Oh woe! “Trump official consults climate deniers”

“Trump official consults climate deniers,” reads the headline in the Herald Sun.

“A Trump administration national security official  has sought help from advisers to a think tank that disavows climate change to challenge widely accepted scientific findings on global warming.”

Turns out that William Happer, a member of the National Security Council, has corresponded with policy advisers with the Heartland Institute, “one of the most vocal challengers of mainstream scientific findings that emissions from burning coal, oil and gas are damaging the Earth’s atmosphere.”

This shocking information was supposedly unearthed by the Environmental Defense Fund through the federal Freedom of Information Act

However, as reader Laurel points out, “no one needed freedom of info crap. They made NO secret of it at all. It was on wuwt.com as well.”

I’m thankful that Trump administration officials have not been blinkered by the socialist life-destroying green agenda


Thanks to Laurel for this link

10 thoughts on “Oh woe! “Trump official consults climate deniers””

  1. William Happer was or is a professor of Physics at Princeton.

    Isn’t Princeton one of the US premier universities ?

    Isn’t the greenhouse effect primarily about radiation physics ?

    Surely every public policy should be thoroughly scrutinized ?

    So why all the fuss ?

    That said Trump has not done anything about taming the climate loonies other than the symbolic opting out of Paris.

    Why all the war rhetoric and no further action on climate ?

    I’m disappointed to say the least – the Green New Deal is possible after 2020 – 17 months away !

  2. I found the headline hilarious:

    “Trump official consults climate deniers”

    I didn’t know anybody denied that Earth has a climate.

  3. war talk is always udeful to deflect attention elsewhere and the warhawks jump on any chance they get the current gulf shipping one is classic false flag.
    meanwhile the activists are yelling at the democracts for not having a climate debate;-)))) lol
    maybe cos the IQ levels /ability just isnt there? or theyr worried they’ll out their idiocy like the GND or try n top even that?
    anyone else ever wonder why the bombs dropping the planes and carriers scooting all over NEVER get a co2 or real chem toxic polluttion mention by ANYONE of either side??? DU isnt “friendly”and neither is white phosphorus but usa and israel have used both

  4. Trump is moving too slowly. He should get the other side of the debate told asap and tell the EPA that carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant.

  5. The CO2 fanatics have switched the name of their cause again: first “global warming” then “climate change” now “climate crisis.” The problem is that there really is a crisis, caused by global cooling: frosts in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, and now full-blown food price inflation in China. In a year’s time, the US will be the only country with a large exportable food surplus. The Administration will need to search out all the diverse views including those who see through the CO2 nonsense.

  6. Imagine if TRUMP would come out and say:

    “The World is NOT getting Warmer

    The World is getting colder.”

  7. Happier is of course older and more experienced, however the real reason he speaks up is he will not lose his pension and be fired, and even if he is fired, his extensive career is behind him as he is well into his 70’s.
    He doesnt worry like Dr Peter Ridd should have before the Great Barrier reef expert said its looking fine, the university could lose $20million+ in research grants if the reef is “fine”

  8. And Trump part up with that fucktard Prince charles on global warming for 90+ mins i would’ve have lost it with that spoiled rich idiot i pay for.

  9. When will people realise that
    1. The modern short pulse of beneficial Global warming stopped 20 years ago and recent global temperatures are now stable or declining.
    2. The last millennium 1000 – 2000 AD was the coldest of our current Holocene interglacial and the world has already been cooling quite rapidly for the last 3000 years.
    3. At 11,000 years our Holocene interglacial, responsible for all man-kind’s advances, is reaching its end.
    4. The weather gets worse in colder times.
    5. The world will very soon, (in geological time), revert to a true glaciation, again resulting in mile high ice sheets over New York.

    The prospect of that is something to be truly scared about both for the biosphere and for man-kind.

    Spending vast amounts trying to stop something that has not been happening for 3 millennia seems truly stupid.

  10. The “green house effect” is about convection not radiation. The climate reality deniers (AGW, a.k.a. Climate change, climate crisis advocates) just use radiation theory differential equations to snow the masses.

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