The number one risk to Earth – Video

Ben Davidson begins by describing the Carrington Event of 1859, a huge coronal mass ejection.

If such a gigantic solar flare should CME today could easily shut down power grids

He moves on to explain how the sun can trigger the #1 risk to earth, based on severity and likelihood, and the current state of earth’s magnetic reversal, including how our protection from solar energy is weakening with it.

As our magnetic field weakens – which it is doing right now – we lose more and more of our protection from solar events.

The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than previously thought, decreasing in strength about 5 percent a decade rather than 5 percent a century.

In the second half of 2015 several minor solar upticks (100x weaker than ‘big’ ones) caused geomagnetic events we would expect from the only the largest flares every decade or so. This trend is expected to continue and it is not a pretty picture for the coming decades.

Transformers and power grids could be destroyed. We could be without electricity for years.

Ben is the Director and Founder of Space Weather News, The Mobile Observatory Project, The Disaster Prediction App,,,,,, and the Suspicious0bservers YouTube Channel, with more than 260,000 minds alert to what the mainstream deems ‘unimportant’.

2 thoughts on “The number one risk to Earth – Video”

  1. Ben Davidson rocks! 🙂 What he does is absolutely amazing. It’s shameful that many of the so-called experts are not taking his research seriously. But one day they’ll regret not having listened to him.

  2. In Ben’s solar news yesterday, he predicted an uptake in quakes over the next few days. Today there have been two big ones. Mag 7.1 and M6. Suck on that Dr Geoffrey Love!

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