It’s not global warming, it’s OCEAN warming

This is how we’re being conned.


It’s not global warming, it’s OCEAN warming

By Robert W Felix

We keep hearing that this month, or that month, or some other month, was the hottest month on record.

“May 2016 Was the 13th Consecutive Warmest Month on Record,” shouts the headline on

“The 15th month, in a row, that we’ve had the hottest month on record,” warns the accompanying video.

“NASA Report, 8th Consecutive Warmest Month On Record,” the article explains.

“April 2016 was the warmest April on record for the globe, making it the 12th consecutive month that earth has recorded its warmest respective month on record.”

Eighth? Thirteenth? Fifteenth? Twelfth? All of these conflicting numbers appeared in the same article.

Whatever the number,  it’s still a con job.

Ocean Warming Not Global Warming

Look at this map from NOAA. It’s a powerful visualization, showing temperature variations around the globe. When you see all of that pink and red, it looks almost catastrophic.

And that’s how they’re conning us. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

But when you take the time to look closely at that map, you will see that the vast majority of the heat is in the oceans.

Not on land, where we live, but in the oceans.

Look at the map, and you will see that temperatures were average during the month of May – or even colder than average – across large swaths of Europe, South America, Africa, and almost all of the United States and Russia.

“The most exceptional cold,” the article admits, “was in northeastern Canada which was 5 degrees Celsius below average (9 degrees Fahrenheit below average).”

So let me ask you: If humans are causing global warming, why doesn’t the majority of that heat show up on land, where we actually live?

How in the world can we be heating the oceans without heating the land?

We can’t.

Why? Because it has nothing to do with humans. It’s simply part of a naturally recurring cycle.

Remember, we’re now coming out of one of the three strongest El Niños on record.

El Niño is a natural – natural – warming of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean that, for reasons still not well understood, recurs every few years. (I think it has to do with underwater volcanic activity. but that’s a different story. See Not by Fire but by Ice, Chapter 10, “Fish Stew,)

Whatever the cause, that warming is not a result of human activity. El Niños have struck our planet over and over again for millions of years, long before our ancestors kindled their first fire or invented the horseless carriage.

It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, and this time is no different from the others.

It’s not global warming, it’s OCEAN warming.

Please, please, please, do not be taken in by this con job.

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  1. Which leads to the oceans releasing clouds blocking UV rays causing more snow and rain to fall! Bingo! Man made global warming is now causing the oceans to warm so much that it is actually causing cooling in reality! Welcome to the world of man made climate change scare tactics everybody where the fun of scaring and brainwashing people for carbon taxes so the government can make billions a dollars a year off of us never ends!

    • I thought the oceans were cooling and because of this it’s been predicted that there will be fewer hurricanes?

  2. Now I think I know why the government now calls it CLIMATE CHANGE. Because the alarmists CHANGE their CLIMATE scare tactics back and fourth while making the people think we are actually changing the climate ourselves! What a big fat misunderstanding! How can people actually be this stupid! As Albert Einstein said “I fear a day where we will have a generation of idiots”! Folks! Welcome to the new generation!

  3. Indeed! Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind as we speak! Yes, I can agree with that. You know why I can agree with that? Because you bunch of dumb idiots from the government are making it a problem! After all, “97%” of the scientists think that “climate change” (the fear mongoring blabber caused by mans co2 emissions from the alarmists greedy mouths) is “man made” not “natural”! Natural aye? That wouldn’t make sense now would it!? LMFAO!

  4. I wonder if anyone has tested these masses of dead fish that sometimes float ashore, for dying because a school swam over a hot or poisonous vent. Could point to unknown vents.

  5. It seems to be ocean heating by undersea volcanoes and simultaneous atmospheric cooling. Both due to solar activity. Yes this is how ice ages start.

  6. The worldwide average temperature is currently 15 degrees C at sea level its only just in short sleeves temperatures, it certainly isn’t 15C at 1500 metres.
    This graph is an abnormality graphic showing temperature gradients, which differ from the mean, calculated from the late 1970s to 2009, notice the 5 year lag. That gradient range has varied by less than 1 degree C, over that period and has now reached its current maximum for this Solar Warm Period.
    This mean covers the three highest outputting solar cycles in this slightly less warm portion of the Modern Warm period, coupled with the much warmer portion from 1906 to 1958. No wonder the oceans have warmed a little.
    However, notice the displayed red blob to the north of Australia this is the drought area displaced westward by El Nino, the same atmospheric disturbance area which is affecting the Indian Monsoon.
    The author is right it is a cycle, a repeating cycle of 172 years of warming and cooling. It’s downhill from now until the start of the next warm period in some 40 years from now.

  7. Another problem with that chart you posted is that it is a MODELED temperature chart. It is not a true representative of actual land temperature data or in some cases a distinct lack of it as it is for large areas of Africa which have very few temperature reporting stations in it.

    Satellite data is better.

  8. I have both books by Robert Felix which deliver a great deal of excellent research by him culminating in a work that is enlightening and easy to read. You will read them more than once as the information is nothing less than astounding if not liberating in these days of over zealous opinionated gullible followers of Politicians with obvious agendas the least of which is to ban plastic bags in supermarkets.

  9. the use of strong red colouring also
    when the actual degrees warmer could in truth be as little as 2c or less
    usually LESS.
    one tenth of one degree was the rise quoted in one such idiotic scare story
    thats LESS then the margin error would allow.
    but joe public doesnt know or stop and ask or think
    blind acceptance cos some mediated talking head or newspaper stated a header.
    stupidity and ignorance and laziness are our Biggest problem
    UNeducated educateds.

  10. Climate is a description of the state of water and water vapour, atmospheric temperature is a artifact of climate not a driver. Water contains the mobile heat that drives the atmospheric and ocean circulation, the atmosphere has 1/1000th of the heat that is present in the oceans, atmospheric heat content is a rounding error in the earth’s heat content. The first distraction of the Warming crowd is atmospheric temperature, the second is expanding the y-axis on temp graphs to make tenths of degrees seem significant. Arseholes, each and every one of them.

  11. I don’t think observed values matter to them as they have already decided that 2016 has to be the warmest year ever to continue the warming scam. If the surface temps show a huge difference to the satellite series then the question of why will be asked very loudly. Met Office claims for the UK certainly don’t match my experience. Of course they love to use a cherry picked anomaly to avoid the truth.

  12. If you think the oceans are still warming you might want to be looking at this map produced from satellite data.

    If you had been watching daily you would notice the oceans are obviously cooling now. At the current rate this graphic will have a lot more blue on it by the end of the year. Remember this is an anomaly map and shows temperature changes for each particular place. The red water in the Arctic would freeze you to death in minutes, but you would love to be swimming off the Pacific Coast.

    • Equally it shows the cooling of the La Nina area in the Eastern Pacific, and the reason why there are no Hurricanes in the Atlantic due to the cool, SSTs between Africa and South America.
      The majority of Tropic Depressions starts as minor tropical waves emerging from Africa in the Westerly Tropical flow towards the Caribbean, to grow into tropical depressions and then cyclones as they move westward in the flow, to power this growth they need SSTs above 26C.
      If they haven’t reached a certain size or mass of water vapour, the earth’s rotation is not able to kick them, northwards into the Northerly flow over the very warm Caribbean sea, and then into the Westerlies; they are instead absorbed as rain fall over Central America.

    • Just came back from Vancouver Island BC Canada (Pacific Coast), too damn cold for me swimming in the sea, makes my bones ache, kids love it though!

  13. Agreed, Robert. And, although you did not mention CO2, or “Greenhouse Gasses”, I will – If, CO2 WAS a problem, IF “Greenhouse Gasses” (CO2 again) were a problem, a documentable problem, then all of the MILLIONS of CO2 driven soft-drink machines world-wide would have been ordered CRUSHED, Yesterday.

  14. Robert wrote :-

    “El Niño is a natural – natural – warming of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean that, for reasons still not well understood, recurs every few years. (I think it has to do with underwater volcanic activity. but that’s a different story.”

    I always find it amazing that we call an area of active volcanic activity the “Ring of Fire” yet we don’t even investigate whether or not this may be responsible for the formation of El Niño events after all they, and the “Blob”, form near the “Ring of Fire” and spread west.

    But even if that isn’t part of the answer – I think Robert is spot on and is a pioneer – then surely a series of grand solar maximum solar cycles – the 5 largest ever recorded – which occurred in the second half of the 20th century coinciding with all the “global warming” and subsiding in cycles 23 and 24 is a better correlation to the observed warming and the pause than ever increasing CO2 is ?

    Most of the CO2 is coming from the Oceans as a result of warming – CO2 is less soluble in warm water !

    I don’t deny some is due to mankind.

    No-one can deny the obvious increase in volcanic activity, no-one can deny the solar cycles and no-one can deny the temperature has not followed these.

    Air temperatures increased following the solar cycles with a delay of maybe one or two cycles and then plateaued around the start of cycle 23.

    Water has 4 times the capacity of holding “heat” than air and is 1000 times the density.

    The Sun and water control our climate and probably volcanic activity plays a larger part than any so called climate scientist even thinks about.

    And Laurel is right about the lies of anomaly graphs – real temperatures of minus a few or near zero in the Arctic regions shaded pink would not attract any attention at all – it is expected to be cold.

    But shade it pink and all the gullibles want to rush out to help polar bears – good luck with that one by the way !

    • The ring of fire obviously wraps around the Pacific. It is, undoubtedly, responsible for the heating of the Antarctic peninsula where they are screaming about global climate change. It is probably responsible for “the blob” as well. El Ninos form in a very specific area along the equator. I don’t see the ring of fire as being associated with it. It is a naturally occurring event that appears to be associated with solar radiation, not from sporadic volcanic activity.

      On the other hand, what seems to be going on with the “warmest evah” months and years is not the day time highs, which should be happening if we are experiencing true warming, but by overnight lows. As the urban islands expand, as more and more asphalt and concrete is laid down, as more and more large concrete buildings take up spaces that were formally occupied by open greenery and small dwellings, the absorbed heat is reradiated throughout the night and maintains much higher overnight temperatures.

      Recall that they like to talk anomalies, and those are based on “averaged” daily temperatures. SO, if the night time temperature rises, on average 3 degrees because of concrete and A/Cs, the “daily average” is going to be warmer, even if the daytime temperature happens to be a degree or two lower. And also remember that they eliminated a lot of small town temperature stations and use “city data” in those areas, so yes, temperatures are going to rise on land as well. Hottest ever? Not day time temps, overall temps, and those have been manipulated both in quality, and from where they are measured, but it is the “daily average” of the low overnight to the high midday that has changed due more to heat retention of concrete and asphalt reradiating at night.

  15. Been saying this for a long time, especially when arguing with the most vociferous alarmists on some of the other media outlets:

    We, as humans, do not live on the water. Therefore, measuring the temperature of the oceans is a waste of time.

    The comeback inevitably is “the heat from the oceans transfers to the land, so yes, it IS important to measure the whole planet!” Except it’s not practical and, as seen above, doesn’t even necessarily translate to effects seen on land.

    Which leads back to the null hypothesis: We, as humans, don’t live on the water and measuring the temperature of the oceans is a waste of time.

    Circular reasoning, but justifiably sound.

  16. When it comes to the oceans on the whole, we have only had decent measurements of SST’s since satellites in the late 70’s and a comprehensive buoy network in the last 10 years. Anything before that is pure speculation. And temperature measurements at depth can only be gleaned from the recent buoy network. Then we have the adjustments. Give me a break folks! A little research and common sense shows we are being scammed!

  17. Averaging the temperature of the lower atmosphere is idiotic. At any one time the global temp range is at least 90C! From coldest Vostok (measured this year to be -80C lower that solid CO2!) to Sahara or Death Valley and other hot areas at at least 50C At the SAME time at any season. You cant average it, its meaningless. The thermodynamics of atmospheric circulation is quite complex and not well understood much to the loud trumpet blowing of ‘we know all’ by some scientists.

  18. It can be quoted from chemistry textbooks, that the solubility of gases in water decreases with rising temperature. Yet the AGW cult claims that the warming oceans are acidifying due to dissolving more CO2 from the atmosphere. The oceans, with pH >8 are actually alkaline, and therefore cannot dissolve corals (carbonates).
    I anticipate that textbooks of Chemistry, Physics and Geology will soon be revised by “new scientists” to eliminate inconvenient scientific laws.

    • Especially how the GHG theory breaks the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics. AND also the heat engine proposed by the GHG theory cant exist. COLD does NOT make warm warmer.

  19. An abnormally warm ocean surface means that the oceans are actually releasing heat, hence ocean cooling, in response to the pause in the rise of land surface temperatures. The oceans are very good at maintaining thermal equilibrium with atmospheric temperatures. Soon the oceans will stop emitting more heat than they absorb and the world will continue to cool as it did in the first decade of this century because of diminishing solar activity. We could be on the edge of rapid plunge in global temperatures and the only thing stopping it is the oceans heat retention capability which is rapidly being drawn down.

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