The Oceans Are Neither Rising, Nor Turning to Acid

“Add ocean acidification and falsely asserted rapid rise of sea levels to the list of things the IPCC, the USGS, and NOAA, among others, are lying about.”

The Oceans Are Neither Rising, Nor Turning to Acid

By Alan Caruba

When you consider how deeply in debt the nation is, you might think that scientists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) would want to avoid wasting taxpayer dollars studying “ocean acidification in the Arctic and what this means for the future survival of marine and terrestrial organisms.” You would be wrong.

Like so many government agencies that were originally established for legitimate reasons, the USGS has been corrupted to advance the greatest hoax of the modern era, global warming, aka climate change. A visit to its website shows that its major concerns these days include “climate and land use change”, “ecosystems”, along with “energy and minerals, and environmental health.”

My dictionary defines geology as “1. Scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth. 2. Structure of a specific region of the earth’s surface.” It says nothing about “environmental health” or “ecosystems.” One might also expect the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to be
more interested in the alleged ocean acidification than the USGS geologists.

We have arrived at the sad and dangerous point in our history when our government’s agencies are just as likely to be used to advance the global warming/climate change hoax as to be engaged in the original and actual functions for which they were established.

It gets worse. There is no scientific justification for a bunch of geologists to be studying ocean acidification. According to USGS Director, Marcia McNutt, “Ocean acidification is a particularly vexing problem associated with the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels because it interferes with the ability of marine organisms to build hard
shells of calcium carbonate.” Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Why is the USGS worried about “marine organisms”? If the object of geology is to study the structures of the earth’s surface, why are they collecting samples of Arctic water to study the utterly bogus claim that marine creatures are endangered?

The answer lies in aspects of the biggest collection of lies and predictions about the earth, the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations vehicle for the dissemination of the global warming/climate change hoax.

In its Forth Assessment Report (AR4) it pushed the lie that the oceans were rising and would swamp everything by 2100. The rate of sea rise since AR4 has actually decreased by about 25%. Ocean acidification is just another one of its lies.

Actually, sea levels have FALLEN! See – Robert

A team of scientists recently released a report debunking the IPCC prediction that there would be a massive die-off of ocean plankton due to ocean acidification. That’s not happening either.

As for acidification, the alleged increase in the pH factor—the measurement of the amount of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution—has long since been debunked because for at least the last 600 million years, if it were true it would have dissolved the ocean’s limestone deposits, none of which have been dissolved through all of that time.

In fact, as Cliff Ollier, an emeritus professor of geology, has noted, “Marine life flourishes where CO2 is abundant. Over geological time enormous amounts of CO2 have been sequestered by living things, so that today there is far more CO2 in limestone than in the atmosphere or ocean. This sequestration of CO2 by living things is far more important than trivial additions to the atmosphere
caused by human activity.”

The USGS is not telling the truth about CO2, especially when it asserts that “mining and burning of coal, the mining and smelting of metal ores, and the use of nitrogen fertilizer are the major causes of chemical oxidation processes that generate acid in the Earth-surface environment.” It is no accident that these alleged “causes” all have to do with the provision of energy, products that use metals in their construction, and crop yields on which humans and livestock depend for food.

The USGS forgot to include the tons of CO2 that are exhaled daily by the seven billion humans on earth.

Add ocean acidification and falsely asserted rapid rise of sea levels to the list of things the IPCC, the USGS, and NOAA, among others, are lying about.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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19 thoughts on “The Oceans Are Neither Rising, Nor Turning to Acid”

  1. Ocean acidification would seem more likely to be caused by the release of SO2 and CO2 by undersea volcanic eruptions, than by the comparatively tiny amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    • This is true, there are come 20,000 volcanoes above water and an educated guess at more than 2,000,000 beneath the waves; it has never been properly surveyed.Look how recently was the discoveries of the ‘smokers’; quite possibly the PDO and the warming of the Arctic may be related to much larger subterranean hot-spots. Imagine a flow equal to the Deccan Traps,India on the ocean floor (500,000 square km 2000 meters high).

      • Many aquarium owners replicate this (sans the heat and sulphides)by bubbling pure CO2 through their aquarium to achieve :
        ” truly luxuriant growth, the sort that you see on the covers of aquarium magazines and in pictures of “Dutch aquariums,” can only be achieved by fertilizing with CO2.”

        Conspicuous by it`s absence in these publications is any reference to fish and other aquarium fauna dissolving in an acid soup so if there was any measurable acidity it would more likely be due to the sulphides . As said aquarium owners are also very fussy about monitoring salinity and ph levels and the neutralizing of the ph levels from CO2 enrichment doesn`t even rate a mention unlike the effects from fish excrement

  2. The pH levels of the oceans are akaline. There isn’t any “acidification” (certainly not by a trace atmospheric gas) of a body of a water that covers four-fifths of the earth’s surface.

  3. Humans will never have any affect on our planet, not now and never in the future. We are just visitors here and the Creation is well balanced.

  4. Also the amount of co2 in water is temperature dependent – so there is a limit to the amount of co2 that the ocean can absorb – if the temps go up less co2 will be absorbed by the ocean – when its cold it will absorb far more

  5. Ocean acidification by Human CO2 is bunkum , As the ocean contains approx 50 times the CO2 that the atmosphere does and seawater is currently alkaline at average ph 8.2 if You could dissolve ALL the CO2 in the atmosphere You MIGHT decrease the alkalinity of the oceans by a measurable amount if You went to about 5 or 6 decimal places i.e 8.19999 to 8.19995 . That`s a loooong way off a ph of 7 (which is neutral) . Given that a mere 3% of atmospheric CO2 is of human origin that puts Our influence on the alkalinity/acidity of the oceans via CO2 as as being so damn small as to be unable to be measured even under laboratory conditions .

  6. I have a friend whose son is studying Marine Biology at California State University at Monterrey. He’s being taught that human activity is acidifying the oceans, among other B.S.

  7. Sea water is basic, not acidic. Progressives are famous for mislabeling things, in order to confuse an issue.

  8. THe only reason why they want to bring a carbon tax in so they can tax us for the air we exhale. In reality we are paying tax for every living creature on Earth, Go figure.

  9. Everyone should know CO2 is less soluble in warmer water – this is a basic fact of the properties of water and CO2.

    Everyone should also know about equilibrium and how this state is natural – change one component and the system tends to “balance”.

    The CAGW crowd assert the oceans are warming and basic science says this will result in LESS solubility of CO2 in the oceans.

    If part of the source of the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is ocean outgassing – which appears certain given the analysis that humans emit only 3% of the extra CO2 – then it is impossible for atmospheric CO2 to be causing acidification of the oceans while the concentration in the oceans is decreasing !!

    Oh, and lets not mention that the oceans are naturally basic and contain chemicals which makes it a very effective buffer. A buffer is a chemical solution which resists changes in its pH levels.

    Besides the levels of CO2 in the oceans is far higher than the atmosphere so it is unlikely the small levels in the atmosphere are going to cause any significant changes without significant ocean cooling.

    These people have either forgotten how to factor in concentrations or how to tell the truth !

  10. There is only one thing that surprises me about the report of the Antarctic having more Ice and the Oceans Falling – President Obama has not taken credit for it. He promised the Oceans would fall and Global Warming would end if he was elected President.

    Funny how we have been able to effect the Sun’s output. The Sun’s output does follow the Earths Warming and Cooling, doesn’t it?? LOL

  11. Water releases more CO2 the warmer it is. Just like a hot coke can or any carbonated beverage will have more pressure inside than a cold one. So yes more CO2 in the atmosphere could lead to more acidified ocean… but the CO2 is also less soluble in warmer water…

    I majored in Chemistry at my university, and personally I don’t believe CO2 has any affect on climate except as an insulator (like water) based on my own research. But ocean acidity caused by increased CO2 depends on ocean temperature as well… The colder arctic and antarctic waters should hold more CO2

    • Jared, if you really are a chem major, then you of all people should understand that the oceans cannot become “acid”… Sheeeesh, quit being daft. I question your cited credentials.

  12. amazing watching a 30 sec sound bite removes the ability to read more, or reason for those who drank the AGWkoolaid.

  13. Isn’t CO2 what marine organisms need to create their shells made of primarily calcium carbonate?

    Ca(OH)2 + CO2 → CaCO3 + H2O

    Why would it be harmful to them?

  14. Just a note: pH is the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration. Increasing acidity corresponds to a dropping pH. Neutrality is pH 7.0 Common vinegar, acetic acid, is pH 3 or slightly more. Normal blood is pH 7.4 Normal ocean is similar to blood, which speaks of where we came from…

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