Norway – Fields too wet for farmers to use their machines

“If we have been living under conditions 200 years ago, there would be starvation in Norway the coming year.”


Email from reader in Norway

In northern Europa  from June to September there has been unusual amount of precipitation. Our local newspaper told us that if all the rain had been coming down as snow, the snow height on the ground would have been 4,6 meter……

The grain harvest has been very bad this year, and so was it the two years before. The potato chips industries have problems with the quality and the volume of the harvest this autumn. The fields have been too wet for many farmers to use their machines.

This reminds me of the first 30 years of the 1300th century and the first 30 years of the 1800th century. It was cold and wet. If we have been living under conditions 200 years ago, there would be starvation in Norway the coming year.

What will this winter be? I do not know. It was blistering cold last winter, especially in December and January. Some stations in the southern part of Norway measured record low temperatures in December, in Agder and Hordaland, for 100 and 200 years.

According to my local wood seller, people have doubled their purchase this autumn. And so did I.

Thank you Robert for your efforts and your new website.

Dag from Ringerike

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  1. It is a bit scary when he says here that they recorded 100 and 200 year record lows. And yes, he is right. If global warmers have their way, there WILL be starvation in Norway in the coming years if this type of weather keeps up.

    • Seriously Jeff .. figure it out. The Global Warmers would rather everyone die off, except them off course. They are doing everything possible to prepare people for the wrong event. They have the same evidence as we … yet they choose to ignore the obvious and continue telling people the Earth is getting hotter and we are all going to fry..! Earnestly …. Do You Think They Have YOUR Best Interest At Heart..?

    • This gentleman is talking about the inability to farm. If the warmers have their way – grossly higher prices for energy and energy sources, there will be far less farming – remember, the attack is on CO2 and is creation. Less farming is less food. Higher costs of fuel will also mean less fishing – only factory ships will be able to operate. Less fishermen is higher prices. Higher prices and less availability means starvation. Is it really that difficult to see the results?

      I suppose we can all eat some sort of GM algae that will support us, should it be developed, but I doubt if it will be. So the net results of following a restrictive policy on energy and energy sources, with or without an ice age, by the way, will be depopulation by starvation, but in particular, with an ice age, it will be accelerated.

      Some say that is what the elite want, but it would be the natural result of anything that restricts farming. Remember, the bulk of land that is farmed now lies where the last ice age piled ice. What land do you think will be farmed in its place? But warmist policies will only increase the downward spiral of depopulation. Starvation is happening now, it will only get worse and spread to places that never have seen a bare table.

      • That was a cracking post, which has got me to conclude.

        On the farmers not being able to work their fields with their tractors etc, there is a really simple and easy solution but we are not geared up to do it today, there are easily enough people to do the work, but that would be asking too much I think lol.

        A couple of years ago I went for a days ploughing the old way to the home of John Dodds at Sillywrea Farm in Northumberland “Video The Last Horsemen” who has used only horses for over 70 years to plough wet clay land, where machinery would simply sink and mess up and destroy the ground and always gets everything done on Earth and Man Time.

        In Poland today there are still over half a million horses being used to supplement the farmers daily energy useage which works well for them because they lack the funds to expand, large farms are starting to grow but medieval practices are still being used the world over in a so called modern worlds apart model, Cuba being one such case where oxon are still in daily use.

        Now let’s take a single barrel of oil crude oil 42US gallons and break down its calorific value and it comes out at about the same value as would 12 adults working for a 12 month period, and around 2-3 horses for the same period, the running costs for those horses are around the same as a tractor but a tractor is less effective in all round weather permitting conditions.
        I’m not saying we all go back to horses but they still have their uses and produce no carbon particulates, as if that really matters anyway, and a tractor cannot have another tractor, Yet, lol.

        Now here is where the story changes from naturalistic to conspiritalistic, but let’s say that oil is Abiotic and continually being produced via the earths core temprature andvpressures using existing raw ellements and we have as Hubbard says pastbour peak,,,, there are those who know full well that the greater the numbers of people that fill the globe every year 70 million new mouths every year the sooner we will all have to suffer following this model of oil dependancy and that includes the elite who still have very large families today like those of the religious types a couple of centuries ago.

        I think there IS an agenda to put in place today a system that depopulates all but the elites and we are helping them fund this model, it will probably start around 2050 and decline rapidly from there onwards.wars are expensive today and not efficient enough so food and water will he the weapons of choice, control the food and you control the people he said.

        There are plenty of clues being bantered around to bring confusion and seperation while it’s all taking place unoticed, stories of collisions with other planets, comets and global warming polices, like that which we have recently seen in Austrailia where carbon tax rulings have just been passed.

        All this is being done in earnest for the betterment of a few because of what we on easy street cannot see happening in our pollitical climate, and it has to be finalised before the real changes start to rear their ugly heads.

        Lovelock in all of his wisdom has also been bought out and promised flights into space etc and a well paid pension from JPL for his services throughout his life, after he discovered what was afoot for mankind, have any of his findings actually started to fruit as yet?

        The Georgia Guidestones say a half billion is about the right amount for living more wih naure and earth time, similar to the Bronze age population living from the land using man and animal power.

        As we increase unabated the answer is simple, back to the past will eventually come to pass.

        Open your kind and don’t dink the flouride or you will go back to sleep.

  2. I think we need to look at this as a regional oscillation of weather patterns.

    Last year when we had record cold in NW Europe, Ukraine was quite mild. Other places too.

    This year there has been blistering heat in the US and Iran, but in the UK we’ve had a pretty anaemic summer. Sounds like it was the same in Norway.

    • The blistering heat in the US is dependent more on alarmist then actual. Yes, many places had higher temperatures then normal but not all that much higher, really. Here in Phoenix the days weren’t hotter, the nights were – comes from expanding the city further out. Most temperature records, when it comes to highs, tend to come from city islands, not the surrounding area. HOW you report the temperatures is almost as important as the temperatures themselves, but the media has hyped the heat out of proportion. If you are in your 30s or less, you may be looking at record heat. If you are in your 60s, you probably remember when it was worse.

    • NO offense meant, my friend, but I really wouldn’t mind if everyone that felt that there are just too many people showed the convictions of their beliefs and did something about it, even though the Bible considers suicide the same as murder. No, I don’t want anyone to commit suicide! The trouble is this – if people have a belief that there are too many people, that we use too much carbon based energy sources, that we are doing too much damage to the Earth, WHY do they feel it is the right thing to do to try to force OTHER PEOPLE to do, something that destroys THEIR lives, to fix it? How can you have sex every night and not be concerned with having a child while saying we need to reduce population? How can you live in a mansion and spend $!0,000 a month on electrical bills and tell people they have to trade in 60 watt bulbs for 24 watt CFLs, no matter how bad their light is for your eyes? How can you say we need to raise the price of gasoline to force people to stop driving while they fly around the world in modified 737s and 747s? I say LIVE your conviction. Prove it is the right thing. Do it because you believe it. But don’t sit and tell me that I have to believe what you believe. Yes, there will be an upper limit to how many human beings can live on this planet. The planetary resources will flat enforce that limit. But if you believe there needs to be change, then damn it, live the change that you believe. And I believe there is enough resources and space for you and me and everyone else at this time, and there still is room for biodiversity. We CAN live smarter, however.

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