Hijacked? – Now repaired

Many readers have asked me to create a blog so they can leave comments, so here you are.  This is where I’ll be posting from now on. You can still access the “old” website here: www.iceagenow.com

Despite spending countless hours on the phone with my web host – GoDaddy – I hadn’t been able to update the old website for almost three weeks, which was HUGELY frustrating.  That’s another reason why I created this new blog.

Please bear with me as I bring it up to speed, and if you find links that don’t work, please let me know.

The good news is that if you want information from the “old” website, it is still up and running, it still has all of the old links, and it still works fine. It’s just that this new blog is where I’ll be posting from now on.

And again, you can access the “old” website here: www.iceagenow.com

Thanks for your patience.



83 thoughts on “Hijacked? – Now repaired”

  1. Glad you’re posting again Robert !! I was wondering if you have the link “what’s happening in other parts of the world” on this page ?

    Thanks, ken

  2. I was beginning to worry.. glad I was connected to your face book page.. glad to see your still here.. thanks for all your insight and thank you for sharing news clips that we wouldn’t normally get to see..

  3. A wonder what had happened to the site thought you must have been on an extended holiday or something.
    Who ever has sabotaged the original site knows your are right and is trying any way they can to stop you from getting the word out.
    Keep up the good work i always check your site everyday or two for the latest updates.
    I am dreading this winter in Scotland as a think it could be another bad one time will tell.

  4. Hi, Robert,

    Very good to find you again. Just as well I could see you on Facebook. And this is really good – being able to blog about this stuff. I’ve wanted to do that for so long.

    Anyway, good to see you again. Expect to see me here too.


  5. glad your back! you’re so good about updating your site i knew something had to be wrong. Glad it’s nothing serious, but sorry that you’re having issues with your old site.

    Out of curiosity was your magnetic reversals site affected too? I don’t visit that one as often but enjoy it just as much.

  6. Very pleased to see that you have not been closed down. Hope you can keep up the good work.Good luck. Reg.

  7. I still cannot access. I tried the site you mention above iceagenow.info and the page flashes the “”This Page does not Exist”.

    Are you being hacked or blocked by some very powerful people or what?


  8. This is what I get when I go to either site you name:

    Sorry, This Page Does not exist.
    Go home or try a search?
    Please help, thanks, Luis

  9. Found you! Hi Bud.. I was also unable to order “Magnetic Reversals” on your old site.. methinks someone’s been messing around because they don’t like the message..

    So keep up the good work.. and yes, it’s about time we had the ability to comment!

  10. welcome back robert, i run several websites all hosted with godaddy drop me an email maybe i can help. I cant imagine what could be your problem unless someone changed your passwords but even then, your hosting needs paying for so what are godaddy doing cutting off a source of revenue doesn’t make sense. Email me or skype ” dmaculas ” and ill try to see what i can do

  11. “Hijacked?” ~It was just ‘Mercury Retrograde.’ Ends tomorrow, Saturday. Disrupts ALL types of comm. for about 3 weeks, 3X yearly. Next one in Dec.

  12. Hi Robert,

    Definitely some shenanigans – probably Al Gore trying to gag everybody – who knows. You do a fantastic job and I am sure most of us felt a little antsy that you weren’t posting. Keep up the good work!


    Alan Stover – Saltillo, Mexico

  13. I finally found time to check other sources for you commentary, thank heaven. I had begun to fear you might be ill. So glad it’s just a sick web site and you have a new blog.

  14. Hi I was wondering why I could not see any updates for a few weeks so I found this website. Is there any way you can get into your old site? Or is it gone from now on?

  15. WOW! Glad I found you again! I, too, was concerned that maybe you were sick. I have referred a lot of people to your site and will try to let them know where you are now.

  16. Maybe you should switch providers… away from GoDaddy? For whatever reason somebody doesn’t want your web site up.

  17. I was there to witness the amazing weather event in New Zealand, yes it snowed in Auckland 10 days ago for only the second time in it’s history, how could that be possible in these “warm times” just shows up the BS from the Global Warming bandwagon for what it is!!

  18. You see Robert you have a lot of caring friends here. I envy you. Wish I had this many loyal friends.
    The website looks great and that new plugin should drive tons of traffic your way.
    See if you can locate dried mangosteen rind, boil for a tea has a whole long list of things it helps with. Including your brain, inhibits aging and gives you long life. The Chinese knew about this thousands of years ago, but big pharma doesn’t want you to take it because it is too good for your body and they want you to buy their medicines.

  19. Welcome back, Robert!
    Actually, I thought you had taken a well-deserved vacation, but after several weeks, I was a bit concerned.
    I’m happy to see you are still alive and well as evidenced by the site updates.
    Keep up the great work and wonderful site

  20. Wow! This new site is fantastic. If the problem to your old site was caused by a hacker he/she can now see that you have used the episode to create a much improved website that will spread the truth to even more people.

  21. Wonderful! I visit blog-able sites far more often than any other. However,Robert, the colour choice makes it very hard to read….

  22. Hello, Robert,

    iceagenow is one of my favorites. I too was starting to worry about your lack of updates. So glad to hear that you are A OK.

    GREAT aesthetics on this blog! Comments display beautifully and the sage-grey background is so soothing and easy on the eyes. Black screens are almost impossible to read and the white ones give you screen glare after a while.

    Looking forward to visiting you here often in this deluxe room 🙂

  23. Yay! Robert is back! IceAgeNow.com is one of few places I go to nightly. It is, somehow, a strangely comforting website to me.

  24. Congratulations on your new website, and an apology, cause many years i go i insulted you; believing for myself all the news the media posted about climate, here in my country and international, but since them your toughts and investigations motivated me to seek the answer to my question, why you thinked that way?, so i started reading, studying about climate change, seing the effects and consequences and noticed that in fact we are entering a new ice age, now i don’t only believe in what you are preaching but i tell all my friends and relatives here in Mexico about it, many believe it, many people i have talked about it from different cities, towns and small towns, and believe me, i’m so so sorry for what i have done to you, my best wishes to you and and your work here in iceagenow, thanks for changing our minds and thougths, infinite thanks

  25. Thought you were on holiday. The results from the CERN cloud experiment seem to indicate that cosmic rays do in fact produce clouds. La Nina is strengthening again in the Pacific,every level of the Atmosphere is cooling,the Sun continues its march towards a new Grand Minimum. I look forward to another feezing winter in the northern hemisphere.

    • Are you sure about the sun’s grand minimum??? 38 days and counting over 100 degrees in the Houston area and thanks to Irene lower dew points and even higher 100 degree days, ie 107 today. We’ve had a scorcher of a summer, no appreciable rain since January, and I have three doors that don’t close now, and on mandatory no watering. If there is a grand minimum, it certainly isn’t showing up in Texas. I think we’ll have a very mild winter if any at all…

      • If I recall correctly, part of the harbingers of going into an ice age is wild weather swings. Hotter, drier temps inland during the summers, wetter wilder temps on coastlines, bigger storms, etc. I feel for you people in Texas and surrounds. I’m in the PNW, so it’s not so bad. But we have lonnnggg, soggy winters, late springs, and early fall returns to more rain.

        • Howdy. What is PNW??? Actually all the symptoms you noted are symptoms of anthropogenic global warming according to mainstream media.

  26. So good to have you back, was worried the dark side snatched you from us. Was about to hire a PI!

    Thanks for the new site & welcome back…

  27. Really glad your’e back again too:-) everytime I found something I kept thinking -send it to Robert, but wasnt sure if it would just create a backlog email jam. I also appreciate the softer on the eyes colours:-) and look forward to more interesting info here. back to the favorites list with you:-)

  28. Hi Robert.

    Great to see you back online! At first I thought you were taking a well-deserved break but after a few weeks I was beginning to worry that something might had happened to you! So glad to see you´re ok;-)

    The summer 2011 in Denmark is non-existent! Just a few warm days, the rest of them have been cold and VERY rainy….official sources says that the rain we´ve got this summer breaks all records!

    I´m not looking forward to winter…..I have a strong feeling that this winter will be even worse than last year…

    Anyway, glad that you´re back!

    Kind regards,

  29. Glad to have you back Robert. I check your website every day and was getting depressed seeing that same Mont Blanc Glacier story at the top of the list.

    Anybody out there in the Southern Hemisphere want to comment on this year’s winter?

  30. I was starting to wonder, since your page hadn’t been updated for weeks. Glad to see you back and in fine form.

    Weather here is Southern California was wet and miserable last winter, and all but the last couple of weeks of summer has been relatively cool. I put in a big pile of wood for this winter, since heating the house with electricity puts our electricity bill through the roof. Don’t know if that ice age is imminent or not — the jury is still out — but it sure as heck isn’t getting any hotter here.

    I love your site, and have read both your books. Can we expect another any time soon?

    • I thought you were on a three week vacation…
      Glad to know your site is up and running.
      Keep up the good work.


  31. The Left is desperate to get their agenda done before the cooling climate blows their hoax. Now I know something that ties so many puzzling Administration actions together. Why the CFL thing so China sells us cancer causing bulbs and incandescents are banned? Why send our platforms to Argentina? Why raid Gibson Guitars? Why go after our farms for “dust”? Why set up armed councils (Executive Order) over our “food and fiber production heartlands”? It’s the Obama \ Science Czar Holdren plan to “de-develop” us and redistribute wealth from us to other countries!

  32. Like others, I thought you’d been away, perhaps combining holiday with lecturing. Glad to see this new blog, but dreading the fact that now I’ll have to read lots of comments after each article you post!

  33. Robert,

    Glad to see you back online with a new site. I had feared you might be suffering from health problems.


  34. Great to see this site. Was wondering if you were sick or away. looking foward to see comments from your readers. I think the type of regular reader you attract will be worth reading also. Good to see the “BOOKSTORE” for next time I feel wealthy.
    Lance Pidgeon.

  35. Man! Am I ever glad you are back. I was in a state of withdrawal and it was not fun. Your site is a daily visit for me.

  36. It’s good to see you’re back and now taking comments. That Mont Blanc glacier story has been the last entry of yours that I’ve seen in over a week.

  37. Missed you these last couple weeks. Hoped you were on vacation. Glad you haven’t been ill. Cheers! And keep up the good work; we need you!

  38. Welcome back,much appreciated.
    Also stimulating to see comments from people all around the world. Will mean some on the spot comments to actual events.

  39. Hi Robert,very glad to see the site back,was getting worried you’d been shut-down for good.Always my first port of call each day.

  40. Nice to have you back and with a nifty new feature!

    As I found your site before WUWT, it has always been a place I go for news. Always hoped you would add posting comments. I suppose you will end up with your own group of trolls now that you have this option. But I guess that comes with the territory?

    Good luck with the new format.

    Regards from the southern hemisphere.

  41. Glad to see your still here Robert!

    Best wishes with the new site and I look forward to becoming a regular poster

    Andrew in Scotland

  42. So glad you are back.Was so worried you were ill,or had been closed down for telling the real truth about our climate.Love this new site!

  43. Great to have this blog Robert – I have been following you for years. I’m old enough to have gone through several cold and several warm phases so am always glad to see your sensible view of things.

  44. Very glad to have found this site again. Your information is appreciated and valuable. BTW, as I type this NPR is running a “story” on climate change. I would recommend everyone here listen and comment on this story its on To The Point with Warren Olney – If you were advising a Republican presidential candidate, would you recommend that they deny global warming (a la Perry and Bachmann), accept the science (a la Hunstman) or try to do a little of both (a la Romney) No mention of Ron Paul of course.

  45. Wow, good to see the website is still operating! I was a little worried – anyone else remember John Daly? I was watching his website (GW skepticism), then it wasn’t updated for ages, until finally his daughter suddenly appeared and wrote a post that said that her father had passed away.

  46. Hello Robert,

    So glad you are back! I also check your site nearly daily and was afraid something had happened to you for the last several weeks. I’ve now bookmarked your new page. Glad all is well with you!

    Take good care,

  47. So glad you’re up and running again, Rober. You are the first stop every morning, followed by WUWT. Just to chime in on weather, the temperatures have been far below normal here in the central valley of California this summer. Tomatoes just don’t want to ripen this year. But it was was only four years ago that we went through extended periods of 100+ degree(F) days. There were days when the air conditioner would shut off at 3:00AM and be back on by 4:00AM. Let’s all remember that local weather isn’t climate…until the snow doesn’t melt before the next winter snowfall starts! Given the amount of snow last winter, we may just see some “new” glaciers forming in the mountains.

  48. Glad to see you are up and running again. With the snowfall reported as far north as Aukland in NZ, and even falling at Waiheke Island,( my friends have shown me on skype over a week ago now), and an appalling UK summer. It’s been drying than normal here in east devon but the temperatures have struggled to even get to 20’c during August, and nights have dipped as low as 6’c.!!!!!!…

    Well done on the website

  49. I was beginning to worry as you gave up updating your iceagenow.com Glad to see you again, Robert!
    Best greetings from Germany!

  50. Robert! We were very concerned to say the least. For a while there we had to count sunspots on our own, thankfully there were very few to count. Weather is a natural cycle of this planet,while Algore is not! Great new site, thanks.

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