Obama keeps promise – Sea levels fall

Remember the famous speech by then-Senator Obama in 2008, in which he declared that his election would cause the oceans to stop rising and the planet to heal?

Here’s the famous speech

“As it turns out,” says the Washington Examiner, “this is one of the few promises Obama has kept. Or at least, the oceans have kept it for him.”

Earlier this month, Marc Morano at Climate Depot announced that the European Space Agency’s Envisat monitoring, global sea level revealed a “two year long decline [in sea level] was continuing, at a rate of 5mm per year.”

And in August 2011, NASA announced that global sea level was dropping and was “a quarter of an inch lower than last summer.” See: NASA: ‘Global sea level this summer is a quarter of an inch lower than last summer

The latest global drop in sea level followed NASA’s Feb 2011 announcement that sea level had also declined in 2010.

Wonder when Mr. Obama will start parting the seas?

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6 thoughts on “Obama keeps promise – Sea levels fall”

  1. When I click on the links you provide I am sent to “Climate Depot” and they do not provide any of the corroborating data from NASA cited in your article. Please advise where I can get this data as AGW believers will not accept this information unless it comes directly from NASA.

    • On Morano’s site, there is a link to an 8/25/11 Washington Post article about the NASA JPL study.

      Just did a little deeper; the info is all out there; you may just have to spend a little extra time hunting for it.

  2. Do you remember that great episode of the Simpsons “The Joy of Sect” where almost everyone became a follower of “The Leader” and joins the “Movementarians?”

    The story culminates when Homer wises up and exposes “The Leader” as a fraud. “The Leader” declares that humanity will never achieve “Blisstonia” due to a “lack of faith” in “The Leader.” (Sound familiar????)

    At the end “The Leader” tries to escape, with all the money, inside a pedal powered hot air balloon, but ends up crashing on Cletus’s front porch….

    I suppose I’ll never reach “Blistonia” either.

  3. Not just cooling with increased ice caps but also the expanding earth theory would produce a sea level decline. Bigger earth same amount of water.

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