett 35:L17501

    “The regime shift to younger and thinner ice could soon
    result in an ice free North Pole during summer. “

  3. Bet the sea level drops before it ever rises and I don’t believe it has risen.But then I believe nothing that comes out of the Globaloney /Climate Change/Extreme weather events control-freaking socialists who are trying to redistribute our wealth to the turd world. Praise Obama!!!!

  4. Polar Bears – stop shooting them to near extinction and of course more will live – nothing to do with climate change.

    Sea ice melt does not cause sea level rise – the reverse is actually true – ice expands upon freezing occupying a larger volume thus melting sea ice reduces sea levels slightly – nothing to do with climate change.

    After thousands of failed alarmist predictions a significant proportion of the population still retains faith in the “settled science” – even though they have no idea what that means – to the extent that they vilify anyone who even mildly disagrees with their viewpoint.

    Rather than studying if climate sceptics are mentally unstable a surely more valuable study is why “herds” of people can be led so easily into a mindset where they will do extraordinary acts to support their beliefs even to being prepared to assist in the commission of genocide for the “faith”.

    Now that would be some psychological research of value.

    There are none so blind or evil as the truly gullible !

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