Now Descending Into An Ice Age – Video

See the green dot at the far right side of this graph? That’s where we are today, already descending, I fear, into a major glaciation.

Ice Age Now precession and orbit by the numbers – Jan Theart

Each bright green dot represents a time when our orbit was the same as now.

Every time – I mean, every time – the orbit was similar to today, temperatures on our planet had already begun a major descent, or were about to.

Each red line represents major cooling.

You can see four times in the last 400,000 years when our planet has been even warmer than today, (so much for man-made global warming!) and many, many periods of major cooling.

I think you will soon see a fat red line (major cooling) added to the right-hand side of the graph.

You may want to look at the above graph*, created by Jan Theart, as you watch the video. (*See note below)

Please keep in mind that the numbers you will see on the video are referring to degrees C.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

Note: I included a much simpler version of this graph in Not by Fire but by Ice. That graph, entitled “Pacemaker of the ice ages” was based on global ice volume during the last 500,000 years as determined by CLIMAP isotopic measurements.


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  1. Immanentizing the eschaton… ice age wise [check] and one world gov wise too [check]… I just drove to Calgary after being out on the ranch or else in small town AB for the past 6 months… the Zombie Apocalypse (full spectrum) has already occured and I was able to go into all sorts of businesses and even past bank security unmasked and none of the masked zombies said as much as, “Boo”… notta one. It’s all gone pear shaped “They Live” surreal.

  2. All Trends are for cooling. Well Boy’s and Girl’s we are going into an ICE AGE , A quote from a Wedge in time. A Friend that changed my views on this.
    David Dean

  3. So we may be closer to a major glaciation than suspected. Could the mini ice age be a starting point decline into the real deep freeze?

  4. So we may be closer to a major glaciation than suspected. Could the mini ice age be a starting point of a decline into the real deep freeze?

  5. I’m noticing an odd thing over the last 10 days-2 weeks. Record cold temps reported in both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.

    We have late SH winter and early NH winter temps occurring persistently during the same times. There are many reports of both, more than just the odd report here and there.

    • yes Ive remarked on that also
      very unusual for both to be cold being opposing seasons
      I see spaceweathers saying cycle 25 had been well under what theyve hoped for ie a fast start
      instead near 90% of the time is sunspot free
      sorta stuffs up the warmist camp bigtime;-)

    • Jay, Western US is an exception– CA anyway. We’re having the hottest part of the summer, in the 80s. Not unusual for us in Sept/Oct. But I’m still mystified by the sky: It’s nearly white, the very palest blue. Can’t be pollution, w our strong winds, lack of industry. There was too much attention paid to the “contrails” (chemtrails). So maybe they’re still spraying but at night so that it’s dissipated to this sickly shade just like before?

      • Since all the lockdowns started in March I notice very few contrails in the sky, which has looked much cleaner than in recent years.

      • Part of that is earth’s magnetic field being stretched thin on our side of the planet as it is being concentrated on the other side as the magnetic poles continue to march toward a point in the Indian Ocean. Cosmic ray penetration is at all time highs in the modern record. The collision with atmospheric molecules is causing a haze to form at the top of the atmosphere. NASA is also claiming meteor dust is causing cloud nucleation

        The Suspicious Observer site shows evidence that we may be entering an area of our galaxy full of dust, instead. It will be thick enough to choke off the sun, which will cause the sun to go micro-nova. That dust may be the trigger for the next ice age. Perhaps the coldness of that space dust explains how mammoths quick froze to be preserved so well their meat is probably edible.

        The idea of our sun having recurring novas every 14,000 years or so grew legs when astronomers were shocked a short while back to discover a couple of stars going nova for a second time since observations began. A search turned up others including Type G stars

        The OSS (CIA precursor) was briefed on this possibility for our sun from a highly classified document in the 50’s. It was not declassified until a few years ago. Google the CIA Adam and Eve story. It’s crazy, but the Apollo astronauts were tasked to look for a particular type of rock on the moon and they found it was common. The samples contained glass beads with Aluminum 22. This can only have come from the sun.

        Suspicious Observers has a YouTube channel which has videos showing all this catastrophe stuff. The videos are scientific and documented. There are also educational videos about the sun and other topics.

        Sorry this went long, but it’s all connected.

      • Some of that, Penelope, may be soot way up in the upper atmosphere. I live in the central Midwest, and we had gray skies as long as the major fires in California, Oregon and Washington were going on. They are not completely gone yet; I realize that. But the soot from those fires is fine enough particles to be carried up there. Most of the time, thy sky here is clear and a deep blue, but occasionally, there are signs that the fires are not completely out and the soot particles are fine enough to be carried eastward by the jet stream.

        To tell you how bad things can get, I have three tiny black dead bugs that I’ve never seen before (not fleas) that got into my house through my window screens and chewed on my poor kitty (and bit me, too) and when I take my cat to the vet, I’m going ask him if he can ID those tiny critters and tell me where they came from.

        You’re getting very hot weather now because the Rossby waves in the jet stream are extreme. We in the MIdwest got early cold in September and I had to start the furnace, the earliest time I’ve ever done that.

        There is definitely a major change under way, but hard to say just where it is going. Just pay attention so that you won’t be taken by surprise.

  6. Thanks – very thought provoking. At the cost of an extra couple of minutes, it would have been good to add an explanation of what the Earth’s orbital precession is, and how it affects climate.

  7. The one thing that strikes me from that graphic is the higher the temperature spikes of each interglacial (6C max) the faster the decent.
    The energy and orbital characteristics seem to be the same or a little early but our current interglacial is massively stunted compared to the two previous Interglacial, more than likely due to the three separate Younger Dyras Events which took place on the rise of the interglacial temperatures between 17,000 and 9,000 years ago. Perhaps the more stunted the interglacial the longer the base temperature lasts.
    It’s also interesting to look at the previous four partial Interglacial from 800,000 to 400,000 those are events are far more stunted than ours is.
    Remember the Earth gets thumped from time to time by large regional impact events with Greenland and its Ice cap the site for a recent one which put paid to the Clovis.
    That said, provided if we don’t get a massive geological event we possibly have another 1500 years before the cooling trend line reach 0C

    • Paleo climate scientists have been saying for a long time now that it always gets hot, right before the long cold. Core samples taken from hundreds of locations around the planet have shown this. Earth is over 4 billion years old, its climate history stretched back further than anyone can imagine. People who listen to Al Gore or petulant teenagers like Greta get all they deserve.

  8. First, I don’t doubt that we are most likely moving into an ice age. I haven’t doubted that since the scare of the 70s, since the overall pattern of the past showed that was not an unlikely thing to happen. I don’t doubt the sincerity of what this man is saying as he looks at his information.

    The problem, of course, is the orbital characteristics and the wobble of the planet can both be calculated with reasonable probability, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. For instance, has the actual distance from the Sun changed during this time? If we have drifted even a few hundred kilometers from the mean distance of 400,000 years ago, a lot of changes could have happened.

    Then there is the “past temperature record,” based on proxy information. It may be reasonable and it may not since it is based on the assumption that conditions in the past were not markedly different from those today. It IS the only record we have – we certainly don’t have any physical measurements from those periods, so it gives us something. BUT it is NOT factual, it is assumption, and too many people treat it as if it was real. As if it is as sound as the thermometer readings of 50 years ago. Judging by the manipulation of THAT data, even that isn’t considered sound.)

    The belief that we KNOW the planet’s conditions before there was even an anecdotal record is a requirement to being able to predict the future. The reality is we cannot ever be sure we are right unless someone actually develops time travel and can journey back and see. And since you would have to know EXACTLY WHERE someplace was in space when you jumped back from your current space in time, I don’t see that as ever likely to happen.

    Science has drifted into the general belief that mathematics can predict all things. That mathematics is the underlying reality of the universe. That mathematics defines our past, present and future. What I find absolutely amazing about that is that I am not aware of a single “mathematician” that is a billionaire. Certainly if mathematics can determine everything that ever was, so to speak, at least one mathematician would have figured out how to beat Wall Street.

    • This also implies for most people that computers can predict everything because most people naively assume that computers are just much faster at doing the mathematics than a human. So it is that they worship climate models which can be altered to produce any specific outcome they want.

      Mathematics indeed is the means to understand much of this, but the application of mathematics by itself cannot correctly do this if the application has been coopted to produce desired results.

    • Agreed. Man always seems to think he knows everything – and yet, when critically analysed, most firmly held beliefs are really only biases and suppositions (even when they might be true).

      Apart from just orbital mechanics – I would have thought that the sun’s influence on climate could be an independent variable with all this.

    • Tom, I think Jim Simons of renaissance technologies may be an example in the stock market, and David Shaw may be another, however the methods they use are kept secret so it is hard to know if they are really math-based or more based on pattern recognition, knowledge of order flow, execution speed, and things like that. It is likely a combination of all of those.


    My Chinese GF knew about this [through the Peking grapevine] a day ago… checked yesterday and even to late last night and nothing showed up on NA internet until today.

    “In short, there would be a ton of uncertainty if we faced such a tragedy as a presidential candidate dying during this period. As if 2020 could not get more complicated and crazy.” LOL, ya, right.

  10. Interesting chart. But imo, it needs more support.
    Who is Theart? Can’t find anything on his background, other than a 2014 piece using the same chart.
    Looks like he’s essentially overlaying the Milankovich cycles (as a unit) onto the last 4-5 inter glacial cycles of the Quaternary. That’s a good idea. Basically, the warmest part of this interglacial happened THOUSANDS of years ago. We’ve known that.

    Also says -11 degrees C top to bottom (spanning 110k years of course). Would like to see the evidence for those data from the past cycles, citing outside literature. That’s well beyond Zharkova’s expectations for our immediate future. None of this comments on a next little ice age (her focus) within this larger down slope. This larger pattern should be understood by all, but all the controversy is looking into just the next few decades. These perspectives are very different.

    • One other detail regarding the chart —-
      Why is the zero line where it is, given that earth REMAINS in an Ice Age throughout the last few million years? Why isn’t the zero line down at -8 C, the ice age baseline?
      THEN, the “anomaly” would be all the upside you see in temps during the inter glacials. Just asking, and wouldn’t be if this didn’t have an important message.

  11. I always thought that an ice age referred to the times the Earth had as much permanent ice as we currently have and the correct descriptions are glacial and interglacial ?

    So for the last 400,000+ years Earth has been in an “ice age” – the time could be longer but we can’t find old enough ice to confirm or deny this.

    With the sequence of the modern solar maximum cycles apparently ceasing it appears likely that any rapid warming trend will cease if an extended solar minimum eventuates.

    I always found “climate science’s” explanation that the only gases that absorb and radiate infra-red and thus create warming to be arse about.

    After all if 99% of the atmosphere doesn’t radiate IR to space whilst obviously changing temperature daily through contact with the solar heated surfaces then surely these gases – the NON greenhouse gases Oxygen and Nitrogen – are the “heat trappers”.

    Every fool knows these gases can reach temperatures over 40°C during a single summer day but if they don’t radiate IR to space the only mechanism for them to release thermal energy from the atmosphere is to transfer it to trace concentration GHGs which can radiate to space.

    After all the “experts” with their “cute kindergarten” energy budgets tell us more than 83% of the IR emitted to space comes from the atmosphere hence my claim their hypothesis is arse about.

    Non GHGs are NOT directly heated by IR absorption at all and apparently do not directly contribute to any IR radiated to space !

    Only an idiot would deny these gases do gain substantial thermal energy from contact with heated surfaces.

    So how do the non GHGs which constitute 99% of the atmosphere lose this absorbed thermal energy from the atmosphere ?

    If it comes down to GHGs emitting the bulk of the Earth’s radiation to space then logically more GHGs means more radiation to space and this is exactly what every satellite record shows including this Nimbus series graph from 2005

    Personally I think the whole “man made climate change crisis” is a scam for political purposes to aid in achieving something most people rightly fear in their gut – a global governance by omnipotent, unaccountable individuals of the caliber of people like Tedros, Figueres and Pachauri (to stand trial on sexual harassment charges).

    I firmly believe Trump is the world’s last chance to avoid this – and I never really liked Trump before he stood up to the ridiculous Paris agreement.

  12. Hey, wait a minute, don’t glaciers melt when they hit the ocean? This seems so simple. We put all our wind turbines and solar panels on glaciers. The solar panels will protect them from melting in the heat of the sun while producing energy, and the wind turbines will produce energy by absorbing the wind and dragging the glacier back onto the land! If you think I am kidding, what do bet I could get a grant before you do? LOL! I give it maybe two months before this shows up as part of the Green New Deal.

  13. Jay, you are experiencing weather not climate. Being cold for a few weeks doesn’t mean an ice age has started.
    We would need to see several years of falling temperatures to convince me that an ice age is coming.
    I’m not seeing that.

  14. Many people in Holland and Switzerland are hoping winter will return. The quick change in weather patterns are maybe suggesting a reversal in the trend.

  15. Robert, what do you think of the theory put forward by Douglas Vogt of the Diehold Foundation and developed by Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers, that every 12060 years or so the Earth’s magnetic field suddenly weakens and flips, linked to the Sun blowing off its surface shell in the form of a Micro-nova, which subjects the Earth to a 1500 degree Celsius heat blast for several hours followed by a rush of solar debris some 18 hours later, which boils the ocean on the Sun facing side of the planet, yet by operation of Boyle’s Law, causes a phenomenal cooling on the opposite side of the Earth, which, when the heat wave has dissipated, leads to a sudden onset of an ice age. At the same time as the Micro-nova event on the Sun, the Earth suddenly stops rotating and indeed starts rotating backwards?

    The effect of this sudden arrest of the Earth’s rotation is that the oceans, especially the Pacific, continue to move east and rush over the continents in 1 to 2 mile high tidal waves and then slosh back into their proper positions. The atmosphere also rushes east with 3 to 4 hundred mph winds due to the same conservation of angular momentum. Douglas Vogt cites as his main evidence the molten glass beads and traces of heavy elements on the Moon found in the Apollo samples, and the hundreds of deep sub-oceanic valleys found all over the continental slopes under the oceans.

    As of the past 120 years or so the magnetic field has weakened by 20% and the magnetic poles are moving increasingly quickly away from their normal positions and are due to meet somewhere north west of Australia, all within the next 23 years.

    I would be grateful for your comments and critique on this alarming theory.

    • I forgot to mention that the flash frozen mammoths in Siberia with fresh buttercups in their stomachs is evidence of the catastrophic Boyle’s Law cooling, and that the 2 mile high tidal waves affecting the whole earth could explain Noah’s flood and how Noah’s Ark ended 13 000 feet up Mt Ararat.

    • I agree that it has to do with a reversing magnetic field, I agree that it occurs about every 12,000 years, and I agree that it involves the Sun. Other than that, I’ll stick to the theories that I present in “Not by Fire but by Ice.”

  16. In most instances the green dot is seen well into the start of the major glaciation. In the current situation it is seen near the top of the temperature anomaly curve that coincides with interglacials. I take this to mean our current interglacial is a long cool one and there isn’t a lot of heat to lose to move into a major glaciation which given previous green dot locations should be underway right now. Remember the estimated transition to a major glaciation is 3 to 20 years and no one has observed and recorded the process in real time. one other thing in southern Ontario we used to prep the gardens in April and now it snows in the second week in May when the lilacs bloom. Weather patterns and climate are shifting in a way that escapes most peoples attention and is assumed to be normal.
    This is how people could have something in common with Siberian mammoths. Ignoring changes until it is too late to save oneself.

  17. Show the graph to any stockbroker and ask him for advice. Pretend it’s a stock called Climate Enterprises PLC. You would be told to sell sell SELL.
    I consider myself an old hand at ice age studies because I know that warmth leads to good crops and very good quality wine. Colder climates will give us initially a shorter growing season, not measurable growth of mountain glaciers yet. Spring arriving 2 weeks late and Autumn arriving 2 weeks early is all it takes to ruin agriculture. Grain alcohol will take over wine production but alcohol is a small concern compared to rising food prices.
    I like to sit in my armchair, my ‘fire’ is an electric one, staring at the fake flames, sipping my scotch, I get all sorts of poetic ideas and daydreams of grandeur. I hope I die well before the ice age sets in because then I won’t have to deal with digging my way out of snow piled against my house.
    Snow is disruptive. Kids love it. Grown ups hate it. Well if I’m snowed in I’ll just busy myself by going online and recording my experiences LOL.
    Raise another glass of whisky!

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