Oklahoma alligators frozen in the ice

Oklahoma, like some other southern states, has suffered from abnormal, extreme cold. Thermometers in the center of the region fell below -20°C (-4°F).

In southeastern Oklahoma, in McCurten County, the swamps are frozen. The alligators that live there try to adapt to the cold. Even though they’re frozen in the ice, they leave their nose outside so they can breathe.

Pictures of the reptiles were published by Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Officer David Arbor. He took these pictures in the Red Slough marshes. Previously, this behavior of reptiles during frosts was observed in North Carolina in 2018 and 2019.

This state is akin to hibernation in mammals. Abnormal coldness causes reptiles’ metabolism to slow down. If the animals left the swamps, they could die, because they cannot regulate their body temperature. When the thermometers rise above zero, the alligators will return to their normal state.

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“All cold, they say, is an anomaly – or just a simple ‘cold wave,’ says Martin. “No!
“This is already a trend, and I think it will get worse.”
“If you add the amount of Covid’s dead, there is a part of the ‘plagues’ in the cycle of starting an LIA, the cycle is repeating, isn’t it !?”

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  1. I’ve seen film on UK TV News of people rescuing sea turtles in Texas, the commentary said that they had been adversely affected by the cold and become immobile.

    Was this a misguided effort, and were they too in a state similar to hibernation?

    • Yes my feeling is that would be the case. Sea turtles, like alligators, are reptiles, cold-blooded. They regulate temperature (if at all) by controlling exposure to cold or heat. Extreme cold will freeze them. Staying in the water, with their heads exposed through the ice will keep them from freezing, because the water their bodies are immersed in is not frozen, only the layer through which their heads protrude.

      Like alligators, all reptiles will freeze on land if the temperature goes below freezing.

  2. Alligators are smarter than our Politicians. They KNOW about ICE AGES and the changes. They are ready. They have adapted, but AOC and Brain Dead Biden have no idea……

    I am sure the idiots who believe in Man Made Globalist Warming will cry about alligators freezing to death (due to Global Warming from my SUV) and will use this to increase my taxes to pay for another 25 Million illegals…………sorry. Gators will survive.

  3. Maybe of interest to you Robert:
    Ancient kauri trees capture last collapse of Earth’s magnetic field


    From article:
    Radiocarbon levels in this and several other pieces of wood chart a surge in radiation from space, as Earth’s protective magnetic field weakened and its poles flipped, a team of scientists reports today in Science. By modeling the effect of this radiation on the atmosphere, the team suggests Earth’s climate briefly shifted, perhaps contributing to the disappearance of large mammals in Australia and Neanderthals in Europe. “We’re only scratching the surface of what geomagnetic change has done,” says Alan Cooper, an ancient DNA researcher at the South Australian Museum and one of the lead authors of the study.

    The study not only nails in fine detail the timing and magnitude of the magnetic swap, the most recent in Earth’s history, but is also among the first to make a credible, though speculative, case that these flips can affect the global climate…

  4. I can only say, for the gators and turtles and other reptiles that got caught in this cold snap, they have all my sympathy. No, I won’t house a gator in my bathtub. It would make lunch out of my kitty and raid my fridge.
    But here’s the real dilemma: in a true ice age, land mass expands because water, in especially coastal areas, shrinks because it’s locked up in the ice fields.

    That means that Florida WILL become wider (paleontological evidence exists for that) and Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes likely will shrink as well. The dunes along the shore of Lake Michigan are the aftermath of how wide that lake may have been when things were considerably warmer and wetter than they are now, and the depths of the Great Lakes have to do with how much water volume had been reduced when things were much colder and stayed cold.

    Another good example is the sand bars that are islands off the eastern coast, e.g., Chincoteague and Assateague, and Long Island. They were NOT always barely above sea level.

    There are plenty of other examples, but you know what I mean: what we may take for granted as islands now was above sea level long ago.

    Whatever is going to happen is something humans can’t control, despite the ridiculous nonsense published by people eager to grab onto the cash train of grants.

    • The Great lakes were covered by about a mile of ice/snow so no gators there AND look at GOOGLE map (satellite view) and you will see the areas near the coasts that will be/were dry land. Florida will have an extra 155 +- miles WEST, 36 +- EAST, and you will be able to walk from Seattle (America) to Beringovskii (Russia). That is how Mongolians came to America and became … American Indians about 20,000 yrs ago.

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