One tiny volcanic vent emits some 300 tonnes CO2 daily

Poses no threat to humans.


One tiny volcanic vent emits some 300 tonnes CO2 daily!

By Hans Schreuder

(See translation below)
La actual emision difusa de dioxido de carbobo (CO2) a la atmosfera del volcan Dorsal Noroeste de Tenerife Vieja alcanza las 297 toneladas diarias, una tasa de emision que supera el valor promedio observado hasta la fecha para este sistema volcanico, aproximadamente 144 toneladas diarias, aunque se encuentra en el rango de valores normales considerados para este sistema volcanico.

Estos datos han sido obtenidos por parte de un equipo científico del Instituto Volcanologico de Canarias (Involcan) y del Instituto Tecnologico y de Energ­as Renovables (ITER), ambas entidades dependientes del Cabildo de Tenerife, que han materializado durante el mes de julio la campacientífica sobre geoqua­mica de emanaciones difusas en el volcan Dorsal Noroeste de Tenerife Vieja.

Segan los resultados preliminares obtenidos, estas emanaciones difusas de dio³xido de carbono (CO2) son silenciosas y dispersas; no son perceptibles a las personas, dado que son muy dabiles; se diluyen rapidamente en el aire, y no son visibles al ojo humano, por lo que no representan un peligro para las personas.


What it says, in essence, is that one volcanic vent on Mount Teide in Tenerife, Canary Islands, spews out some 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide daily. It then describes these emissions of carbon dioxide as imperceptible due to them being very weak, they disperse quickly, are invisible to the human eye and as such do not pose any threat to people.

Oh well, good to read that some scientists are not taken in by the climate alarm over a bit of carbon dioxide. 2-GB1829293


4 thoughts on “One tiny volcanic vent emits some 300 tonnes CO2 daily”

  1. By my reckoning, theoretically, a 50 metre cube of pure CO2 at room temp and pressure should weigh about 300t and it would readily dissolve into cold water or be absorbed into leaves and be “scrubbed” from the atmosphere very quickly.
    I laugh when people drone-on about expensive carbon capture schemes when my garden is a massive system of CO2 starved life-forms that require little or no energy input from me.
    Some bunch of crooks has devised a rort where-by certain people can get paid handsomely to plant trees on land. What is wrong with the great boreal forests of Russia and Canada which cause the global CO2 level to drop throughout the long Northern summer?
    Despite Mankind’s best efforts to raise CO2 levels we are still only at one part CO2 in every 2500 parts of atmosphere. If we were able to double that (2 parts in 2500) the cold oceans and plant life would absorb most of that very readily. Australia would become greener, the Sahara become smaller and ag production increase dramatically.
    John Clease and the Monty Python team would have had the BBC telling them that they were “over the top” if they’d been making lame skits about taxing the air we breath out or making massive wind-mills to “save the planet”. These days it’s the BBC peddling the absurd ideas.

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