“Official” sunspots continue massive downturn

“Official” sunspots continue massive downturn

Somehow, readers of this website are not surprised.



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  1. Not good and expect earthquake and volcanic activity to pick up as this decrease in sun spots happens. The proof is out there that this happens every time the earth has a major solar minima.

    • ‘Every little pixel counts as a sunspot’. True, and they also fail to mention that the sunspots are getting weaker and weaker!

  2. SC24 has been consistently running ~25% below predicted values for its entire length. It will end up being the lowest SSN cycle in 200 years. It also has had F10.7 flux under 100 for long strings of consecutive days in recent months and the solar polar field strength between NH and SH is showing strong divergence for the first time ever recorded.

    During each solar cycle, on average, ISR varies about 0,2 W/m-2 between trough and peak. The climate forcing of CO2 is calculated at approximately +0,27 W/m-2. Basic math indicates that lower SC peaks would cancel out the positive forcing of CO2.

  3. Robert- I accidentally ran across an interview you did a few years back on Late Night in the Midlands on youtube. I’m sure you have that posted somewhere around here, but I had not heard you speak before and I was very impressed with the depth of your research and your calm and dignified deportment (no wild-eyed fanatic, you!)

    I listened to the whole thing, about 2 hours long, totally fascinated the whole time. Tho I’ve followed this website for at least a couple of years now, I still learned a lot.

    Thought maybe some of your newer readers might like the link:


  4. Over the next 36 months that sustained trend should be enough to change the climate albido in the US and abroad. And now heres an article where even the MSM can’t hide the possibility…ehhemm…probability. LOL I love the pandering to AGW zeitgeist in the article about any cooling being seen now is temporary. I guess that applies if your lifetme was measured in centuries. Funny how they leave that part out.


  5. Today SSNs are at 2005 levels, while 2016 TSI is still between 2011-12 levels on an annual basis, and could yet end just above 2005, indicating SC24 might have a similar descending phase trajectory as SC23.

    SC23 declined for 4 more years post 2005, so this time around, SC24 could end in 2019-20, the same target years as your space weather prediction center (SWPC) plot, or sooner.

  6. If the Official spot count wasn’t recording the excessive numbers of spot fragments the counts would be in the same region as Dalton.
    If you excluded the fragments from the NASA count, which is different to the international bodies, you would be able to see that this modern Grand Minimum is much lower in output than SC5, the first Cycle of Dalton.
    It’s possible that this Grand Minimum may drop in output to the levels of Sporer or Maunder but only the first two cycles instead of four as per the latter two Grand Minimums.
    It would be interesting to plot SC20 against SC23 and SC24 for comparision, using the same figures including fragment counts NASA produces.

  7. yeah not the ;east surprised..
    and the predicted values expected in this chart..
    are WAY below the prior versions which theyve reduced downward at least 3 or 4 times by my estimate over the last couple of years
    its rather amusing really
    or it would be if it didnt signify extremely cold times ahead for some 30 years at least
    assuming that it picks up and doesnt go into full iceage mode.
    if it did do that ;-( i guess the georgia guidestone pop 500k target could be a possible. a lot of happy- but dead….gai greenfaithers ensuing?

  8. One disappointment with the movie last week is that they made little or no mention of sunspots, which are clearly of high importance.

  9. Dr David Evans, a former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, says global warming predictions have been vastly exaggerated in error.The academic, from Perth, Australia, who has passed six degrees in applied mathematics, has analysed complex mathematical assumptions widely used to predict climate change and is predicting world temperature will stagnate until 2017 before cooling, with a ‘mini ice age’ by 2030. 

  10. We have been in a regime of solar-forced global warming since 1980-81.

    The warming of our planet peaked in 1998-2003 and has waned ever since. In 2013, we effectively have 3-4 years left of global warming.

    It will end in the solar year 2016-2017.

    What’s Next?

    Global Cooling

    The new climate regime has been creeping up on the world since the decade of the 2000s. It will officially arrive in the year 2017 and will last to the early 2050s. IM JUST REFRESHING OUR MEMORIES WITH THESE HARSH BOLD STATEMENTS of whats ahead …the story continues with a dire warning that it is already too late for survival preparation…as warmists wasted vast resources from governments pushing the agw farse.If there are massive crop failures ahead ..the common man will bear the brunt of cruel cold climate which will officially take hold soon and remain for decades.I scared myself with this info..hope their off by a few years ..

    • so do the smart thing:-)
      start looking for wheat and rice pref organic high protein count and other grains like oats barley etc if you can source them
      pack in airtight containers with bay leaves and if you have the vac pack ability do it.
      if youre worried re weevils then freeze the packed grains for a week to kill any eggs
      you need 3 1/2 cups average for breadmaker to make your own bread
      work out how much you use per year and plan accordingly
      decent grinders are available for home use.
      long life dry yeast.
      man cannot live by bread alone:-0 but it helps stretch other foods out a lot when you have to.
      beans and other dry goods will grow in cooler weather, but grains usually need a longish grow n ripen time and we ma not be getting that depending on where youre situated.
      if the worst doesnt happen you dont lose
      if it does youre a winner.

    • If I am not mistaken Dr. Abdusamatov predicted the start of a mini ice age as of 2014. So we are not talking about a future event. We are already in the mini ice age. If you go back to the peak of SSC 22 you will see that it has been down hill for sunspots in recent history and if you go back to 1958 -1960 you will see that that cycle peak was the highest in the last 55 plus years. Call that one peak sunspots.

        • Yes I noticed the change in late fall of 2013 after the tornado hit Peoria IL. ,been almost nothing but cold fronts all year since then and getting worse. If you watch a surface analysis map daily you cannot deny this, and that goes for the whole N.H.

  11. What do we tell the climate change people about the significance of the sun spot chart? It looks like it is headed to the same place it was in 2000,

    Thank You

    • In the year 2000 the sun was far more active than now.
      Tell them that we are now past peak solar output and to get prepped for global cooling.

    • Forecasting solar activity is iffy and even more so when they try to forecast what the next cycle will do. But if NASA is correct we are in for an extended period of declining activity with the next cycle being even less active than the one we’re in now.

      The effects of changes in solar activity don’t show up immediately. We have those great climate/temperature buffers called oceans which are the reservoirs which store and then ultimately release most of the energy that reach the surface of our planet. So measuring the changes in solar activity is as it relates to temperatures and climate is more an indication of where we will be years from now and not in the immediate future.

      • Don’t let that stop you from being ready for the next ice age.
        Find out what the ice age climate was near you and make plans on that basis.
        The best estimate is that the transition to full glaciation is 3 to 20 years. Now is the time for study and planning and be sure to bring the youngsters up to speed on the problem because the chances of them having to deal with it are non zero.

        • ‘3 to 20 years’. Where are you getting that information from, Steven? I can see 20 as a worse case scenario, but 3? I’d be interested to know.

  12. Obviously, man-generated CO2 is making it harder for sunspots to form.

    (Sorry, it’s been a silly day.)

  13. It appears that the smoothed values are following a sharper downturn than the predicted values. Since historically there is some lag time between a drop off in solar activity and temperature declines, I wonder if this might mean that we’ll be encountering cooler conditions much sooner. Perhaps we can expect a much cooler summer in the NH this year, followed by an early, long and very harsh winter. I frequently visit a place in New England where I was last week. Spring conditions are about two weeks behind schedule there this year.

    • With the AMO and PDO both gradually turning to their colder (negative) phases we are in for cooler times even if solar activity unexpectedly increased.

      What we see here is a perfect storm coming for the alarmists over the next 10 years. Even more massive adjustments to the temperature record than they have made and are making will not be able to hide the decline.

      But colder times are usually dryer and stormier times and so they chicken littles will still be able to say the sky if falling.

  14. I don’t think to many grain farmers here in the Midwest US. are aware of this, my mom said she heard a farmer on some farm report or talk show say his corn was 1 inch high & yellow, and a lot has been in a month this week around me and you can see the corn, but still see all the dirt in the field- should be green across there by now. W/all the weather& market analysis these talk show reporters do you would think this solar min. would be mentioned, but I have never heard a word , but I have heard them talk AGW/climate chng. Trying to keep markets low til disaster strikes?

  15. What can you do?
    Where can you go?
    Who will survive?

    What can you do?
    How much food can you store?
    How much water in reserve?

    What can you do?
    When the sun darkens?
    When the tremors start?

    What can you do?
    When the riots begin?
    When fear is unbridled?

    What can you do?

    This portrays almost exactly one of my main dream visions
    that many have come from near to far to entertain my thoughts.


    • What can you do?

      Get you and your gear and loved ones as far south as possible before it becomes impossible to do so. We need to preserve civilization and its achievements not to mention our people.
      We might overcome the effects of a little ice age but a major glaciation requires a more radical approach to survival.
      Be ready to act when the time comes. In the mean time watch, learn and prepare.

  16. i have been watching Geonet.co.nz the last few days.
    Ruapehu and White Island have both been unsettled.
    Crater Lake at Ruapehu has been rising in temp, and gases have also been raised.
    Ruapehu has a level 2 warning up yesterday and today.
    A watch and wait situation I’m afraid.
    NZ generally has had a number of earthquakes the last few days, some Christchurch, probably an aftershock., but what about the others.

    • Lyn, I’ve been watching it too. White Island is nearly always unsettled with steam rising from the Island all the time. But Ruapehu is the one to watch. Every decade or so it gets active again and it’s right in the middle of the North Island. Luckily I live in the South Island. The earthquakes, I haven’t felt them, but my husband was in Wellington the other day and he did. It is unusual to get 3 largish earthquakes in different locations on the same day and at the same time that Ruapehu is getting active. Time will tell if things are going to get bigger or simply fade away.

  17. While I am not convinced of an electric universe and a cold fusion sun the following author does speak of the possibility of the onset of a major glaciation based on the sun going into a very long term hibernation mode. Rolf A. F. Witzsche thinks 2050 +/- is a possible date for the start of major glaciation. It would suggest that this mini ice age is just precursor to what is to come….. Naturally the scientific method must be followed before we can determine whether his ideas are more than just a hypothesis or a theory. He seems to believe that the Milankovich cycles are insufficient to cause a major glaciation.

    New Ice Age Ahead
    Rolf A. F. Witzsche
    http://www.iceagetheatre.ca/explorations/ice_age_2050s_certainty.html (video)

    • ‘A major glaciation’. That’s interesting, Steven. In the thriller ‘THE CASSANDRA SANCTION’ which has been reviewed on this site, the main character (an astronomer) predicts the same outcome.

  18. 12/05/16
    Dear Robert,
    I thank you for your very interesting website. Please keep up the excellent work that you have been doing for so long! It would be great if enough people could stand up by the millions, and tell-off the GLOBAL WARMISTS, or the now CLIMATE CHANGE campaign.
    Once the very cold weather starts rolling in, it will totally take the UK, in particular by suprise, as we are totally surrounded by oceans.
    1963 was a warning winter, if I saw one, with ICE-BREAKERS having to be brought in from the ARCTIC to unblock our ports; and with buses dissappearing into 13 foot snow drifts down in England. I live in Scotland, so I suppose that we can look forward to even colder weather in the coming years.
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