Norway a new record for snow

Never seen so much snow in July,” reads the headline on the Norwegian website nrk/no

We have not had such snowfall as this year, says Knut Kinne, watercourse technical manager at the energy company BKK.

With ten meters (more than 32 feet) of packed snow, it may not have melted in the summer and fall if we had not removed it, says communications adviser Jarle Hodne at BKK.

That’s how glaciers begin! When the snow doesn’t melt in the summer and fall.

Thanks to Peter F for this link

“10 meters !!!!” says Peter.

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  1. Front page SOTT and Pierre Lescaudron books being highlighted with “recent” articles headlines and vise versa mirroring much of what Ice Age Now/Not by Fire pioneered and looks to become evermore mainstream and focussed on for good reason… ice age related eugenics and exterme weather info.

  2. You have reported for many years on how certain Norwegian glaciers can grow hundreds of metres in a few years. These kinds of snowfalls are how that can happen.

    This will push a transient expansion of glaciers, but it is only one year. You need fifty- to one hundred years of similar snowfalls to really start to get glaciers advancing all over the country.

    • Reine Theorie, auch in den Alpen gab es zwischen 1970 bis etwas 1985 noch einen Gletschervorstoss,aber nicht weil es mehr Niederschläge gab sondern weil es kälter war als die 2Jahrzehnte davor!
      Allgemein kann man Gletschervorstöße oder Rückgänge nicht nur an einen Klimaparameter festmachen
      (Pure theory, there was also a glacier advance in the Alps between 1970 and 1985, but not because there was more precipitation but because it was colder than the 2 decades before!
      In general, glacier advances or declines cannot be determined by just one climate parameter)

    • Good points Rhys but we need to look at summers and not just winters and how much snow falls (and makes it difficult for Santa to keep up his generosity ho ho.)
      The glacier is always helped to advance if the summer is poor. I personally would be screaming if I was a glacier experiencing 24 hour sunshine in Norway over summer LOL. I only hope my meltwater is not creating floods and I don’t care about people. Animals like cats, dogs, cows and sheep will snuff it and they have done nothing to deserve this fate.
      We need a GLOBAL reduction in OVERALL temperature to get a glacier to creak and rumble to the point you can almost hear it.
      BTW I also would never sail a dinghy close to a glacier edge which is dripping, bits breaking off, about to calve any minute. Some daredevils like the thrill and adrenaline. I’ll stick to a polite pub and my usual please.

  3. Have you heard anything about this on your local TV station?
    I doubt it because stupid Americans have their priorities completely out of whack. This is how we will become extinct – by NOT paying attention to any of this!!
    One day we will wake up, or not wake up, under 9 stories of snow per day – or a magnetic reversal.

    • Kenneth, in the 70’s more than 200 media companies covered 90% of what information was presented to the people. Today 6 companies do. These 6 are controlled by a few billionaires through the companies’ boards of directors, which hire the top managers.

      It is certainly not the case that the news is chosen according to the interests or wishes of the American people: Who would choose to be lied to about climate or pandemics or whitewashed wars?

    • No, Kenneth, we don’t really have our priorities out of whack. The loudest noises come from people who are “worshiping false gods”, a cliche, but apt in this case. And they don’t want to be disturbed or warned that this warm weather may come to a prolonged end.
      If the snow were to fall in July in the Chicago area, might be reported as a byproduct of global warming instead of just weather.
      For some reason, I thought that photo was in Montana, but it is Norway? Could the author let us know how far north it is in Norway? I’d appreciate that info. Thank you

    • Kenneth, I doubt that we will see all this snow in Texas. We made the decision to stay here years back based on what is going to happen up north. Take care, Earl

    • Hey! We had more important problems.
      *Corona season
      *Riot season
      *Hurricane season
      Now I’m confused. Do need a mask, a glock or a generator????

  4. According to several accounts, food was also found in the mouths of the frozen mammoths. This food, consisting mainly of buttercups, had been cropped but not chewed or swallowed. The buttercup froze so rapidly that it still had the imprints of the mammoths’ molars. Despite its elasticity, the buttercup did not have time to revert back to its initial shape after the mammoth died.

    43 references to “abrubt” and “abruply” in Not by Fire – stiil nobody gets what abrupt means even after all that is “going down”.

  5. Hi, I am a keen observer of Scottish Snow Patches. I live in London so I am too far away to visit as often as I wish LOL. Some years it might be May but you fear the Summer won’t happen. Most patches are gone by September LOL. The behaviour of the snow patches has been funny.
    I question why no researchers have been equally busy on snow patches in Norway and Iceland. They gotta be bigger than Bonny Scotland’s LOL.
    Some summers it got so hot in London a parabolic mirror like structure on a skyscraper in the financial district kept focusing beams onto the street below it started fires.
    You can understand the wish to find cooler temperatures in Bonny Scotland.
    And of course some liquid refreshment.

  6. Its the GSM! But not a mention of this extraordinary snowfall in July in the NH down south of the equator here..

  7. Given Norway’s high latitude, the frequent overcast skies, the date (July 9th), and the amount and type of snow (packed, 10 meters deep), what are the chances that this area doesn’t fully melt before the upcoming winter?

    And then what if the same situation occurs for a few more years? What’s to become of these reservoirs when they’re embedded in solid ice?

  8. t seems like we are now at the tipping point.

    If you really want to get woke. Take a look at the skyline for the next seven days wherever you are located. Start with Sunrise, Sunset, and Mid Day.

    Next, look up some images of paintings with outdoor subjects and views of the skyline from around the Little Ice Age. The River Thames Frost Fair is a good one for starters, then go deeper…..

    Seeing the similarities?? Get Ready.

  9. hmm couple questions
    WHY did they remove the packed snow if it “probably wounldnt melt”
    I thought they were worried about warming n drought?
    obviously not if theyre removing what WOULD keep the area cooler and provide water for land people animals enviro etc
    and where do they dump snow? ocean?
    really if they left it it might regrow a glacier;-) and isnt that every warmtards big wet(icy) dream??

  10. Most of the time when I see this sort of freak snow I worry about geoengineering. In March 2018 I experienced the worst ever snow of my life and all the buses and trains were cancelled that Friday but by Sunday I looked out over the car park of Macdonald’s and I swear there was no snow whatsoever. The Geoengineers can create freak storms but they cannot influence Global Average Temperature.
    During the snow I had to walk 12 miles home because there were no buses. I thought about building an igloo but as night fell there was a sudden temperature drop by about 6 degrees and I just had to keep moving. I wasn’t dressed for the cold. I class this sort of thing as attempted murder when a sick Geoengineer creates weather weapons and God gets the blame.
    I do stress that geoengineering is an outside influence to what normally leads to ice ages and glaciation.

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