Not only Slamming California, even the desert southwest is getting snow!

27 inches of snow in 72 hours


Vegas-area ski, snowboard resort, Lee Canyon, reports 27 inches of snow in 72 hours


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — You don’t have to travel very far to play in the snow this week if you live in Las Vegas, but head up to Mount Charleston and you’ll find almost 30 inches of fresh powder at Lee Canyon.

The ski and snowboard resort just north of the Las Vegas valley says it received 27 inches of snow in the last 72 hours, bringing its base to 61-inches.

Parts of the Las Vegas valley received snow on Monday and Tuesday as a winter storm swept through the area.

“The main thing about this season is that we wanted to be here for the community,” said Jim Seely, the Lee Canyon marketing director. “We want to be a place where everyone can come escape their routine and maybe some of the constraints that COVID has put on their life,” he said. “We want people to get outdoors.”

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5 thoughts on “Not only Slamming California, even the desert southwest is getting snow!”

  1. And snow was supposed to be a thing of the past?? Especially in the deserts?? Well if anyone sees Al Gore, send him back to jail!

  2. so if there are? any dams they didnt rip out to save the bloody smelt or whatever?
    then this will recharge water stores fairly nicely in spring thatws

    • The really stupid part is you don’t have to rip out a dam to protect a non-migratory fish species, you regulate the water flow to insure there is enough. In an area that has periodic drought, the flow can be maintained at a better survival level with the dam letting out water “saved” from the rainy times. But no one ever claimed that hysterical environmentalist are, by nature, intelligent, or that they are capable of thinking instead of reacting.

      • The smelt is a brackish fish, and can do fine in the lower delta with salt water intrusion.

        It was not endangered through drought. It was endangered through the state government. First CA brought in game fish, which ate most of the smelt. Then, seeing the lack of smelt, CA brought in the Asian smelt.

        The more aggressive Asian Smelt promptly ate most of the smelt left.

        Yet CA flushes billions of gallons of useful water every year, as a non solution to an issue they created, while they spend billions on a train to nowhere.

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