Obama says he will bankrupt our coal industry and cause electricity rates to soar – Video

Obama says he will bankrupt our coal industry and cause electricity rates to soar – Video

Right when we’re going to need that energy the most.

Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008)

Right when we’re going to need that energy the most.

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23 thoughts on “Obama says he will bankrupt our coal industry and cause electricity rates to soar – Video

  1. Sounds like a crime against humanity to me. Damaging a business and increasing the costs of an essential product to the consummer. Definitely not good at all.

  2. Cap and trade begins on Nov 4th, 2011. On election day Obama’s time as president gets capped and then traded.

  3. Obviously, driving up the price of an essential commodity such as fuel will leave many of the elderly, the unemployed, and the impoverished around the world, in a very precarious position. The same can be said for the artificial inflation of food prices globally.

    I live in a rural area of the United States. I have traveled and continue to travel extensively. On my various travels I had noted over the past few years, more and more fallow fields where various crops had been grown in the not too distant past. These areas are perfectly capable of producing food stuffs to feed millions, yet they remain fallow. I have researched the topic quite a bit and have discovered that the reason these fields are fallow is due to over regulation by the EPA, Dept. of Ag., the US Forestry Service, BLM, etc. Most of the increases in legislation and enforcement are the result of Leftist politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, whose husband just happens to be a key player in the Global Food Production Market with major share holder interest in corporations such as Del Monte. As well as the offshore fishing (Tuna) industry, i.e. Star-Kist Tuna. Further, their food production is done primarily in third world countries such as Fiji, Samoa, etc. where wages are low and regulations are whatever the Corporation wants. Thus, it is in their vested interest to over-regulate U.S. and other food producing nations in favor of their tightly controlled food producing sources, thereby controlling the supply and price of food globally!

    Speaking for myself, I See a Pattern Here … Duh..!

    • You do understand that you can only grow crops in a particular field for only so long before the nutrients in the soil are used up, right? Fields have to go fallow for a number of years in order to regain nutrients before being able to grow crops again.

  4. NomObama! The enemy of the poor, the enemy of the USA and the stealth Manchurian candidate. Maybe this coming winter will wake people up to the reality of how much he hates Americans and the freedoms we cherish.

  5. Nobody understands how much I hate this idiot moron. Well don’t blame me – I didn’t vote communist in 2008. It was the worst election in American history. It was a horrible political disaster in this country and I knew what the hell was coming to America already after that disastrous 2006 leftist election !!! Whenever I saw his face on TV in 2007 at my old job, I was forced to walk out of the cafeteria as fast as possible before I exploded into a trillion pieces. I knew we had an ice age coming (I was probably the only one) at my job. This tyrant is clearly the greatest liar and worst political figure we ever had ANYWHERE since the Roman days of Nero. And I despise anyone who was stupid enough to vote for this ant-American lunatic. OUT with this criminal !! Well don’t blame me, I didn’t vote liberal. Never have. Having said that, boy do I miss Ronald Reagan – my favorite modern President. It’s the last time we ever had a true leader.

    • Don’t call him a leftist! Thgat gives all leftists a bad name. He is a bloodthirsty warmonger and the Lord of Chaos.

  6. This is GREAT! It will push us to convert to gas-fired plants & to accelerate nuclear plants which will mean less strip mining, polluted streams & cleaner skies. Cool. I was undecided before, now I will vote for him. Thanks for the heads up!

    • After Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukyshima to name just a few nuclear disasters and you want to expand the human suicide program? You want to vote for the bloodthirsty warlord and Lord of Chaos? Alrighty then.

      • Can you name a few more? How many dams have destroyed how many valley’s? How many birds a year are killed by wind turbines? How much gook(think thats the scientific name for it) is pumped into the atmosphere burning fossils? How many mountains have been leveled scraping for gold? Nuclear is the way to go.

      • Yes, and can you even quote how many people died from those 3 ‘disasters’ due to nuclear radiation? No one died in 3 Mile Island. No one died in Fukushima. A WHOPPING -30- people died directly from radiation exposure or from the initial steam explosion of the reactor at Chernobyl. ‘Human suicide program’. That shows a supreme amount of ignorance on your part. Kindly educate yourself on nuclear energy outside of Greenpeace websites and protests.

  7. Based on the amount of land they take up, the amount of resources they consume in constuction and maintenance, the amount of energy produced, and their saftey record nuclear is the way to go. Let economics decide, if coal can compete it will, if it can’t, well than no one will be loading 16 tons. Its that simple. Let the free market decide.

    • The universe has already decided! And the choice is NUCLEAR. After all, ultimately the source of all light (the key to life on earth) in this universe is NUCLEAR. Man and his ideas of caring for the environment!! God cares a damn for the sensibilities of human sissies and might just for the heck of it send a good sized meteorite down our path.

      What we need to learn? Focus on Fusion!

  8. So you guppeys think coal is dirty what do you think your going to do with all that nulcear waste that takes millions of years to decompose. Stooopid!!!! Our President and Congress need to take a few environmental classes before they start talking about environmental issues, because they can’t think their way out of a paper bag.

  9. i guess you guess are brain fried. nuclear is worst way to go. it does release alot into our skies. it also cause toxic waste. this stuff if handed wrongly or if ur lovely generators melt down u might lose a few cites. >.> coal worst spot might blow out back wall of a house but not a city.

    there is no clean safe source of fuel. elec,coal,water. nuclear, fire ,wind ? all got some down sides. and so far nuclear has worst.

    • Look who’s brain fried. You can’t even use proper English. Listen, retard, the only thing nuclear power releases into our skies is steam. Toxic waste can be safely stored. And never discount the ability to reprocess it. Furthermore, do you even -know- what a meltdown is? A meltdown is NOT a nuclear explosion. It’s the reactor fuel melting through the bottom of first containment into secondary containment where it can cool down. It makes the reactor useless, but does not explode. Seriously, get yourself an education before you make idiotic arguments.

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