One dead and thousands lose power in Chile

Chile and Argentina endured intense snowfall and low temperatures over the weekend.

17 Jul 2017 – One person died and thousands were affected by power outages and stalled routes, meteorological services said Sunday.

Snowfall in some communes of the east of Santiago reached up to 40 centimeters and covered most of the capital’s 44 communes, according to the National Emergency Office (Onemi).

According to Rebolledo, up to noon on Sunday there were still 90,000 customers without electricity, 70,000 of them in the Metropolitan Region.

Several routes to the south of the country had to be closed, and the main routes between Chile and Argentina remain closed.

According to the Meteorological Direction of Chile the snowfall surpassed that happened in 1971 in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

Temperature at 65% of 104 cities in Argentina fell to below zero degrees on Sunday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

The polar cold was approaching Uruguay and Paraguay with a marked decrease of temperatures that will remain until Tuesday. According to forecasts in these countries can expect a week of low temperatures down to zero degrees Celsius.

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