One day the populace will realise what a disaster net zero really means

There will be greatly reduced food production, storage capabilities, transport, clean water and sewage.
– Rosco Mac

One day the populace will realise what a disaster net zero really means

Rosco Mac

The empty shop shelves as a result of coronavirus panic show a glimpse of how serious the future will be in net zero carbon policies – only the empty shelves won’t be due to panic buying it will occur due to the drastic reductions in goods under the insane net net zero emissions policy.

There will be greatly reduced food production, storage capabilities, transport, clean water and sewage.

If Greta and her generation want to blame someone for their supposed stolen childhoods wait till their kids experience almost unprecedented adversity and poverty coming their way due to the insanity of the emergency due to a mere 400 molecules of CO2 in one million molecules of ordinary air and net zero emissions.

The advocates of such nonsense will be branded by history as the evil doers.

What we are seeing at the moment due to the loss of the ability to reason and resist panic merchants is only a taste of the potential adversity under the UN’s insane policies.

Look at the world today and the loss of wealth and stability due to a media driven frenzy of fear and multiply it several thousands of times and you get a glimpse of the future the IPCC and their puppeteer media personalities want to impose on you – thanks “scientists” and Greta etc etc.

One day the populace will realise what a disaster net zero really means – can’t wait !

Hope there isn’t a prolonged cooling around the corner.

12 thoughts on “One day the populace will realise what a disaster net zero really means”

    • thank a deity shes NOT likely to breed.
      and anorexics dont concieve easily anyway even if she did change what passes for her mind

  1. The AGW proponents are going to use the coronavirus pandemic as a springboard to force their zero carbon world on everyone.

    • if so?
      epic fail
      the moaning about lack of things /ability to travel party etc is rising.when the electronic gadgets in stock run out and replacers arent on the shelves..hmm
      i see apples released new stuff but shops are shut so its buy then try time
      bet sales are sloooow.
      maybe not though cos the I gotta have the latest- meme is strong in the young.
      fuel prices have finally started to drop but you cant go anywhere but for a drive and isolated parks for picnics
      Im finding it amusing personally.
      annoying is Libraries being closed due to risk of contamination fair enough but reading onlines not the same or relaxing as a proper book is.
      going to be a whole lot of Im bored screams emanating all over the place
      a lousy few days isolation for some, and careful forays for others.
      if it got really nasty and staff at fuel power etc plants were out sick or dead and supplies halted then that…would really bring home the joys of zeroco2 in a big way;-)
      especially those fools buying n filling freezers the last week
      no idea on prepping for real.

  2. climate is just a definition to get a grip on the phenomena ‘weather’. That it is misused by scientists and politicians isn’t a question anymore. The fact is that mainstream media c.s. write and talk about ‘climate change deniers’ . You will be blamed to say the least when asking questions about ‘climate change’. It is just like the old days when one was blamed for being a catholic or protestant. W.r.t healthiness the same is happening right now. Trying to figure out what is going on isn’t allowed anymore by the supporters of government’s war actions against virus ‘corona’. Asking questions is put on the same level as conspiracy thinking as I experience. I don’t see any difference between what is going on and what is normal in the muslimworld since centuries: ‘submission to the science’ versus ‘submission to the Quran’.

  3. Can’t agree with you about how the coming generations are going to feel about the world they live in. The current youth already think the world has too much so a little more poverty won’t affect them at all.

    The only thing that WILL affect them will be the loss of their “social life” through their phones. At that point they may discover that there are actually people outside the phone, and then will again be content.

    They won’t miss what they never had, or what they are taught is a burden on their society. It will be generations of struggle before common sense will raise its head and what’s left of civilization, decides to try to make lives better again.

    Of course, the elite will never have lost anything anyway, so they, too, will be content until “enlightenment” again dawns in the rest of the world. And the cycle will begin again.

  4. Without oil and gas right now, millions would be dying from the virus as the windmills and solar panels would not give enough energy to deliver the food we need, keep the hospitals and medical providers operating, etc.

    Combining zero carbon and the coronavirus (or some other disease or disaster) would create the perfect storm to set us back hundreds of years and to enable the totalitarian tyrants to rule.

  5. The Covid panic is a good indicator of what life would be like if there were no petroleum products. Empty store shelves, lack of certain products and long queues of people just trying to buy bread. The vegans would be the first to suffer as their main courses come by truck to the cities from the farms, IMO.

  6. I wonder how Greta would enjoy weaving her own cloth, sewing into garments and hand washing them in unheated rainwater, or river water.
    And all without the luxury of twittering-on about a stolen dream because her device and network is without RELIABLE power.

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