Now snowing in 8 states and 5 provinces – In September

This will be a “Major To Historic Winter Storm in the northern Rockies,” warns the National Weather Service.

“A powerful storm system will produce several feet or more of wet, heavy snow; and gusty winds in the Northern Rockies,” says the NWS. “Snow is also forecast along the Rocky Mountain Front, portions of the Great Basin, and other northwestern Mountains. Trees with leaves will be vulnerable to damage. Heavy snow and strong winds will make travel difficult to impossible in places.”

The trees are still fully loaded with foliage, so the strong winds and heavy, wet snow is expected is to bring down trees and power lines leading to widespread power outages.

As of Sunday morning, weather maps showed snow or snow showers in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

The winterlike storm is unleashing feet of snow and life-threatening conditions in northwestern US, warned  Accuweather.

East-facing slopes of the Sawtooth, Flathead and Lewis and Clark ranges in Montana will experience the heaviest amount of snow, 2-3 feet (60-91 cm) to as much as 65 inches (122 cm).

However, a general 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) of snow will fall over the mountains with anywhere from a bit of slush to several inches of snow at low elevations.

Bitter cold to last for days

Perhaps even worse is that residents who lose power will face subfreezing temperatures approaching zero F in some areas, says accuweather. These bitterly cold conditions are expected to last for days after the storm.

Global-warming adherents warn of cataclysmic consequences years down the road, but this ‘winterlike’ storm is producing  life-threatening conditions right now.

Which would you prefer? Global warming? Or almost sub-zero temperatures with no heat or electricity?

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6 thoughts on “Now snowing in 8 states and 5 provinces – In September”

  1. People in Montana will not be left with no heat. This may be unusual for Sept. but it is not unusual for Montana. Even in Missouri, I have backup heat.

  2. Well those nitwits are the same lunatics who told us that snow was going to be a thing of the past in mid winter 20 years ago! Mind you, it’s late September and we have a historic snowstorm on our hands and record breaking cold!

    We need to worry about catastrophic cooling and massive snows down the road. Grand Solar Minimum and magnetic reversal spells big trouble down the road……

  3. On my map the Northern Rockies are in northern British Columbia. This winter storm seems to be affecting a large area of the northwest US—lowlands as well as mountains.

    Yet I see “Northern Rockies” all over the news from various outlets.

    • Exactly, this storm is in the southern Rockies. I see this all the time too because of the American reporting. It’s their “Northern Rockies”, but it’s most certainly the Southern Rockies.

  4. To William Fleming: They probably mean “Northern part of the US portion of the Rockies” 🙂

    It did hit south west Alberta pretty hard with a foot+ falling in Pincher Creek area plus the usual 3 foot drifts.

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