It has NOTHING to do with the environment

The admitted goal is to destroy capitalism

At a news conference in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity, but to destroy capitalism, reports Investors Daily.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” said Figueres.   (Bold added)

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21 thoughts on “It has NOTHING to do with the environment”

  1. The really unfortunate truth is that, even though some of us know that globaloney warming is and has always been a fraud, the perpetrators will still ultimately win because there are simply too many stupid people in the world today…

    • Look up “IQ by country” and then “birthrate by country” they are almost perfectly inverse. Smart people have stopped breeding and the idiots are going at it like vermin.

  2. of course, like the dream of communism/socialists
    they FAIL to mention that their takeover is just
    meet the new boss , same as the old boss
    it is still aimed for a selected few(self selected) to own and control the wealth and means of production.
    how is a huge commercial industrial plant making solar PV or rare earth batteries and magnets for the birdshredders and exploding cars ANY LESS a massive moneymaker for the owners and shareholders?
    or any less polluting and toxic in the making and end disposal of such?
    anyone at all seen/heard of Lithium recycling?
    naw..didnt think so.
    ditto neodymium magnets etc
    the entire idea and planning is simply money for the INgroup and control of a different version over the lowly masses
    Animal Farm and 1984 combined to make our average lives even more hellish.

  3. The human race can’t stand peace & prosperity, but like a cactus given too much water, it balloons mightily, and eventually pops, destroyed from within. Fiddlin

  4. This isn’t a new revelation. All the greenie groups are Marxists who would like nothing better than the capitalist system to be replaced by communism, notwithstanding the gross failure of that political creed. Environmentalism was a new way to get support as who could argue that saving the planet was not a good idea. Add in Agenda 21 where population reduction is a main tenet. UNFCCC statements don’t resonate with the public until it comes closer to home and jobs start to be lost, industries closed and off-shored.

  5. May Snow? New intense cold wave arriving on the United States: Snow on the North East US.
    Values ​​will drop below freezing on several states of the North East United States, in a rare and unusual freeze mid-May which would bring serious damage to crops in the night between Sunday and Monday next.

  6. One might consider the elites attitude about the European peoples who created the modern world and its institutions and technology.
    They hate us all and want us blended out or made extinct by other means. We can not be totally controlled and bossed around therefore we have to go. Don’t believe it? Listen to Tim Wise or Noel Ignatiev of MIT.
    They want a primitive world of brown people lorded over by people like themselves. Environmentalism like most leftist causes is a means to that end.

    • Correct, Steven I think Putin is running these elites out of Russia right now, that’s why they hate him. I also think Putin is a much better leader than the Islamic puppet the Dimmys in the US.have. At least Putin is looking out for his own, Odumbo is helping to tear us down.

  7. Its common knowledge that when the Soviet Union fell, the communists all jumped on board the environmental band wagon becoming known as watermelons. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

  8. We see how well socialism works in Venezuela. This country should be the poster child of socialism. They have a huge supply of oil, but lack the ability to efficiently extract it to their benefit.
    Currently, people are starving in a country rich in resources.
    This should warn the rest of the world of the evils of socialism.
    I invite anyone extolling the virtues of socialism to move to Russia. USSR is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
    If it is so great, why are people dying to get out of Russia, while others are dying to enter the U.S.A.?

    • a hem
      it is not and has not been USSR for quite some time now
      I have american friends there who say they love it, and they wouldnt go back to uSSa even if paid to go.
      their pensions go a long way the health care etc is better than uSSa
      and this is from an EXNavy vet..

      as to the below post re them being on the warmist bandwagon..actually most arent..they see the insanity of the west pretty clearly and arent planning on cutting mining gas or oil production at all or manufacturing

      their scientists in the majority shrug and say Nyet when queried on agw
      very few (id suggest uSSa tainted wannabes) mouth the warmist platitudes

    • You clearly have no understanding either of what socialism is, hence your silly references to Russia, or about what is happening in Venezuela – the deliberate trashing of a nation’s economy by the Americans.
      Nought out of ten.

    • Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro: U.S. sanctions are illegal. Going out of your why to make sure what said will be spread to the herd. How did Libya work out for YA?

  9. AGW is now a political juggernaut with no relationship to the bad science that started it.
    Even some of the MSM financial experts are starting to see this.

    Most unlikely, but it will take a strong stance by conservative leaders to rein in the Marxist / Robin Hood U.N.

    More likely, a financial melt down will probably bring this idiocy to an end.

  10. Capitalism requires a free market in money, i.e. floating interest rates.

    Capitalism was abolished in 1688 with the establishment of the first central bank.

    Central banks exist to rig the price of money (interest rates) for the benefit of their member banks.

    Eventually most countries got central banks.

    RIP Capitalism.

    The solution is not a return to a free market for money. It didn’t work.

    The solution is a return to the teaching of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Abolish interest bearing loans.

    The proper role of a bank is to become a partner with the borrower, sharing both the risks and rewards.

    Modern banks which collect interest night and day, now and forever, are unnatural.

    Islamic banking provides a pattern for others to follow.

    • “pattern for others to follow” ?

      Umm, No !

      The “correct” way to express it is…

      “Road for others to follow” !

      And that “Road” runs far and “Deep”, very deep, too deep !!!

      As for Moses and Jesus, they won’t be there, but Muhammad will be there, and You’ll have “eternity” with him to discuss how and why You got there !

      And remember, You made the choice, so don’t look around to blame anyone else, You made the Choice!!!!!!

      So then, deal with it…

    • Mohammed… you don’t know what you are talking about. Mohammed didn’t exist as an historical person. Wake up.

  11. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that only another World War would recalibrate the geopolitical poison that has poisoned the globe. The UN has to be disbanded point blank…and NATO and the EU….meaning this is a war that Russia and China must launch to ultimately save civilization from the western elite…the Far East must help us to take back the globe

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