“Once in a lifetime” snow event in Green Bay

“Once in a lifetime” snow event in Green Bay

“An unusually late spring snowstorm pummeled the U.S. Midwest with snow,” says NASA.

“Green Bay, Wisconsin, experienced the largest April snowstorm on record, with more than 50 centimeters (20 inches) of snow falling over April 13–16.”

“The National Weather Service called it a “once in a lifetime” event. The storm closed roads and businesses for several days, caused sporadic power outages, and produced waves up to almost 5 meters (16 feet) high on Lake Michigan.”


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  1. And why is it a “once in a lifetime” event? Because it hasn’t happened in the recent past, therefore we know what the future will be?”

    Seems to me they said the same thing about Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, and the California drought before last year. They seem to conveniently forget that their beloved climate change allows for all possible future climatological and meteorological events occurring more/less frequently.

    • That will be twice in a life time, then three times in a life time and then will be daily for a life time.

  2. These “once in a lifetime” events may become more common even yet in my lifetime.

    Decreasing solar activity and related research, tropospheric temp trends, and what should be changing Atlantic/Pacific multidecadal temperature patterns suggest “colder” episodes more likely over the next 20 or so years.

  3. Liars

    Here is the order of WARMEST to COLDEST, for the last 4 WARM periods:

    Minoan (warmer than..)
    Roman (warmer than…)
    Middle Ages (warmer than…)

    The world has been getting COLDER over the last 3,500+ years.


    Sure, “once in a lifetime” for a stupid, ignorant “journalist” who takes his/her marching orders from Herr Doktor Albert Gore…….

  4. These snows won’t be once in a lifetime events. More like “every 3 season events” in the not so distant future!

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