Oh summer, where have you gone? Say it ain’t snow!

1 Sep 2017 – Parts of Labrador received a blast of winter weather Thursday evening into Friday morning.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary joked about the so-called “special treat,” but urged drivers to slow down on the roads.




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2 thoughts on “Oh summer, where have you gone? Say it ain’t snow!”

  1. So is this is what I should expect out of the seasons for the next couple of decades:

    Jul-Sep: HOT summer.
    Oct-Dec: Winter
    jan – mar : COLD Winter,
    Apr-Jun: Winter

    Is this about right? Because that’s what it looks like.

    • I take it you are in the US:

      Jul-Aug: HOT summer.
      September: Autum/Early winter
      Oct-Nov: Winter
      Dec-Mar: COLD Winter
      April: Winter
      May -Jun: Cold Spring.

      The further north, or over onto the polar side of the NA Jet Stream the worse it will get and the more winter it will become.

      The UK has an oceanic climate but with

      Jul-Aug: Wet monsoon.
      Sept-Oct variable cool autum.
      Nov: Winter
      Dec-Mar: COLD Winter
      April: Cold Spring
      May -Jun: Warm Spring.

      Its now 3rd September we had one of the last warm days of late summer yesterday, and today we are going to pay for it with heavy rain and 14C all day and part of tomorrow.

      With the NAO now developing the UK might just get its first real winter since 2010.

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