Obama administration continues its war on energy (and thus the U.S.)

“A thinly veiled electricity tax that will hurt jobs,” says Senator Inhofe.

Over the Christmas holidays the Obama administration unveiled the first-ever standards to slash mercury emissions from coal-fired plants, a move supposedly aimed at protecting public health but which critics say will kill jobs as plants are shuttered and shut down.

The new standards will cost utilities about $9.6 billion annually according to the EPA’s own estimates.

The rules will also result in the loss of more than 1.4 million jobs by 2020 as utilities are forced to shut old coal-fired power plants, said lobbyist Scott Segal.

“This rule is the most expensive air rule that EPA has ever proposed in terms of direct costs,” Segal said. “It is certainly the most extensive intervention into the power market and job market that EPA has ever attempted to implement.”

Senator James Inhofe (R) called the rule “a thinly veiled electricity tax that will hurt jobs.”

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“Electric vehicles are never going to be the main form of transportation if the current administration insists on undermining our coal power plants (which generate our electricity),” says Robert.

8 thoughts on “Obama administration continues its war on energy (and thus the U.S.)”

  1. It is no wonder that the government has to spend so much to subsidize the electric cars since it is obvious that electricity is going to become much more expensive and hard to get than gas. Why buy a car that needs fuel that is being outlawed by the government? Until they can put enough solar on each car to keep the batteries charged – even in places like Oregon where there is very little sun – the cars will not become useful. Our power should be a bit more dependable as most of it is from hydro electric plants – until they make us take out the dams or they ice up.

  2. Electric vehicles are a very bad choice, period – with society as unstable as it is, and the means to re-charge being a very centralized system…..not a good idea…..

  3. WUWT had a very intersting assessment of where the majority of mercury actually comes from,
    I was amazed to find a huge amount comes from Cremations!
    all those UNsafe mercury amalgam fillings, going up in smoke..
    i dont disagree with the need to filter heavy particulates and crud from the coal stacks, but retrofitting isnt that hard or expensive and the power cos making mega bucks for decades should be paying the execs less and funding their own cleanup, without taxpayer handouts and breaks.
    and then they profit selling flyash back for cement additives and farm use, INC bloody Cadmium at unsafe levels, nice move, Not!

  4. That is just one of the many actions being taken by this administration to drive the costs of fossil fueled power generation so high that “green” power generation (solar, wind) are competitive on their own without subsidy. The President TOLD us he was going to do this during his campaign. He said under his plan electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. He also said he would make it cost prohibitive to burn coal or build a new coal plant. At least on these he has kept his campaign promise.

  5. And here is step one at freezing the “useless poor eaters” off the face of the planet. The die is cast. How will the targeted react? Good question.

  6. Odumbo energy policy: No oil. No gas. No coal. No nuke. No hydro. No firewood. Burn our food for motor fuel. Waste billions on solar energy fraud. Waste billions on Chinese windmills that don’t even pay their own maintenance.

  7. It is the “Green Meanies” idea to raise all energy costs so that “Unreliable, overpriced, Solar and Wind Power” will look good. Then they can continue to waste our tax money with green subsidies.
    I believe electric vehicles will reduce air pollution, but this will never come to fruition unless this country utilizes lost cost and reliable electrical energy. We should develop a “National Energy Policy” that subsidizes low cost electrical energy such as: Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal and Liquefied Coal.
    Forget about Carbon Dioxide! The pollution reduced by electric vehicles will exceed any pollution from power plants. Furthermore, the job creation would surpass any “Green” initiative.
    We need to enhance this great country, not turn it into some third world poverty stricken country.

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