Official death toll passes the 1,100 mark

2,015 new cases reported over the last 24 hours. This is (supposedly) a decline for a second day.

PAKISTAN ENGLISH NEWS – China on Wednesday (supposedly) has seen another drop in the number of new cases of a Coronavirus and 97 more deaths, pushing the total dead past 1,100 even as the country remains largely closed down to prevent the spread of the disease.

The National Health Commission on Wednesday said 2,015 new cases had been reported over the last 24 hours, declining for a second day. The total number of cases in mainland China is 44,653, although many experts say a large number of others infected have gone uncounted.The 97 additional deaths from the virus raised the mainland toll to 1,113.

The World Health Organisation urged countries to work together against the “grave threat” posed by the outbreak.

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  1. vietnam just quarantined an area of some 10k people as returned workers have infected about 8 people inc a child.
    tonights Adelaide online news report said

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