Northwestern US snowpack now 200 – 400% above normal

With the mountain snow season in the Cascades off to a robust start and with La Nina giving consistent signs it could become a strong event this winter, it might be a good time to revisit Mt. Baker’s world-record seasonal snowfall, writes meteorologist Scott Sistek.

Washington State’s Mt Baker area recorded an amazing 1,140 inches of snow some 22 years ago during the epic winter season of 1998-99.

When that world-snowfall record was set we were going into a la Nina like we are now, says Sistek, with NW snow pack now 200 – 400% above normal,

31″ forecast there, next 10 days:—add-more-layers/overlays?snowAccu,49.148,-122.201,8

Ski area is open and they’ve had almost 8 feet(228 cm) of new snow in the last 8 days alone:

“We’re off to a pretty incredible start,” the Mt Baker website pronounces, “with over 90 inches of snow falling in the past 8 days!

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  1. Welcome to the 400 year Grand Solar Minimum. Its going to get cold, so stock up on cold weather clothing.
    As for me, I’m headed south to my family land in South Carolina.

  2. To clarify: the record was set at Mt. Baker Ski Area, not Mount Baker the volcano. The ski area has a top elevation of 5000′ while the summit of the nearby volcano is 10,778. So, one can imagine how much snow falls annually on the volcano that is sheathed in glaciers. As a side note, I measured a depth of 142cm at 6,000′ in the North Cascades near Washington Pass a few days ago – one of the deepest early season snowpacks I’ve seen here in quite some time.

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    shows I was not paying attention;-)
    but also shows Iceagenow IS being read fairly widely as it also gets links in comments at WUWT fairly often too.
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