Obama’s Disinformation Trek to Alaska

President Obama squandered thousands of gallons of jet fuel this week flying to Alaska to promote his global-warming agenda. He’s pushing a civilization-crushing deal in Paris in December to curb carbon emissions.

While in Alaska, Obama visited a couple of retreating glaciers to demonstrate his oh-so-grave concern.

He grabbed a photo op at the Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward, Alaska, where he told reporters, “this is as good a signpost of what we’re dealing with on climate change as just about anything.”

Harding Icefield - Courtesy National Park Svc
Harding Icefield – Photo Courtesy National Park Svc

Next, he took a three-hour boat tour around Resurrection Bay to see the 12-mile- (19.3-km-) long Bear Glacier. Both glaciers are retreating toward the 300 square mile (777 km2) Harding Icefield.

Cherry picking the glaciers

Why didn’t Obama mention the Hubbard Glacier?

Located near Yakutat, about 220 miles northwest of Alaska’s capital city of Juneau and 350 miles east of Exit Glacier, Hubbard Glacier is 25 percent bigger than the state of Rhode Island and measures more than six miles across where it meets the ocean.

Perhaps Mr. Obama doesn’t know this – or perhaps he doesn’t want you to know this – but Hubbard Glacier has been advancing – that’s right, advancing! – for more than a century.

And it’s not the only advancing glacier in Alaska.

According to the USGS, Hubbard Glacier is the largest of eight calving glaciers in Alaska that are currently increasing in total mass and advancing.

The media likes to show scary footage of calving glaciers as proof of global warming. But calving glaciers prove nothing. The advancing Hubbard Glacier routinely calves off icebergs the size of a ten-story building.

Or maybe Obama’s poster-child glacier could have been the Taku Glacier, which originates in the Juneau Icefield.

Located just south of Juneau, the Taku Glacier is huge, measuring close to one-mile (1,477 m) thick – and 36 miles (58 km) long. The Taku Glacier is recognized as the deepest and thickest alpine temperate glacier known in the world.

And guess what? The Taku Glacier is also advancing.

And it’s not like no one knows about it. The Taku Glacier has been advancing at least since 1890, when it was viewed by John Muir.

Several glaciers in Alaska’s Glacier Bay are also advancing.  Glacier Bay was a large single glacier of solid ice till early 18th century, when it started retreating. (Shall we blame all of those early 18th-century SUVs?)

And just a few years ago, the main glaciers in Icy Bay, just 29 miles from Glacier Bay, displayed spectacular advancement.

“At least three glaciers in the same bay have advanced in one year,” said Chris Larsen, at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. “To have them advance right now is kind of weird.”


It sure would be nice to get an honest picture of what’s going on in Alaska.

22 thoughts on “Obama’s Disinformation Trek to Alaska”

  1. Exit Glacier has been melting and retreating during the lifetimes of all 44 US presidents. 50% of Exit Glacier had been lost before Harry Truman left office. Had Obama cared to look down, he would have seen the stumps of 1000 year old trees that died due to extreme cold weather that formed the glaciers.

  2. Hmm … is there a potential Trump card in all this … a Donald Trump photo op trip to the other (growing?) glaciers mentioned?

    Or perhaps a Republican debate amongst several candidates, right there; plenty of cruise ships ply the waters there, out of Seattle and Vancouver.

    Just kidding, of course … after all, I’m in Canada … 😉

  3. People in high places always exempt themselves from their own rules and standards, the way Congressmen exempt themselves f from many of the laws they pass. And, like Obama’s use of all that fossil fuel, flying to Alaska, not to mention what his motorcade and entourage will use on the ground once he gets there. I call this the “It doesn’t count when I do it,” syndrome.

  4. And on the same trip he talked about the need for the USCG to build more Icebreaker ships to maintain commerce and security in the Arctic.

    Umm…if all the ice was going to melt, why would you need to build icebreakers?

  5. This article gives us a picture of what’s really going on. I wish it was only stupidity that was driving the man from Kenya. Fiddlin

  6. What never ceases to amaze me is there is absolute proof that current glacier retreat is not “unprecedented” yet the MSM do not present this indisputable truth.


    If a forest existed and was subsequently buried by the advancing glacier and is now being uncovered by the retreating glacier then some simple facts are incontrovertible :-

    1. The period when the forest grew was warmer than today – no glacier at all !

    2. The period when the glacier advanced was cooler than today – glacier advanced.

    3. The glacier retreat is of itself totally unremarkable because it has not receded back to where it was when the forest grew !

    This means today’s temperatures and climate are completely unremarkable !!

    This alone should quell all climate alarm about retreating glaciers.

    Anyone who cites glacier calving as a sign of global warming is an idiot – all water flows to the sea even ice – due to gravity creating headwater pressure.

    A glacier entering a bay or ocean is being undermined by the warmer water underneath so of course the face – losing the supporting ice below – will crack and fall.

    Only an idiot wouldn’t expect this to happen !

  7. I live near Exit Glacier and there’s a sign in the park that states the glacier has been retreating for the last 200 years. I wonder if Obama’s henchmen removed those signs, or covered them up for his visit.

    He was not welcome here. His visit disrupted everyone to some degree. Schools were cancelled, airspace was closed, opening of hunting season for two animals was delayed, and some folks were trapped at the North Slope due to lack of flights.

    Everyone knows why he came up here at this time. This is the normal time of year for Exit Glacier to be calving and melt water is at its highest flow. An idiot sees this normal activity as abnormal, and thinks the glacier is melting right before their eyes.

  8. Anyone else notice that the Arctic might have its earliest recorded minimum ever this year at day 244….only other time since at.least the satellite era it was close to this early was 1987 on day 245….usually its around day 255-260….that’s about a two week difference.

  9. Based on the way Barack Obama distorts the climate science and makes misleading statements about the climate, and other areas too, the question begs – Has there ever been a more deceitful American president than Barack Obama?

  10. How to explain some glaciers retreating, others in the same area advancing ? How can this be ? Anyone care to explain ?

    • It gets worse (for Obama and the major news media) !

      One of the two glaciers that Obama visited has been shrinking since about 1750 – so hardly reflecting human activity.

    • The major news media (and Obama and his cabal) won’t be happy until there are no shrinking glaciers.

      We’re supposedly now between ice ages, so the implication of their wish is that we be entering the next ice age.

    • I’m not an expert, but just from what pictures I’ve seen published, I would say that the glaciers seen to be retreating are at or near sea-level, where temperatures are naturally warmer and magnificent calving events are photographed. The glaciers that are advancing are going to be upslope well above sea level at their present terminus. Just because a glacier is calving and retreating near sea-level, does not mean it is not becoming more massive at higher elevations, after all, glaciers are not static, they are always on the move. Also, local climate variations are going to have effects.

  11. The Clean Power Plan is based on a false premise. Humans’ use of fossil fuels, and the resulting carbon dioxide air emissions, has no material effect on climate. Human activities cause only about 3% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere. Most of the rest are the result of decomposing plant material. CO2 is in equilibrium. It is a weak greenhouse gas in theory, but its actual climate effects are nullified by stronger forces, particularly the formation of mineral carbonates from atmospheric carbon dioxide.

    The theory of fossil fuels-caused climate change is a false premise for regulation.
    1. CO2 does not materially affect the Earth’s climate;
    2. Nature already effectively captures and sequesters CO2 as mineral carbonate;
    3. Climate cycles are natural, and caused by forces other than CO2;
    4. The average residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere is 5 years;
    5. Human activities generate only about 3% of CO2 emissions. Most of the rest are from rotting plants.

    Anyone who passed 10th grade chemistry can know this using public information. Limestone and marble are the most familiar forms of mineral carbonate. CO2 is an essential component of mineral carbonate (CaCO3, for calcium). Carbonates are the ultimate repository of atmospheric CO2. Carbonates form in seawater and soils through biological and chemical processes. The formula is CO2 + CaO => CaCO3.

    Virtually all carbonates are formed from atmospheric CO2 that is taken up by seawater or soils. You can make magnesium carbonate in your kitchen by mixing carbonated water with milk of magnesia. See the paper http://www.co2web.info/ESEF3VO… Danish researcher Tom Segalstat. “.)

    Fossil fuels producers and users are being persecuted.–a literal pogrom. Soros-related interests and other progressive vultures are buying up coal assets at deep discounts from their recent values. We should take a holistic view of this regulatory abuse. Where is it taking us? Who wins? Who pays? How is the public served?

    The media, regulatory and political structure built on the false premise of fossil fuels-caused climate change is a house of cards. Fossil fuels producers are victims. The Federal government in the past compensated tobacco interests, and even some slave owners losses incurred in remedying proven harms. But fossil fuels caused global warming is unproven.

    If the Federal government really intended to change the methods of generating electric energy as part of a good-faith effort to produce a public good, the businesses that have sunk significant capital into these so-called “stranded assets” should have been compensated. Fifty billion dollars, more or less, would have done the job. Many affected businesses would have willingly cooperated.

    But that is not what the government intended. It now seems that it intended to drive down the value of those assets so politically-connected cronies could “pick up the pieces” at deep discounts, after which fossil fuels will be, no doubt, rehabilitated under new ownership.

    The process was conducted in bad faith. “Secret science”, shadow communications, deceit and lies are commonplace at the involved Federal agencies. See “The Liberal War on Transparency” by Christopher C Horner; ISBN 978-1-4516-9488-8 and “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” by Dr. Tim Ball; ISBN 978-0-9888777-4-0. Adversely affected businesses may have claims at law.

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